Error: Translation percentage not automatically updating on episode view

Screenshot of a mismatch is under. I’ve noticed it for the first time a couple of days ago. Hopefully it’s not a sign of a more serious problem. Anybody else having this issue?


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Hi @bozoli I already mentioned here.I noticed it 15 days ago. And when I checked the next day they got updated May be a bug!

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The percentage does get updated the next day, as you say. But I’m afraid it’s a sign of something more serious. It wouldn’t be the first time :grimacing:

@vikicommunity, do you know if this was something to be expected after the improvements of the contributions count and switching to the new system?

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I was told years and years ago by an engineer at viki that the computation of % completed involved some serious number crunching and that is why viki stopped doing it every time a subtitle is added to a given language. I do notice that even if the % is updated nearly concurrently for moderators looking within “manage video”, that percentage for that language isn’t updated as rapidly for the video player view. Sometimes every part in subeditor shows 100%, but the video player view still shows 98 or 99% for a few hours.

What I think should be done is to set a time say four times a day in which % completion is computed and shown for the video player mode and then to let the viewers know that time. It wouldn’t have to be the same time for all dramas - perhaps all on airs, or all current K drama or some other classification would follow a certain schedule. There are obviously several thousands of old dramas for which there is not much activity and those too could be classified with set times – like two year old dramas will be updated once per day; five year old dramas once per week, etc.