Current jdramas please!

I recently had to make some choices regarding my expenses (dropping subscriptions due to finances) After spending several days deciding i chose to keep my viki subscription and drop DF. my main reason for doing so was the fact that viki has a much larger selection of jdramas. But i have noticed that finding new and on air jdramas is very hard to do (most recent jdrama is 3 yrs old). but after researching i discovered that viki is actually owned by a japanese company (Rakuten). so i figured if anyone would have the better chance of getting jdramas it would be a company from japan. So my question is…Why is it so hard to get current japanese dramas? and why did the few japanese on air shows that they do get (upcoming and Hello! Project Station ) stop getting subtitled?

Hi, Dale.

People from the Viki community actually registered this as a big issue and we have discussed it a bit in other threads:


thank you for pointing out the other threads. i will read through those as well.

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somebody is subbing Upcoming in the 70-something episodes but it looks like solo-subbing, so it’ll take some time.

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Yes please current j-dramas please, please i love them so much and i would be on Viki more if you had a greater selection of Japanese dramas!!!