Do you cook?


Oh My Goodness Girl! I have a Collard recipe to die for - Called Kickin Collards!


and why haven’t you shared those delicious recipes??


I try to and the dumb computer tells me that I share TOO much! I am looking for the cola cake recipe I can’t find it!!! But I’ll do the collards one! It’s got spice.

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
1 cup margarine (soft) do not substitute
1/2 cup butter (soft) do not subsitute
1 8 oz cream cheese room temp
3 cups sugar
6 eggs room temp
3 cups flour
2 tsp vanilla
Mix marg, butter and cream cheese until creamy. Add sugar, beat 5 min. Add eggs one at a time mixing in between and mix well. Add flour and mix well. Mix in vanilla. Pour batter in greased 10 inch tube pan and bake 325 (I use Bundt pan) 1 hour and 30 min. Cool 10 min and remove from pan.

I used to take this to work at the middle school I worked at - it was in their cookbook - but they thought mine was MAGIC


@kdrama2020ali, Hot peppers??? for collards, boy I sure would love to have some about now!!



Honey Lemon Chicken over rice today


wow! sounds delicious!!!


yes i cook at times i mean i can mange food for myself at least so that i won’t have to starve but i am a bit clumsy so mostly i get hurt while cooking so mom doesn’t let me cook only lolll


maybe I should put this on “your laugh for the day” but hey this is cooking!!! and p/s enjoy!!!


that a “hella” brutal cooking, lol :rofl: I couldn’t believe my eyes when reading :scream:


I triple checked to make sure I was reading that right. :joy: I wonder where I might go to find a whole, medium-sized camel?


really not sure,about the camel


Um does that say CAMEL or CARAMEL???

I made the cola roast above this weekend it was so tender and I put it over potatoes! So yummy!


Meatball subs!


Some food suggestions are also here:


You are a vegetarian, do you have some ideas for vegetarian barbecuing? That it also smells really delicious? :joy: I think the biggest challenge for me will be the scent :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I must finally do something for my conscience
If I can manage it :grinning:


There’s of course the ready-made meat replacers …

And potatoes, bell peppers, any vegetable that’s not too sensitive. Mushrooms on a stick…


Thank you :slight_smile: I’ll find out for myself :blush:
:face_with_hand_over_mouth:if you are of the opinion :fu:
(And of course you have time again), this could be something for Gaby :unicorn:
I am quite interested


Making stuffed poblanos today with serrano cream sauce - stuffed with smoked pork and cheese.


Well, I did not cook this but I did see it on Amazon and I was immediately like, That’s so delicious I can TASTE IT from here! I bought them and they ARE as delicious as I my imagined taste was! I must have eaten them when I was a kid going with my gramma to Japantown in San Francisco back I the 60’s. We’d get treats like futomaki, mochi, etc. while Gramma was getting her bonsai supplies. :sunglasses:

Oh, hey! Soko hardware is still there! They’ve been there since 1925. That place is a treasure to shop in. They have all kinds of things that are hard to find elsewhere.

Mandarin flavored Mochi. To die for!


That’s a good quote for me since I love mochi and mandarins :drooling_face: