Are you being honest in your advice to channel managers about moderators and translators in your language?!


I’m curious to know about that ‘‘rank’’ thingy. Where I can find this info? I don’t do much here lately due to all my Doctors appointments but if there is such thing as a rank system this is my first hearing about it, and I would like to know how I can get this info. Thanks!



You bet there’s a high probability you might have that ‘‘bad subber’’ in your team again with a different name, and a new page. I see many weird things going on in here a lot. Is easy to detect them since no matter how hard they try, they usually make the same mistakes when subbing/translating.

You just need to be more alert bc in the long run it pays to avoid the aggravation of having these trolls (I call them that) in your team just messing with your good work. I think/believe these trolls main purpose is to do damage in certain teams.

PS> Tips: I always go to their profile page and go through their contributions, and check how long they’ve been here at viki… The longer here at viki, the better.



Totally agree with you not much is done with these subbers using google translator (in many different language), that most of the times give very poor translations.


It’s just the community title page

They rank the volunteers by number of contributions each month. Supposedly it’s to give prises to the first 50 volunteers at the end of the month, but actually it’s a subconscious thing where you begin to be interested to be as high as possible on the list.


I simply cannot agree with that. It’s true that sometimes, some bad subbers may appear on your team, and they could be new. But you cannot generalize this. If a subber is properly guided, and taught, he can adapt and improve.

It’s like telling new subbers, you don’t belong here, get out. And god knows how in need we are. So even if there are bad new subbers once, don’t give up on new subbers. I’ve myself found realiable teammates by accepting them for the first time.


Don’t worry about your rank. It’s not important :slight_smile:


No. I don’t think that.


I can’t agree with that.

Example 1: a CM on many recent dramas, who has been on Viki for over 9 years at least, has copied our subs for several shows from A to Ž. And in the communication with others she does not seem to be the troll type.

Example 2: @irmar, a classically trained translator in real life, was fully up and going as a moderator of two languages in max. a couple of months.

In my opinion, the only reason you should look at the time and the number of contributions is if you want to make sure the volunteer:

  1. knows community rules
  2. has access to QC content (for practical purposes in translating).

Everything else is a huge gamble.


A CM? Wow… krass (speechless)



I once read in a post Spanish subs have to be done within 2 hours? Is that the common way, like e.g. sending a message to subbers saying start now and be done 2 hours later?


I have seen how Spanish teams lots and lots of time, because they use the same Team Discussion as the English team.
So no subber is obliged to work on a certain episode. There are many, many subbers, sometimes even 30 or 35. So not everyone works on every episode. They can choose. Whenever an episode has been released, the moderator posts a message on Team Discussions saying: Episode X is released. You can ask a part you want. If you are assigned the part, then you have to finish it in 1,5 hour. If you don’t, you won’t be given a part next time.
So it’s only when the subber has time and asks, then she is given a part and she has to finish it in a given time frame. So if she asks, it means she can work right now. Of course they have to lurk and check often to know when an episode is released, if they want to reserve their spot.
With that system, and thanks to the huge number of subbers on each team, Spanish teams can be super quick.



Thanks for the explanation ^^

That sounds great.

Until now, I never saw that subtitle suggestion tool you mention so I guess it is either not for every drama or not for any language.


Thanks. That makes sense now, how they can be that fast.

Even though it sounds quite chaotic to me, when there are so many people who are “battling” for each part.


For us outsiders there seems to be no battle. First come first served principle seems to work perfectly. But who know, really? Those that are very proficient will stay a bit longer to fill in the difficult subs, same as in the English team.


The German way is very ordered with schedule for all team members so no one needs to rush in at night to catch a part :slight_smile:


Maybe the Spanish mods and the Spanish subbers are spreaded on different time zones and continents?


@cntv_854 sei froh, wenn du diese tool nicht siehst. hatte es das ganze room no. 9 drama über und was da teils für ein mist zusammengeschrieben war, tat schon mehr als weh…



I can also say that eun so lee is friendly. i had talked twice or trice with her in the chatter box. she never said bad thing sor so. and i told her and the subbers who subbed with her at this time it´s confusing for us to see how spanish or portuguese temas works and she even smiled about this. and after that we “talked” a bit.

but yeah, there are other mods who are special


Ja, bin ich auch. Ich hoffe, falls das standardmäßig überall eingeführt wird, kann man es deaktivieren. Glaube, das würde mich sonst voll irritieren.


das geht nicht zu aktivieren. die standen direkt darunter. also du hattest keine möglichkeit es wegzuklicken.


I am happy that the team on Angel is really fast. They also see the episodes always before me, but they never complained to me, that i don´t open the episodes and so on ;_;

wow… telenova must be hard. many episodes, many talking in there…


japp. The mod must say something. It´s takes to much time to edit all this.
Also the tool can’t say if i have to use formal/ informal speech and mixed both in the whole parts i had.
And many many german words were in the false form of the word me.
But after room no. 9 I never had this tool again. lucky me xD