Are you being honest in your advice to channel managers about moderators and translators in your language?!


This is a quote from an official German VIKI summary for a drama.

For those who don’t understand German: The problem with this translation is the word “Hausmädchen” in context with “Kaiserin”. While handmaid may fit to a historical setting with an Empress, Hausmädchen doesn’t really fit since the word suggests the wrong time (Hausmädchen is something for the 19xx+ century, not for a fictional anciest dynasty). Words that suit a dynasty would be: Dienerin, Zofe…

Even the dictionary differs between handmaid and housemaid… the English summary uses handmaid what would be Dienstmädchen = ~18xx +century (or Dienerin) while the German version gets Hausmädchen…

The rest of the drama’s summary is also not that well written (could be better). I wonder if it’s some kind of auto-translation since it seems not possible to be changed by the language teams.



What are you trying to say exactly?
I’d like to understand first.

PS: in case, I am not angry, just having question marks above my head :confused:


Usually the German moderators were able to translate the English summary, but for the last 5-6 months Viki disabled this function and is responsible for the translation. Many of them are wrong and if I am the German moderator, I send Viki a message and tell them what is wrong. But I never, not once, could see any changes.

So the question in your case would be, if Viki or the moderator is responsible for this translation.


I think she meant to say that Viki makes subtitling into a game, but with unobjective point system, one that is not evaluated for quality, only the number of subs. That it prefers a whole lot of subs and has created a bonus system for it, rather than a good quality of subs.

Yes, when it comes to quality, Viki definitely does very little about it. And that very little is just removing evil googlators.


The summary wasn’t written by the language mods.

If you say, VIKI never changes it, it is probably useless to send them a message.

(And sad for the viewers when the mods can’t change it by themselves and VIKI doesn’t want to do so)


Thanks for trying to explain what she meant.

If it’s okay, I’d prefer that cntv explains with her own words, because the whole content was not explained, it leaves people thinking that there might be something else that was not clear and I might be wrong in thinking that.
It’s always best to think for oneself and speak for oneself, no one can know better than the author and it’s a way to avoid misunderstanding, I guess.

(I haven’t read the post @me that she deleted = might mean it’s not her definitive opinion or she changes her opinion, I can’t really know)


es ändert sich nie… viki schreibt nie zurück… angels last mission inhaltsangabe tut sowas von weh


Thanks for your recommendation, Angel.
I don’t read because imagine she says it’s not what she thinks, I have read for nothing and answered in the wrong direction, because I replied thinking she thought A, but she thought B.
My answer will never answer her post in an accurate way and both parts will lose time answering in this quid pro quo.
So yeah, avoiding misunderstandings.

If you @someone and you want to explain something you said to someone or you want to be read, do you delete your post?

I can’t really guess if she really thinks what she writes, so I prefer that she explains it with her words.
I mean, it’s normal to ask the right person what you didn’t understand to understand better, right?



What bozoli wrote about the gaming aspect is true.

Besides that I think that there might be misunderstandings caused by different native languages on several levels. Since bozoli understood what I meant with the gaming aspect I thought it’s the best to keep it like that.

Coming from different native languages and using English words in a way one would use it in their own language might be confusing at some times as well, e.g. when angellight used the “sacred” term (she later wrote it’s common in her native langugae while it has a different context/image in my native language). If I knew this before/while reading her post, I probably understood what/how she meant it but I didn’t because of not knowing how it is used in her language.


Viki told me that the summary is specified by the licenser. Viki didn’t say anything more. Once we had a movie description giving away the ending and mixing it with a story line, that wasn’t even in the movie. Sad but true.
As a teammate of a channel you want to attract people to watch and lure them in, but I won’t ever understand that the licensers don’t seem to think that way.


There’s something in the 1st and 2nd posts that I haven’t understood and that I’d like to understand.
I’m putting it here so it would be easier to know what I haven’t understood.

  1. 1st post:

2.2nd post:

1/ I’d like to understand your point. It was not explained.

2/ & 3/ => I'll reread Bozoli's and your answers to make a global answer for items 1 until 4 so it will be easier to read for you and to answer in bulk for me. I think I can understand your opinion (and we can all have different opinions as you said in the post about books. I haven't said that we shouldn't or thought that everyone should share the same opinion. Is it even possible for humans to all agree? I mean, the posts on this forum show people having convergent and divergent opinions (tea or coffee) or just opinions, like in any forum. And we all participated with different members having the same or different opinions from time to time, so nothing really new in having differing opinions or people. Just life going on.

4/ “sacred” => I understand by reading that it’s something that Angel said for a Spanish expression on the book post and you’re explaining that you had misunderstood what Angel meant, but your answer 4/ for “sacred” => is it for Angel or for me?
When I read 4/, I am not sure if you’re telling that here for Angel, for me, in relation to this topic or the book topic.
So I’m asking that without second meaning behind: why are you mentioning this after reading my post on this topic? I don’t understand that and I’d like to understand where it comes from so I can give an answer if you wanted an answer from me and not Angel (I don’t know actually). I’m willing to explain, but I think Angel would be better at explaining her native expression, I’m not the one who said that expression or that you misunderstood, I guess? I don’t really know what you want from me for this item, that’s why I’m blocked at “she needs my answer or Angel’s answer?”

PS: Tell me if I need or no to read your deleted post, because I might not be able to read it and answer it after 24 hours from the moment you posted it.


Girl, she just made an example of how people for whom English is not their first language can use an English expression with the meaning on their own native language, and it can cause a misunderstanding for the reader who comes from a different language. It was just to illustrate her point, for you to understand that sometimes it is difficult to communicate in an international forum. It is not related to the conversation between the two of you and doesn’t need an answer from you.
Sorry for butting in, but sometimes it looks as though you get drowned in a teaspoon of detail instead of looking at the general context.


The English summary is provided by the “licenser”. But Viki staff translates it into the different languages. So I was told from Viki. Therefore it should be possible to correct typos and false idioms.


For me it’s okay to translate the English summary as long as I could avoid word-for-word-translations and use German idioms.

Maybe others used this space for their own creative summary and in this case it’s understandable, that copyright issues would arise.


There is absolutely no problem with your post, same with Bozoli and same for Angel.

I understand why you do it, but I don’t understand why 3 times, I got the answer from someone else.
Why can’t you let her explain herself her ideas?

I don’t understand, so I ask the author to understand. To understand.
Am I asking something I shouldn’t?

If you’d understood the content, that is really fine.
But seeing how some can understand what I say or my intentions in different lights, I’ll give ex to explain why:

  • Been twice that what I say is understood in different lights by the author. Not about an expression of a different language.

  • Angel’s expression, and in this topic, Angel doesn’t understand sometimes. I am in the same case.
    I’ve been associated with it (@me above when she mentioned it), so I prefer to ask before.

  • recent ex: the post we had together where I was automatically considered as the author of a post of the drama A Man who cant get married and also to be a recruiter for the team or the CM.
    So it’s not a big deal, just that it’s situations where:

  • sometimes, we can read a topic fast or skip some posts and that can mislead our thinking (not a big deal).

  • automatically associate a person by a post to be… to think… whereas it’s not the reality. Misunderstanding.

  • If I would have exceeded the role the CM gave me, she could have been thinking that I was replacing her… which I don’t want and I could have asked for a Cm position in that case, I guess, but I dont want that and I pretty liked that the cm was okay with me fixing it, her attitude in that wasn’t rude at all. I dont know what she could have been thinking (it depends on the cm), but in the worst case, i prefer not to step on someone else since I dont know people or how they can react. If I have listened to someone else’s thinking here, i could have gotten problems because of that.

So the best way is just for the protagonists to explain clearly their own ideas. State the facts and it’s important that it’s the author who does it.

I’d like her to explain what she thinks until the end, and not other people thinking at her place.

We communicate to be understood.


It’s a bit odd to just write the same thing again since you and Angel tend to be unable to understand me.

Last time I tried to explain something to Angel who was thinking I wanna take her “own opinion” away (which wasn’t the case) ending up that someone else got it wrong.

So, when I write one post, adding an explanation for someone and then had to add another explanation for another one…

What do you expect then? That I start every post with Sorry guys you may misinterpret it since some of you may think everyone has bad intentions in general?

(It’s nice that you both (Angel and you) talk about me in a third way in public but hey, I shouldn’t be suprised that especially you who is always talking about people’s bad intention do so.) <= this is sarcasm

This discussion here about ranks etc. reminds me to some discussions and aspects that are common within the PVP community. Also related to a rank someone has, e.g. some players think only as a high rank they can argue in an adequate way since they know more/are better in the game than someone with a lower rank. The rank in a PVP game is also related to the time someone spends, together with the skill.

As most, all (?) who ever did some work within the VIKI community should know, a rank shows just, like bezoli wrote, the amount of subs, not the quality.

So it doesn’t really matter at all when it comes to quality. If it would be quality related, VIKI had to control its volunteers. But how? It is not a real game in which you have win/loss rate. So they needed employees to proof that which would mean additional costs instead of spending the money for infrastructure like IT aspects and getting more licenses for dramas.


You don’t need to read the removed post. I answered to you here.

Do you think the negative image you create about VIKI’s community is encouraging for new members?

You even warned me in general of other VIKI members while at the same time you are the only one whose posts are focused on negative aspects about VIKI and people in general.

Betrayal is everywhere.
Manipulation is everywhere.
Distrust is everywhere.
Ego-driven people are everywhere.
Liars are everywhere (in the way that it’s not possible that people are kind and friendly without having bad intentions).

So the best is probably staying away from VIKI, right? With that people also don’t need to be afraid of new dynamics.


You didn’t mention typos nor false idioms in your previous comment, so I didn’t refer to those mistakes.

Sure, maybe you need to tell them again?


We were just writing our posts at the same time I think.

Edit: I just read all of the new posts (16 of them to be exact) and here is the thing.

@piranna, this is a public forum. If you wish to only converse with @cntv_854, you may do so in a PM. But while discussing things here, where everybody else may “hear”, I think we all have the liberty to reply to anybody we like, without being thought a lesson. I respect you as a person, I respect you as a volunteer. But this was a bit too much.

@cntv_854, the only thing positive I could say about the seniority on Viki is that from my beginnings as a newbie on Viki, who had never translated before, I think with every new sub I have improved myself as a translator. However, that was only in the beginning, the first 10.000 subs maybe. You can’t really progress that far when there is nobody to teach you.


Thanks for your honest answer, I appreciate it.

There’s still something I haven’t understood:

“Also related to a rank someone has, e.g. some players think only as a high rank they can argue in an adequate way since they know more/are better in the game than someone with a lower rank.”

=> Are you talking about me?
Do you mean that I’m saying that because I think I have a higher rank or I think I’m better than others?