[CLOSED] Seeking English → German subtitling enthusiasts

Dear all,

Recently, the English subs for the six-episode web drama, “Love In Time,” underwent a major revision (with Viki’s approval). As a result, the existing German subs now also need to be updated.

Can you help? I promise easy and relaxed working conditions :slight_smile: :bouquet:

Because this is a revision project, there is no deadline for episode-completion. This makes the project suitable for those who are still gaining expertise in subtitling and who would like additional practice.

Please contact me by message if you are interested.

Best regards,


I am not well and need to rest, I still have a movie to edit. I will take a look at the subtitles and if it’s not worst case I will edit them, but if it’s really bad you wouldn’t mind me deleting them and writing them anew since it would be less time consuming?

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Hi lutra :slight_smile:

It’s a pleasure to meet you :wave: I’m sorry to hear that you are not well. There is no time limit on this so you can work entirely at your own pace.

None of the original subs need to be used. While they will be stored by VIKI because they contribute to users’ subtitle totals, you are completely free to rewrite any new subs that you want to.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

I hope you feel better soon,

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Can you add me as German mod, then I could get an overview with bulk translation option?
Normally I sub on Sunday mornings, so it could take a little while. It’s a web drama and doesn’t seem to have more content than a regular movie. So I will give it a try.

Hi again.

I have added you as German Moderator. Please feel free to have a look around inside.

The total length of all six episodes is 112 minutes (episodes vary in length from 17 – 22 minutes). As you’ve already noted, this makes it about the length of a movie.

Because there is no time limit, if it takes you a few months to complete, there is no problem with that.

Thank you for you being interested :slight_smile:



When the show was first subbed in 2018, only VIKI’s software English subs were used for all language teams. There was no English team and no Korean-to-English translator to help refine the subs that came with the show.

As a result, a great deal of information was lost. When you read through the present German subs and then compare them to the English ones, you will see what I mean. The language teams worked very hard in 2018 but the material they had to work with was flawed.

This time, a full English Team (TE, GE and CE) has worked on the subs and they are much more accurate.


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After watching please let me know your review if it is good I will watch and sub in my language too.

Are you accepting other language mods too?

Most definitely!!!

I was just going to advertise for one at a time. What is your language, Padmalayag? I’ll give you Moderator status so you can have a look around, too.

Thanks for taking the time to contact me.

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Hi manganese, my language doesn’t need any advertisement! We are very few(only 4 of us are active) and I’m the one who is leading the teams currently and as mine is a very rare language here I(we) carefully chose projects and I only take-up if it is really easy and (or)entertaining.
I didn’t watch the drama and I need some time to watch and decide.
By the way my language is Telugu (తెలుగు)
An Indian language
I hope it is a worth watching series.
As it is a short series I’m a little interested


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Hi Padma.

I’m pleased to meet you :slight_smile:

When I first watched the series, I didn’t think too much of it because the subs were not that good. Now, after rivrflow’s TE work and iashleigh’s GE’ing, a whole new dimension has been added. I like it. I’ve watched it about four times completely and each time, I pick up something I didn’t see before. It’s well done for what it is.

See what you think. I’ve added you as Moderator so you can have a look around and add any of your friends to help out if you want to.

Kind regards,


I will take my time to watch and will inform you before starting
But why I can’t see myself as a Telugu mod in the mods section?

You are definitely there. I’ve found that it sometimes takes the webpage an hour or two to update with changes. It’s very slow. Eventually it will show up. In the meantime, you should have access.


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Will wait,

I have access,will check it.
Thanks :slight_smile:

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So you mention the revised version. Is it all done or only ep 1 as mentioned on the main page?


And you should watch both love In memory and love in time because both are related and love in time is sequel for love in memory. And both are on Viki.


Only episode 1 is ready for translation.

Episodes 2 to 6 are nearly completed. I estimate that they’re around 95% done. Eps 2 to 6 can certainly be watched and as the subs have been done, the series is good viewing.

I need to CE these last five episodes for a final time and there are a handful of empty segments that need to have on-screen text added.

Thank you for your detailed information.
I guess I will watch the other season first and then this one. It should be alright by then. I don’t think I will get to start before Sunday.
Even German is a popular language at Viki most teams go after the new stuff. I no longer work in teams as I don’t have a fixed schedule. So I started to look for small projects to do by myself and the size of a movie is just right.
Thanks for letting me take part.

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Thank you for that. When I’m done with Love In Time, I’ll have a look at the earlier one :slight_smile:


I’m so glad that you replied to me in this thread. Welcome aboard :bouquet:

Because I haven’t yet seen “Love In Memory,” I have no idea how its subs compare to the revised subs for “Love In Time.” I know from firsthand experience that a lot of effort has gone into “Love In Time” and the English subs are well polished. We’ve all tried very hard to make them friendly for translation and with timings that sit as comfortably as possible in the segments.

Please feel free to start whenever it suits you. There is no pressure. In fact, this sounds like a perfect project for your situation.

Thank you once again.

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You could have asked me. I was the Mod of the other season :slight_smile:

Good luck to the team.

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