[Closed] Reset the language selection icon for the site as before or include Other languages in the languages of the icon Choose your language

I noticed today that the new update has canceled the language selection icon for the site, which is available in all languages and also helps us as translators and team managers to know the progress of translations in our languages and is helpful to help fans know the projects available in their languages. So please ask Viki to reconsider this or include the languages in the Choose Your Language icon like the other 10 languages .

Thank you and I look forward to solving this sooner :slight_smile:


Oh my God, it’s true! I can’t see anything in my language anymore! The option between site language and content language has been removed.

Seriously? Seriously!!

Is this why I’m translating the description of dramas to my language? So that it can’t be seen at all? Not everybody speaks at least one of those 10 languages over there.

What happened to the whole “Viki is an international site” type of thing?

@kris_o, @mariliam, can you tell us what is going on? Will the engineers somehow bring back all the languages?


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Ok, that is seriously upsetting. As a language mod, being able to set the content on Romanian allowed me to see the level of translation of an episode in my language. Which is not possible anymore… I hope they bring that feature back…:((((


I have done, dear, I hope that Viki will return this feature to other languages or at least include it within the ten languages that exist because today I have had problems with the translation progress for my language, I had to open all the episodes and parts to check that the team finished them. It is really annoying :triumph:

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Yes, that’s the case with me now as well.:sob:
Is this a prelude to viki to cancel other languages or what?! :unamused:
We need to return that feature strongly. It is very useful for everyone from teams to fans :rage:
Viki, did you forget your logo?


هيا يا رفاق ساعدونا في ذلك كي تعلم فيكي بأن هنالك الكثيرين الذين يريدون إرجاع هذه الميزة و راسلوا جميع من تعرفونهم من المترجمين أيضاً فالعربية و اللغات الأخرى لا تقل أهمية عن تلك اللغات المختارة العشر
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أشكركم مقدماً :heart_eyes: لنتحد في هذا الأمر

لقد تم التصويت على الموضوع
فهذه خطوة غير موفقة منهم إطلاقًا, أتمنى أن تعود خاصية اللغة العربية فقد كانت جميلة ومفيدة جدًا

Really hope they would return this option, it was very helpful.
Now I can brows the site with English becuase I do understand it, but what about those of us who do Not understand it!
And even though I do understand it, I can’t find which drama has been translate to my launguge “Arabic” anymore nor to know the progress.
This is very bad.


I’ve tried to make channel info in my language as a Moderator but after I saved it, I couldn’t see it on site. ㅠㅠ I’m upset.
Why do you need channel moderators then for?

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Oh, I’ve seen that happen on one show recently and discarded it as fluke. Maybe it really wasn’t.

I’ve tried with a lot of dramas and it’s nothing. I’m going crazy eewwww

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This needs to be clarified by the Viki staff. And since we haven’t received any answer so far, I would think they are discussing it.

I have a feeling Viki often makes changes, usually removing a function on the site and then watches up to which degree we get angry.

They should have a better way of assessing which site function is used and which isn’t.

Besides, this option was so well hidden, I couldn’t find it at all until somebody told me about it. How can anybody use a functional button that’s written with tiny print at the end of the home page? That button should be under the profile.


I hope that what you are saying is what is happening now, because I have already started to find this tired and annoying during these two days, especially since I have many projects now air on the air. If this situation continues I will really be mad :tired_face:


They have to fix this, don’t worry

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for providing your feedback in regards to the site language option selection changes. We’re aware of how this has impacted both volunteers and viewers, and appreciate everyone taking the time to write in to us. Your feedback is valuable to us and it’s been shared with our teams.

Please note that there will soon be an update for displaying show and subtitle availability in your language of choice.

As a global platform that is dedicated to breaking down language and cultural barriers through the best in Asian entertainment, please rest assured that Viki will continue to support the 200+ languages that have been part of its core for years.

Viki Community Team


Thank you for replying, @camiille. You said, I think, exactly what we needed to hear to stop worrying :smile:


…unfortunately, from “said” to “done” is, apparently, a really long way… @-@


In Italian
> Tra il dire e il fare
> c’è di mezzo il mare

(“between saying and doing there is the sea” - ugh, sounds awful in translation)