Are you being honest in your advice to channel managers about moderators and translators in your language?!


When I watch Chinese dramas I often feel that most % of the dramas are dialogues XD

One Chinese drama has so much (political) talking that I took a break and watched Kill it then which had way less long dialogue scenes than the Chinese drama^^

On the other hand it can be interesting, just bit annoying sometimes, when I watch something but feel like reading a graphic novel because there are too many sentences to read them + watch at the actors/scene at the same time (no wonder we usually get synced versions for German TV/cinema :wink:

So sometimes, I now watch episodes twice, especially for new shows the subs aren’t done (because I can just watch it without reading and read it later…). Sometimes, even without subs, I got what they were talking about.


Not every German team works in this manner :slight_smile: Some have neither a schedule nor a deadline.

As a moderator I prefer the ordered way and a google doc with information about cast and terminology is very helpful for the team.


This wouldn’t work with German teams. When I started to volunteer on Viki, German teams had deadlines of 7 or 10 days. And subbers often don’t finish their parts punctually. For on air dramas I have shortened the deadline down to 5 days, and most of the subbers start working only on the last day of the deadline, may it be 5, 7 or 10 days.

And because many subbers just vanish into thin air or don’t work punctually, many other moderators and I made the rule, if a subber doesn’t finish the part in time AND doesn’t send me a message before, the part will be given to someone else on the next day. It’s not a problem, if they can’t subtitle for any reason, but I get crossed, if they don’t inform me before. And if this subber does the same twice, I won’t give him/her a part before I get an explaination, what happened.


Do you have such a rule in the Spanish teams, that moderators don’t take parts and write subtitles?

As a moderator I’m always active. For Korean dramas, for example, each episode has 6 parts, with 2 episodes per week, we have 12 subtitlers and 1-2 replacement subtitlers in our teams. I’m always one of these 12 subbers and do my part each week. Most of the German moderators are doing the same. Sometimes subbers can’t do their part and if the replacement subbers are already busy helping, I jump in and take over additional parts, so the episodes are completed in time.


Well, it seems German teams are working differently :slight_smile: Most of the German moderators are doing their parts every week as well. And for Chinese dramas it’s often hard to find enough subbers. Some dramas are in high demand, for example “Guardians” and we have enough subbers for 5 episodes per week and for other dramas I have to look frequently to have enough for 2 episodes per week. It’s a given, that I help with at least one part per week.

But, different countries, different rules :slight_smile:


Wahre Worte … so true v.v


To zoom in: you can open the pic in a new tab and zoom in with the browser.

  1. I have bad memories about ranking. I didn’t explain them above because it is personal, but I’m willing to explain it so you can understand me.

I love my parents.
They lived a trauma in their past when I wasn’t born yet.
It marked their lives and they always wanted for us (their children) to live healthy, happily and well (like any caring parents), even more because of the struggles they have experienced.
So when it comes to studies or even hobbies, they always wanted us (their children) to give the best we had.
At school, I worked really hard. I had to, I didn’t want to deceive them.

When I went to junior school, high school, college, we had ranks. When I wasn’t in the top ranks, my parents would tell me to work harder, they were really behind me, they relied on me. In short, they had great expectations and I felt guilty when I couldn’t meet their expectations. I just love a lot my parents. It’s normal, they just did what they thought was good for their children and I’m cool with it.
And if I can enjoy my life today or ask myself some questions about my life, I realize it’s thanks to their struggles. They didn’t have the luxury to think about the same questions I’m asking myself today, them, they had to survive. My parents compared to me had different levels of everyday priorities.
So my childhood was quite normal and peaceful.

In college debut, it was really bad and hard. We couldn’t make real friends because of the competition and the selection was based on ranks. It was a lonely period for me.
So I dislike competition or ranks. Might be because of my past, my disposition to it or maybe just me. It was not fun anymore.
I also dislike that people see my worth basing themselves on my rank (or my contributions or my badges on Viki for ex). Is my value = rank?
I also dislike positions or titles because of the possible difference of treatment. I like to be treated normally, not with deference.
Society doesn’t consider a lot others without a rank or homeless people.

When I was young, I was forced to play piano. It was not what I wanted to do, but I’ve come to like it.
I had one piano professor who kept me asking to repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat over and over again, until I played it almost perfectly. She was a strict teacher, so it was not unusual that some students cried or sometimes, our hands could be hit. Nothing hard, but it was just making you jump. So my perseverance / my stubbornness in some things (no matter how ppl see it), I think a part of it is coming from that.


I dislike PVP, I prefer PVE. You can check my character “Nivynien” on the mobile game “Pocket legends” (I can change the name to Piranna if people don’t believe me). I don’t play it anymore, it’s been a few years back but the character is still there. I played that game and you will see 0 kill in PVP (Arena or CTF) and only kills in PVE (Dungeon). I picked a mage because I like mages and ones of the spells I like are: healing others and revive them. Because I found these spells really useful for teammates in a cooperative mode.
I prefer to work in team against the npc or guild battles. But I always need to feel that I’m in a team, not against 1 player in particular. So yeah, I prefer collaborative games (just my preference).
I don’t hate the concept of PVP or PVPers either. I had friends PVPers and it’s just a matter of taste of how you like to play a game, I think.
The most important thing is to enjoy the game for each one (but we all know pay to win games and in such games, stuff for PVP are expensive with real life money or in-game money).

Back to Viki: On Viki, we meet people who see you as a "top volunteer" and so respect you for that, but only for that. I don't want to be respected for that. If I were to be respected, I want to be respected because I am who I am, because they know me for who I really am, because they got to know me through many talks. Some will "use" you or be nice with you because you contribute a lot since you're in the "top volunteer". They will only respect you or see your worth because you're in the top of that list. And sometimes, you will trust some people because you think they respect you for who you are, but no.
Here, I don't try to be negative or generalize. Not everyone will think that or will use you, some volunteers are just really nice and warming. I've met true friends who respect me for who I am and who knew me since my very first or second drama on viki. And you need to meet more people like that on viki. If we see all the sides of it, good or bad, it's not all glory for some people, though it can be for some. It's not what it always seems to be. I don't say we should erase the ranks or it's not seen as a game, but for me, with my past, I don't see it as a game, worst it was changing the game into something else (for me). That's why I asked not to appear on it when this feature was released. I don't say it's the same for everyone. In games, we pick to PVP or PVE. If you play PVP, you'll be likely ranked and you'll likely wish to be ranked higher. But on Viki, if I contribute, I'll be automatically on this list, I don't have a choice in appearing on it or not. The option has not been activated yet, so I'm waiting for it to be activated. I don't contribute for a rank, I contribute because I like it. And the thing is: you have to contribute more and more to win something finally. For the win (fame, rank or gift), it can push you to contribute more. The numbers have an influence in the mind of some people and it's the same effect in PVP ranks, sometimes it goes to the head. I don't want it to go to my head. I'm afraid of losing some of my freedom, a part of myself in this list or behind a number. I don't want to be ranked for my activity, just let me contribute like before. I don't say it's bad for everyone, but it's good until it does become an obsession or "the goal" of the activity. I play to have fun, of course it's cool if in PVP people are ranked first, but don't forget to have fun (and sleep) and what you're looking for on Viki, why you came here in the first place. Is it to be ranked? Is it to find fame? Is it to ask for moderations? I think for most of us, it was: to have fun, to share dramas or to help. And that's all I need to know when I contribute.


2.As for why I have been number 10. In the post "A man who can't get married", you can check. I told that my real life work is full from November until Mid-May (this year at the beginning of May, because I had finished my work 2 weeks earlier by spending more nights). So if during May (and not from November-April), you see me contributing a lot more, it's because I have more time and because during the period of November-May, I couldn't contribute as I wanted to on my side projects.

The 3 side projects I worked during May were old dramas and a created content (dramas where volunteers are lacking or sometimes, you’re alone):

  • Pink lipstick (you can check on the conversation of books, you’ll see that I’m telling to anna that I have to finish Pink so I can help her new moderator in subtitling. Because she told me some subbers are new and the edition sometimes is heavy. We don’t want to discourage new subbers, nor editors, so it was a good idea that they took new and not new subbers to balance the work.
    Pink lipstick is an old drama I had since a long time ago. I like this drama and I wanted to finish it. So the increase in my contributions is, in reality, a catch up act from the past few months and wanting to finish the dramas I’ve begun. And since I’m the only subber in my language for that drama and that I wanted to finish it, hence the increase.

  • Prince First Love: this drama, it’s an old drama we were waiting with my friend to be able to subtitle it, because the English subtitles were absent before. We love the actor. But due to some events, I haven’t subbed it as I should be subbing it. I can show you the date and the PM.
    So I contacted my friend for that to know if I could continue subtitling it. I was actually catching up and felt that I was giving up on my friend for that drama, which is not good.

  • Itsjinakim: this created content: I have received a message from a subber in my language because they had finished the translation, but they were blocked because the next episodes were not translated in English or segmented. I can show you the date and the PM.
    Finding volunteers in English or segmenters for that kind of channel is not easy. Most of the time, it’s rare to see someone.
    So I just wanted to give a hand in segmenting and subbing in English, because it can allow my team to continue.



Otherwise, I don’t contribute a lot nowadays. There are many and other reasons, but I’m not going to tell them all, it’s already long enough.
The last new project I took as a subber was the drama to help the new French mod (people know me enough to know that it’s not my favorite type of drama, but the focus is not on the drama, I can show you the Pm and the date, in my PM, I was really clear that I was doing that not because I knew what the drama was talking about, but because a friend told me about her) and before that, it was back in November-December with the movie Miss Baek with Irmar (you can check with her).
I haven’t asked any other role except these 2.
I’ve told so to Bozoli on an old post, that I wasn’t watching many dramas and it was not because I subbed a lot.

Now I’m correcting segments for “A Man who can’t get married”. I’m also late in doing so. I had begun, but I have not finished a few months back. So May and June are catch-up months for me to finish the old dramas I couldn’t get to finish.
When you fix a drama, it’s rare that the contributions go with the fixing, worst, you spend more time. So if I wanted to be ranked, I wouldn’t have picked that activity. I came to like fixing because I got to do it on a few channels, I came to like fixing something that was not done respecting the general standards than to create something already respecting the norm. It might be weird, maybe other editors feel the same thing when they edit.

So I will always like Viki for what it has brought to my life (the positive things), but it has also brought me some things that are not really positive. And that's experiences of life. I don't want to hide or neglect the bad sides, because I don't want to make it perfect either or to give an incomplete impression to new volunteers. But it's not my intent either to make all Viki evil either. Like I like my friends I got to meet on Viki, for the interview, the first thing I wanted to talk the most about was my friends because they play an important part for me on Viki. Like for me, Viki experience is not the same without having met them. They won't judge me on a rank or a title, but just we appreciate each other because we are just us as a person, the people behind the screen. So I was allowed to talk about my friends before I asked that they remove my comment because I didn't like finally that it was promoting only the ranking (on the same page) and some volunteers, for example like editors, also deserve prizes because of their edition, but because of this system, it was impossible for them.


Giving space to new volunteers, I think I’ve done so already.
I’ve given channels where I was moderator to new moderators, I’ve given channels I fixed where I was CM to new CM and gave tips on how to ask that to Viki. I’ve recruited subbers that some would refuse because of the editing time it’s requiring. I’ve made tutorials for new subbers, new moderators and sent them the tutorials or explained to new subbers to… not to… If someone asks me a question, I’ll just answer.
I’ve given chances to people even when you know that there’s a high probability that it’s going to be…
So I don’t think that I want to drive away new volunteers.
I don’t talk about it, because it sounds like boasting and I don’t like boasting about myself.
I dislike it, even though I can boast a few times (it happens). If I don’t like to be ranked or titles, if I like to be treated normally (as to make an anonymous survey on how they thought the drama management was to know their real opinion and how I could improve it, and someone told me I was like an overzealous cheerleader (I think I know who she is and she made me laugh so hard :slight_smile:), if I don’t like when my mom was boasting about me to her friends, if I asked to be removed from ranks and that they removed me from the community page, if I asked to be trained in editing => super ego is something I’m fighting against.
I contribute because I like to do it, put my mind and my hands on it, because I like to help, I like to share, I like to converse and exchange, I like to work in a team, I like to meet old and new people, but I don’t like it for the fame it can provide. I prefer to be in the shadow when it comes to that or just to be treated normally.

I’m easy to understand when you know my past or my character and my current situation.
Otherwise, basing on a few posts without testing them any further, it’s impossible to fully understand someone.
You got to test your information and facts with other volunteers and objective ones.
The key word is honesty (the subject of the topic). But the honesty of others, some are, some are not.




So I think, you get to know me at a period where I was asking myself a lot of questions and had a lot of doubts and you couldn’t read my previous posts with a better mood. But it’s easy to check if you want to. There’s even one about shampoo and babies or games.

But I think your intervention, Irmar’s, Bozoli’s allowed me to understand some important things if I reflect on myself (my thinking, my opinion are not static and I can reflect on myself, it’s by that I can grow as a person. But not everyone on Viki is able to do so or will want to do so). So it’s really a sincere thank you and sorry if I were rude to you, to Irmar that I also respect a lot for the efforts she spent on me and to Bozoli. I do understand their intervention because I got a feeling of how or who they are from our past discussions. So I think I needed this answer, your answer, because Bozoli or Irmar couldn’t give this answer to me. Because we have something you don’t have with me: acquaintances (and it’s normal if we see objectively our past interactions and time is needed).

__ Just to be clear: I use pronouns to talk about anyone, not just you. Even my friends with "they". I use a name for the 1st time (check my first post with Bozoli, you'll see your name, I didn't edit it) and then, I will use only pronouns, except if we mismatch people. Using the same name multiple times is quite accusatory for me. I used "she" to talk about a CM above and most people here use pronouns, too (citing their names or no). I use @ or reply function in reply to someone or asking a question to someone. In posts I'm mentioning people and that don't require an answer from them, I won't use @ or reply function (anna, Irmar, Bozoli, Angel, I mentioned them, but I don't @them because it doesn't need an answer from them). There's a slight difference in how we use it (hence, the quid pro quo we had about Angel's expression: you @me and I thought you needed an answer but I didn't use @ and you thought I was talking about you with sarcasm). So it's not sarcasm, but a difference in using @. Irmar didn't use @ when she talked about you and I don't think she intended to use sarcasm. I can't @someone I'm mentioning multiple times, it can be considered as harassing.

A few years back, I sent multiple joyful posts, someone told me I was “too happy” whereas I was trying to change her mood.
A while back, when I said some mods in my language were using multiple accounts to be moderators, I was told to be jealous whereas I recommended the same moderators to them and others for some channels, even if it was people that were not my close friends. And if any people know me, I don’t take moderators position, I asked for moderation positions on channels that need help or where no one is there (old channels, created contents), the only 3 exceptions have been: 1 co-moderation with my friend, the movie with Irmar and 1 show. So if I were jealous or greedy, I think I’d have used my relationships already. I have never asked a moderation position to CM of on-air dramas except these 3 above. It’s easy to check with CMs.

So I think whatever I do, there will be always people who will find something to say about how/who I am or think for me that I am like that. I could be rank 0 to rank 1.000.000, it’s the same if they’re set on it.
I’m used to it now. It is hard to know someone virtually if we don’t look for more and not everyone will look for more (many reasons possible).

I think Bozoli, you and me have the same ideas about PVP or the good/bad effects of ranking. Just that we thought we didn’t have the same ones while observing it in different areas (marketing, game, psychology), but when we read, we come to the same conclusions for good and bad sides.
Often, people think they don’t share the same pov, because what they develop is different, but in fact, if we were to converse around an afternoon tea or soju, we would discover that we share a lot of common things or pov. Just that we put them into contrast as something opposing, but it’s not opposing, it’s complementary.



Thanks for the detailed reply. I will add my answer in this post later.

I can understand that you dislike rank systems in general. Sometimes when one is confronted with old aspects from the past it is also a chance to overcome it.

What I like most about PVP is that it is always different, compared to a scripted AI/PVE and that it’s possible to play a high risk high reward style which is not possible vs AI.
Even a lost PVP match can be interesting, fun and thrilling but wiping for hours vs AI bosses without getting any rewards nor thrills is just frustrating.

I agree to that.

If you re-read my post you will see that the first sentence was my reply to you about game’s rank aspects and since you insisted to get a “personal” reply I used the @ sign, writing that I agree with bozoli.
After that I made a passage and mentioned that different native languages and expressions in English may lead to misunderstandings. That was a general comment from me.
Also, when I replied to your song thread and directly asked you if you know this song (that I posted) you didn’t reply at all even though we were the only ones posting there…

I don’t think it is necessary to always use @ to reply to someone, especially when it is a thread with few or just 2 people. In my post about games and that I agree to bozoli’s post I only used the @ because I thought that otherwise you won’t accept my reply because it is not personally addressed to you.

I did not think you were talking about me with sarcasm. You did talk about me with others in a third way what is quite rude and impolite!

That’s why I wrote “It’s nice that you both (Angel and you) talk about me in a third way”.
Since it is anything but not nice. To make that clear I added “<= this is sarcasm”. Maybe I should have used irony but I dislike English words that are written in the same way but used for different meanings.


@ different language teams work styles

Thanks to all for the interesting insights of the work process!


That telenovela project sounds difficult to do.

The brother, sister stuff … is annoying to read in English subs, but

you can’t cut the “titles” without changing the local flavour.

e.g. in anime, fan subs usually keep all the sensei, sempai, -san, -sama, -chan, -kun stuff and the Korean dramas also keep the unni, ajumma stuff.

So using the Chinese words instead of long Western words would solve the problem of lines that are filled to 2/3 with English titles while the Chinese words are usually quite short (just few letters and 2 syllables).

Junior/Younger Sister X => meimei X = 12 letters + name vs 6 letters + name.

I’m curious, could you name (in spoilers) a drama where everyone dies? I just know some with happy ends and - if it includes war/battles - of course some deaths but never dead main characters or deaths of all characters.

  1. I won’t like rankings.
    If employees were ranked in their company, seeing it as a game is not easy thing to do.
    It’s not about overcoming the past and liking something I disliked.
    I’m used to be ranked since childhood (the system), but I will still dislike it nevertheless and if I have a choice not to appear in a ranking, I would take that choice.
    I won’t force anyone to dislike ranking because I dislike ranking. We’re free in our liking and it’s respecting people’s own experiences or own choices and freedom.
    We can’t force someone to participate in something he doesn’t want to because we like it or some ppl like it.

2/ The situation in short:
a.You answered me.
b.I ask you what you meant
c.You answered but deleted your post
d.2 people answered in your stance
e. I answered them
f. You answered partially
g. I ask again, someone intervened
h. etc.

I think everything would have been solved if at a. “It’s not a hazard you’re #10?” => this sentence was said after some checking or at c. you just answered there.

If it leads to h. => c. and d.
If I haven’t got your answer at that time (you deleted, but didn’t post a new one or didn’t correct it or there was no explanation) and others answered in your stance, I could also say that you decided not to answer and was ignoring my request? (like the YT video you’re talking about).
If you were ignoring me and others answered, I’m logically going to turn to them and answer them (I think if I haven’t answered them, I would have been told that I’m ignoring them, too). If I’m answering them, I can’t use “you = cntv” but “she” or “cntv”. I can’t use something else in my language or in English to talk about someone else.
Did you answer on other posts while I asked for your answer/ I answered to others?
So rudeness… I think we can all shoot ourselves with it. “Do what I say, but don’t do what I do.” XD
… It’s not going to be constructive if we think like that and we’re going to continue noticing things we can notice with you, me and finally… almost everyone.
No one is perfect.

I don’t read every post and no one has to do so. Not everyone is answering to every general post or question immediately (or no) and not everyone has to do so.
I’m not going to answer to every post where someone is asking a general question that someone else than me can answer => my answer (mine) is not particularly needed. Or when I don’t feel like answering, even more when the answer can be found easily if people look for it in other posts or posts that are above. Or when people just think about it, they already have the answer.
What I mean is: it’s not impossible to find the answer if you type in the search bar or @ a staff or see the help center.

It’s not a duty or a job, but free and good will. I am answering when I can and when I want. No one is going to force me for that, except if it’s an urgent matter on Viki or if it requires my personal answer such as: recruiting for a channel that will begin soon, recruitment answer, an organization matter, etc. Except that, I don’t feel engagement, I don’t expect an answer and others shouldn’t expect my answer. Otherwise, our time here would be spent in answering and sending messages (if it’s not already 50% of it) and I also need time allocated to contribute.
So it’s going to wait if it’s not urgent.

It’s the same with comments on dramas. Not everyone is going to answer everyone.

I clicked on the video when you posted, but the YT video didn’t work in my country (I can send a screen so you see it doesn’t work in my country), so I just continued my activity.

  • The mood: I don’t know if you feel like answering to someone when he tells you “It’s not a hazard you’re #10?” It doesn’t seem really engaging to converse about music with the same person at the same time. So instead, I preferred to clarify things first than check the music by myself, reply “I love the music” and be totally different at the same time in another post.

This type of conversations is going nowhere. It seems like non-ending justifying (until we can’t explain anything anymore XD)
Let’s move on and let’s not waste our time. All has been clarified now.

Can you post another YT video with the same music (hope this one will work in my country…)? I can watch it later, I’m also busy when I’m online, on Viki or not, I’m not only discussing on Viki. I can also stop doing something midway and do something totally different and I have my baby nephew to take care of, so it’s normal if I want to spend time with my family. Thanks!


(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)


thx for the answer but it wasn´t my question :smiley: but i think @cntv_854 looks in this post.
and I will look later into this dramas too =)


Thank you :slight_smile:

I only heard/know about If I can love you so and for this drama you know already at episode 1 how it ends (I didn’t complete watching it now, just watched 15 episodes or so. At first, I didn’t think that I would like it because it is not a fantasy story but then I somehow found it so interesting that I continued watching it).

Do you mean Bloody Romance? But maybe there are more dramas with a girl who is sold by her father for rice and female assassins.


Maybe you should let others behave after what you are writing but you don’t. There was no need to reply about the game’s aspect since it was already explained but! when someone in a 2 person thread about music shows a song and the other person ignores that, do you consider that polite or appropriate?

So if you say no one needs to answer to anyone why do you insist and think you have any right that I’ll answer to you when I don’t feel like it?

Besides that the song thread was 9 days ago the other post in this thread was 6 days ago. You think that you are so special that you need several time a personal reply from me in a general discussion while in a 2 person music-sharing thread it is not necessary to answer as long as your previous posts got attention and recognized? You even say you don’t need to answer in the song thread because I behave different here and there? So you don’t? You think your behaviour there and here is consistent?

There was a reason why I wrote in an earlier post something like “let’s keep it on this”.

Imagine the forums software would be bit different, like in other forums, you wouldn’t even know that I posted something since in other forums posts are removed and not marked as “withdrawn”.

You throw around with multiple topics and sometimes rhetoric wording but are unable to see it in someone else’s post.

If you really were so in need of a personal reply you could a) just write that directly to me instead of speculations together with others in a third way or b) just let it be and accept that I had my reasons to do so, but I guess that wasn’t possible because you were triggered that hard that it made you crazy.

I had the feeling that with you it would just be an endless discussion so I tried to go a de-escalationing way.


Just to make it clear and that you don’t think you are so important that I needed to rank-check you before posting in the forums:

I looked at the different VIKI pages long time ago, before this thread/discussion here was opened. At that time you were #2. But that wouldn’t bring you “out of the shadows” like you said. What brought you “out of the shadows” was your behaviour in combination with your attempt to manipulate and frighten me through creating that image of a bad, negative and “dangerous” community without even knowing me at all. For not quoting anything wrong I did open the actual rank page, of course, since ranks are always fluid.

If one tries to state an opinion covered behind rhetoric phrases the person should expect a rhetoric additional reply as well. If one is unable to deal with it, it’s better to use more clear and direct wordings.

Instead of posting links that should proof how bad others are (since human nature is bad and we are all driven by our egos;) you may think about yourself first and what impression your behaviour may give to someone who doesn’t know you at all (at that time) and who didn’t have any opinion about you and this community at all.

You seem to be super afraid of what others may think about you related to a virtual rank or the number of subtitles but you seem not to be afraid of the actual impression you gave someone through your actions. Even though your actions count much more and say much more about you than a rank could.


It’s going somewhere else.
I agree, if you don’t know someone enough, don’t say something about them that is not the truth.
I don’t take back that I’m sorry for having been rude with some other volunteers and you. I don’t know you enough.

Let’s keep it at this, we both agree that it’s going too far.
If we’re going to fight over this, don’t feel I’m ignoring you if I will answer in another post to someone else in the future, just that if we’re going to fight again, it’s best not to continue going further away in that direction. So I prefer to tell you in advance.

If you want to talk about it later with me, you’re free.




I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who was disappointed by this drama.

At its end I was so frustrated and somehow angry with the ending.

(Oh and Ice Fantasy had also a frustrating end even though the main characters were still alive and the couple got each other… so Ice Fantasy was bc of another aspect even more cruel for me than Bloody Romance, but I have to admit that it’s some “writing skill” to create something like in Ice Fantasy that will stuck in the mind for ages).


I heard a lot from other subbers that Ice Fantasy was good ect.
So it’s on my watchlist ^^