Collection of volunteer wishes/demands/suggestions/complaints -Topics you made at Viki that are still "open" but you deem vital for the community

Please bring forward any subject you reported and want to have a solution to that has either not get a reply from Viki or is additional work for volunteers because either the system is being misused by viewers or too complicated to handle/time-consuming. Work that is done by volunteers while trying to stand by the guidelines, abusive comment, reporting abusers, timed comments, “fake” reviews, impatient viewer’s comments because of unclear statement of Viki by advertising subtitles, but not including while making a contract for Viki Pass.
Negative comments you as a volunteer get for delay of subtitles, now maybe even for bad subtitles because viewers might not be able to see the difference that the bot made subtitles.

Only post and leave the discussion to Viki.
Don’t answer to this post of others just make it known what your problem is and that Viki might have neglected in the past days/week/months/years.
Try to keep it short, only post facts, don’t speculate at this post.
Thank you!

This is not a post to destroy the friendly atmosphere at Viki it the attempt to bring it back.

Feel free to make your problems at Viki known by commenting or placing links to open already existing topics here or at the Help Center.

Made a request to Viki

vulgar speech?


  • 2 days ago

I find this extremely inconvenient to report timed comments like this now.
So I am not going to make it that much easier for and just add screenshots. You can get the episodes number and time of the comments from there.
It would be better if we could use this form from the point in the video like you do to report technical video issues.
Username/s - Can’t read them it’s too small and too much of a hassle, try reading yourself. I apologize for sounding rude, I am fully aware of it, but find a different way to report this that would give me the chance to write nicer reports.

Since the drop down option for comments is gone, there is no way to flag those comments in a convenient manner. Either you need to report like this, or you need to contact a channel volunteer and collect the data. Too time-consuming for an unpleasant sight.
I will just add one pictures as example

The reason many veteran volunteers come here first if a problem arises is here are their pillars of fellow volunteers.
You don’t need to wait for Viki if you have a problem someone most likely will be around to at least check, if the same problem arises for them.

Viki had 9 years back after the Flower Power Movement a platform, where problems were named listed and got a processing comment.

You could see the listed problem you wouldn’t need to inconvenience the request line further, like today it was a ticket flooding day by day. If Viki techies needed more feedback, we would give it. Volunteers have no interest to damage a project they are working on. But most projects volunteers work on are for welfare not companies. The Viki today is different from the Viki back then who wouldn’t know that. Just as Viki volunteers have an interest on making this project Viki work. Most of us love Viki, since we wouldn’t we wouldn’t take our precious time to put into your company. We know that Rakuten is working on language tools and you have the power to use our subtitles any way you want, as it is stated in Terms of …
But wouldn’t it be more reasonable to unite the efforts of payed and let’s call us volunteers one time the unpaid stuff of Viki.

With an instrument like that we could bring focus to improvement and not have a maintenance of ticket numbers.

Hi I have a suggest blocking the users that suggest other page or even before the comment is published block it.

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I just came from the Help Center - it’s the weekend - so I wanted to help somebody out since it seemed as if it could be a small matter.
Many of us were thrown, sorry logged out by Viki and this maybe new users didn’t seem familiar with that event. We “old school” people know too well.

I gave her a tip, but coming back hours later I saw that my comment - needs approval - dear me …

This is what I added to my comment now. A Help Center should be … (use your imagination)

My dear Viki!

You are making it hard for volunteers to help others while on the weekend there is no one of you here to answer any questions. If we are not welcome to help out just disable the comment function for others. Then my mind would be more at ease since I wouldn’t be able to do a thing. I just wished you were not as selective in answering questions, but why do I bother are you my “Brötchengeber”? No.

So this was my last attempt to help out here, manage the Help Center well is all I am asking for.

Notification for expiring licenses
While this feature requested by irmar is already planned, there hasn’t been any update lately. But I feel it is still a highly requested feature or would be appreciated by many.


Since Viki has started to translate titles and description in certain languages on their own without any input from volunteers, a few weird and wrong translations have started to pop up. They stated, we could file requests to the Help Center regarding these translations, but they were left unanswered. Therefore, it might be more helpful if there is a tool that would allow some sort of input from us, when Viki decides the title and description. We wouldn’t need to use the Help Center request and there would be one place where all the titles that need improvement are gathered.


I think it’s linked to this:


I remember seeing spam of weird advertisements following each other on comments of Bugs&Issues a while back. I don’t often go there.

I would like to have at least a subject line for PM’s, that makes back tracking PM’s with the information you need so much easier. Some folders would be nice too. But I think there are bigger issues that should be solved first.


Ohh and the wall already is in the app. First it was there at all times but now you need to click and see. It was made that way because sometimes walls are so huge and don’t view well on mobile phones/iPad.