[Closed] Reset the language selection icon for the site as before or include Other languages in the languages of the icon Choose your language

Por favor, terminan de traducir la serie llamada Historia del palacio yanxi Capitulo 53 en ESPAÑOL. quien podra hacerlo TT

I think it actually sounds very poetic! :heart:

Thank you for sharing :blush:


Hello @camiille,

This topic about the lack of languages was opened on Jan 14 and you gave a response on January 17 in which you stated:

Half a month has passed now and I would like to know more specifically what you mean with ‘soon’. Is it going to be solved at the end of February? At the end of March? Or do we need to wait longer?

Is there a chance that if someone requests in Viki Ideas to have language ‘A’ added to the ‘Choose Your Language Section’ and enoough people upvote it that language ‘A’ really will be added?

Viki probably has other reasons to decide which language to add to the CYLS, but from what I have counted in the last years there are at least 14 languages that have more full subbed shows than some of the ones in the CYLS.

If Viki could at least add 10 of those, it would already help a lot of people. Wasn’t German originally not part of the CYLS? Then surely other languages could be added too, right?

Thank you for your response

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your patience! As always, we thank you again for the passion you put into wanting our community to be a better place for other users. We’ve heard your concerns and an update has now been launched to display show and subtitle availability in your language of choice.

To ensure this change takes effect for you, simply go to any video you are watching, reselect your preferred subtitle language, then refresh your page. This will set your subtitle language preference and you should now be able to see language indicators on the video thumbnails in your language of choice.

If you would like more information regarding this, please feel free to read more here: https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/200138704-How-do-I-change-the-website-and-subtitle-language-

Viki Community Team

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Hi, @camiille

Thank you for the update, but I do not consider the problem solved. Yes, you can now again see the completed percentage of a specific language for each episode.

But we still cannot see the title and description of a drama in that language.

As an example, a viewer who knows zero English, Spanish, French (any of the 10 languages for the overall site) knows nothing about what is the drama or film about. How are they the to choose the contents? Many viewers in my language click on a drama only when seeing that it has a title in their language.

Are you planning on fixing this issue completely or not?


So agree with @bozoli.
If you really want to solve the issue, put a setting similar to the previous one we had.
I don’t even understand why you touched it to begin with… :angry:


I think before changing things such as this one, communicating with volunteers and viewers would be useful and productive. I think it’s the area where most websites in this area (Netflix, the old Dramafever) are missing out and it’s where it’s easy to win free and easy points, build a good relationship with your customers through this.

  1. I know that for some software that we use, they organize special days each year (always about the same time of the year) to discuss with the users of their software to know what kind of add-ons they’d like, what new changes they will make, see users’ reactions before, see if the potential new changes will benefit their clients.
    And so they have a timetable of the new features arrival and they say the month when feature A will arrive, feature B is ongoing and probably arrive during 20xx, etc.
    Indeed, you make changes, you have feedback and resistance, you try to go back => lose of time and resources
    Instead, feedback first, then make changes => gain time

  2. I think it’s a good idea because users know exactly what they need and sometimes, not the IT team because they don’t use the website the same way or haven’t been confronted to each thing a user or a volunteer could have met on the website. It’s also a way to show that they’re more attentive to users need (sometimes, just a show XD).
    It’s improving the website for users.

3- Before investing money, time, resources to do changes:

  • a SWOT analysis: the strong points of the website, the weaknesses of the website => the current situation
    The opportunities of the change that I’m about to do on the website, the threats of this change => what I’m about to win / to lose in Viki stand and in the user stand.
    The primordial questions:
  • who uses my website? People who use Viki are volunteers and viewers. If I had a website, I would like it to be user-friendly for my users.
  • Is what I’m going to change a benefit for the user?
  • What any user of my website would expect?
  • the cost, the capacity

So I think that Viki knows how their website works and what was the usefulness of the previous features for their users who don’t speak the 10 main languages currently showing on Viki (English, French, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian and German).

4- If you look into how many languages most shows are subtitled, it’s more than 10 languages (at least for the main part of your revenue that come from Kdramas). At least, if showing 250 languages is too much, show at least 25-30 main languages. Having only 10 languages is insufficient for your users and volunteers. It’s the truth.

For instance, the main Kdrama hits Viki has:

5- So for the criterion of 10 languages only, mmm, it would be more interesting to see different criteria, such as:
-in how many languages the main kdramas are fully subbed
-the recurrence of a particular language moderator (Arabic is recurrent, Greek, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian, European countries languages, even if EU is a union, it’s not like the USA where only 1 language is dominating, we keep our own language and still many children or people have difficult times to learn English)
-the recent countries not in the main 10 languages where a Viki pass was bought
-the countries where the current users/viewers come from (the current audience connecting to the website, where are they coming from?), the countries that are beginning to show growing interests in Kdramas.

  • the most selected languages after the main 10 languages.
    I mean the 10 main languages are already won markets and other competitors are already providing in most common languages, the main difference between others, would be other languages and prospective audience. Create an offer to create the demand through the easier access for the language, for understanding.

6- In case people don’t know why it’s useful to have more than 25-30 languages showing:

  • for viewers: having a synopsis in their language => people will be more keen on to spend time on your website, spend time watching a drama if they have an idea of what the drama is talking about. The minimum is a synopsis.
    As a viewer, I think for an international streaming service, it’s the minimum it can offer: a synopsis in my language.
    So for the unlucky people who are not among the 10 main languages on Viki, what about them?
    You are cutting in a growing community by cutting this small feature. The community is only growing more and more, not in numbers only, but also all over the world, in spoken languages.
    Cutting down languages is going against the current trend. It’s killing the embryo in the egg.
    If more and more people come on Viki contrary to other streaming websites, it’s because they have a large variety of languages in the shows but also in the presentation of the website (how can you understand? is it convenient to use other websites to know what the synopsis is or to use directly Viki? it’s making viewers losing time to do some research or to try to understand the website).
    Since my audience is international and speaks more than 10 languages, I would opt for more languages?
  • for volunteers: we need to recruit people. Most people don’t know this forum or don’t use it, so the main way and the most noticeable way for us to recruit is to write that we’re recruiting on our cover page = the page that was previously shown in our language through the “content setting”.
    Cutting down languages is also cutting down our chance to find more volunteers (free manpower for Viki), fewer subs in many languages because how can we recruit people, and so less audience, less Viki pass that could have been bought because the website doesn’t offer this unique feature.

    For managers: it’s useful to know if moderators have done a cover page, if they are recruiting people (because managers receive newcomers message to be recruited, at least they can have a look in their cover page to know if they’re recruiting), if they are active or not, if they have a designer that could also do the English cover page.

For other volunteers: you know if they need an editor, if they are still recruiting or not, how many episodes are edited or not, etc.

The cover page is also a way to advertise a drama. Like a billboard on the street about a movie or a product, it could be eye-catching enough to make people want to watch it.
Not only that, we can add more info on the drama than on the synopsis, such as a presentation of the characters, etc, for people who are more interested in that.

I mean the cover page in our own language is really helpful, not only for viewers but also for volunteers.
And viewers by seeing a cover page, they could become volunteers, too!

7- All in all, by reducing languages on Viki to only 10 languages, I can understand that it’s more compact, it might be coming from a genuine good intention, but at the same time, it’s reducing a lot more features and potential that users and volunteers consider useful.
Changing, reading our feedback, tickets flood, going back, making changes again by 1/10, It’s not creating more work by doing so?


I couldn’t have said it better.



(offtopic: that’s Aribert Wäscher from the movie “Es war eine rauschende Ballnacht” mit Zarah Leander. A wonderful and tragic movie)


He faithfully illustrated my disdain over this whole matter.

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Hey Everybody
How “Soon” is soon? Today the Vietnamese moderator noted that she cannot upload her coverpage for an upcoming Kdrama in Vietnamese. They have probably marked the selection of languages issues as “solved” but obviously it is not. Unfortunately, the tech people seem to be working in a vacuum.

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Really disappointed. This did not solve the problem at all. I want the translated titles, synopsis, and cover page.

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This is the response one of my “other language” moderators received today about inability to upload her cover page in her language:
Dear ******
Thank you for writing the help center. Unfortunately we have made some changes recently where we cannot change the cover pages unless it is the language of:
Chinese (Traditional)
Chinese (Simplified)

We appreciate your understanding!

Viki Community Team

Viki Support|



The silence is speaking louder than words here.

Since the staff has not reached out to us after the last message Camiille sent, it means they have no intention of putting things back the way they were. Right, @camiille?


“As a global platform that is dedicated to breaking down language and cultural barriers through the best in Asian entertainment, please rest assured that Viki will continue to support the 200+ languages that have been part of its core for years.” But if the languages other than the select ten can’t put up their coverpages, how is that continuing to support 200+ languages? Isn’t that a REDUCTION of support?


Let me be honest here…
What makes VIKI different yet special and unique (from other sites) is actually the WIDE variety of possible languages available for their channels. (Come on, not only 10 languages :frowning2:)

Please bring the all languages content option back…:pray:

Fighting everyone!



The thread is slowly being pushed down. We need all the support to get Viki to add the other languages again. This is very disappointing. I really don’t understand why they had to remove it.


The thread on Bugs and Issues has been marked [On-hold]. I have no idea what that means. I guess it’s better than [Solved].



Bring the all languages content option back…
Vikiers are still waiting for it to be as it was before :rage:


Dear Viki,
If you are going to change (read mostly remove ) access to language options, new episodes of shows (such as this years episodes becoming available a year from now) for standard pass, then please give enough advance notice to your subscribers.
It seems you guys have a tendency of just making the changes abruptly without any advance notice. And most of the changes tend to remove privileges/ services rather than add them. If I have paid for a standard pass and episodes of a certain drama and show were available every week or a language when I paid for my annual subscription, then you removing such access during the duration of my paid subscription is not right because you are removing services that I have paid for already. So either return a portion of the subscription charge to all who are affected negatively by such changes or give advance notice and justification or wait until subscription has expired to make changes.
Your cancelation policy does not return money that has been charged for the whole year even if we cancel our subscription (which I find is becoming more and more useless) midway through the year, so when you remove services and advantages from my subscribed pass during the year, I think it is equivalent to a scam. Do you think other streaming services like Netflix would get away if they did such a thing? It is really off-putting and needless to say chances of renewing subscription are nil.
I know you are really trying to push the Plus Pass but all subscribers have the right to be notified when you make changes to your subscriptions and if you remove access to something, make sure it is not a service you have already charged the client in advance.