[Viki Community] Contribution Count System improvements

Dear community,

We are releasing an improved contribution count system on Viki on June 28, 2021 PDT.

Over the years, we have gotten reports about (1) discrepancies of contribution counts on various volunteer pages where counts are displayed, as well as (2) inaccurate counts on volunteers’ contributions progress bar, sometimes (3) affecting QC status renewal. (NOTE: The various contribution count issues affect some, not all, volunteers.)

There are a lot of features that the team has planned for the community. In engineering stack terms, many of these features will be built upon the contribution count system. Hence, it is essential that this piece of foundation is accurate and reliable. This is why we are working on this now.

Improving the contribution count system has been an incredibly big project that has spanned over a year and a half. The causes behind the problems mentioned above turned out to be extremely complex and the team had invested a significant amount of time untangling this yarn.

Most of the changes are happening on the backend only: The current contribution system will be migrated to a new system and the community’s contributions count will be accurately tabulated.

This switch to the reliable new system will inevitably cause some changes on the community pages. We explain these changes in detail below:

(1) Changes to Recent Contributions page

Today, the Recent Contributions page logs and displays up to 34 pages (of 15 contributions per page) of a volunteer’s most recent contributions (subtitles and/or segments).

On June 28, 2021, these recent contributions will be archived into a snapshot, displayed in the form of a new “Archived Contributions” page. Volunteers can still access and browse their archived contributions on this new page via a link on Recent Contributions (See screenshots below). This link will also be accessible to other volunteers and will be available for 6 months, until December 28, 2021.

This is to continue facilitating volunteers in recruitment despite the changes that must be done - we understand that Channel Managers and language moderators will need to assess an applicant’s past contributions before accepting them into their team. Contributions on and after June 28, 2021 will continue to be logged and displayed regularly on Recent Contributions.

Today, volunteers will start seeing this notification on their Recent Contributions page about the upcoming changes:

View of the Recent Contributions module on your profile page before migration

View of the Recent Contributions page before migration

View of the Recent Contributions module on Viki dashboard before migration

Upon and after the release of the improved contribution count system, volunteers can access the contributions made before June 28, 2021 by clicking “View archived contributions”. Once again, contributions made after the migration will continue to be logged and displayed regularly on Recent Contributions:

View of the Recent Contributions module on your profile page after migration

View of the Archived Contributions page

View of the Recent Contributions module on your Viki dashboard after migration

(2) Other changes on the backend

Previously What’s new
Total segment count of volunteers is inconsistent across the various pages where counts are displayed (incl. profile page, Project Finder and contribute.viki.com). Total segment count of volunteers is consistent across the various pages where counts are displayed (incl. profile page, Project Finder and contribute.viki.com)
Discrepancy exists between total contribution count vs. sum of contribution counts across all channels. Discrepancy between total contribution count vs. sum of contribution counts across all channels will continue to exist, but moving forward, the value of change in contribution count on channels will reflect accordingly on volunteer’s total contribution count.

In short: There no longer exists a scenario where the contribution count on a channel has changed but the volunteer’s total contribution count is not updated.
Contribution count changes via moderation by staff (incl. deletion of contributions) does not impact ranking of volunteers on the leaderboard. Contribution count changes via moderation by staff (incl. deletion of contributions) will be taken into account when computing ranking of volunteers on the leaderboard.

Leaderboard rankings of previous months will not change. This will only take effect starting July.

We want to mention again that these improvements (new contribution count system) will not retroactively affect volunteers’ current contribution count, QC tier, badges, or ranking on the leaderboard.

For example, if a volunteer unlocked the 10,000 subtitles badge yesterday, the badge will remain even after June 28, 2021. Similarly, if a volunteer reaches the Gold QC status today, they will not be pushed back down to QC or QC trainee status on June 28, 2021.

Please expect some downtime of volunteer tools during system migration:

Downtime: June 28, 2021 00:00 hrs - 03:00 hrs PDT
Tools affected: Subtitle Editor, Segment Timer, Manage Video page, Project Finder, Bulk Translation

After the downtime, the new contribution count system will be in place and recent contributions made before 28 Jun will be archived into the new snapshot page.

With this new and improved contribution count system, our foundation is now sturdy and reliable. We can look ahead for more exciting things. The community’s support and trust are greatly appreciated by everyone in the Viki Community Team.


May be this update helps viki in segregation of active and inactive volunteers’s profiles.because after they are archived there won’t be any active work going on in case of inactive profiles.and after 6 months they will be gone forever.
Can we expect that those profiles will be suspended?
Correct me if I am wrong.



Hi @padmalayag, no Viki volunteer profiles will be “suspended” for this improvement.

We acknowledge and understand that community members may move on from Viki to focus on other activities and hence become less active over time, but that does not mean that their account must be “suspended” or removed. If a volunteer returns 6 months after this migration exercise, we welcome them and they can resume contributing. Their contributions will continue to be logged as per usual, like mentioned in the original post. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you. I had to take a 6 month break this last year due to an international move. I am glad that this won’t effect people who have life events that would cause a big break in their activity.



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We still have recent contributions. And you can see the archived past contributions if the person hasn’t made new contributions since the 28th june.

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As I already said, archieved contributions (contributions made before the 28th june 2021) are not deleted, they are still visible to everyone.
Everyone can see them just by clicking there.


They said they will be visible until the end of the year.


Yes, I know. But it’s not really soo bad. If that subber hasn’t made any contribution from june to december that means they are inactive. Why should I check subtitles made by someone who is inactive? If they come back after a really long break, you can just check their subtitles by putting them in your team. It’s not really a big deal.:sweat_smile:

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I agree, it’s not that bad. What is bad is not giving you the proper role you have, and the language you have moderated or subbed in, in the channels that don’t exist anymore.no%20role


Nonono, that’s never a good idea. I once accepted a translator, that was added by CM so I didn’t check their contributions and… It was a mistake. Huge mistake. Got google translated sentences and the editing was hell. I will never make the same mistake again.


Yes that’s true after several experiences I started to accept subbers only after a test.


Well, I’ve never seen my Projects section being updated in hours, let alone minutes! Thank you to Viki’s engineers, we are at last getting the freshest updates. It’s a beginning of a new era :laughing:


What do you mean in hours? :flushed::flushed:

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I was referring to the status under an episode. “Last updated 22 hours ago.” Or 15 minutes ago, etc.

My Project section was the worst. It would only update on two occasions:

  1. When I started the project. (So, when I began subbing episode 1)
  2. When Viki would have major site updates.

So, for me it was very common to see the status: “Last updated 2 months ago” when in fact I had been working on the project almost every day since then.

But NOW… it even updates in minutes! Hurray! :partying_face:


It’s really sad :cry:. I felt bad for one month. But I’m happy that it is working for you too now.

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The archived contributions do NOT contain contributions before June 28 for all contributors. They only contain the contributions before June 28 for any member who has not contributed more than 510 contributions after June 28. The contributions list only contains the 510 (15 contributions per page x 34 pages. So suppose you are a busy segger or subber who made 600 contributions on june 28 and 600 on June 29. Then the archive is only going to contain 90 contributions from June 29 and 420 contributions from June 28 and nothing at all prior to June 28. I just looked at my archive today and it seems the oldest contribution there was three days ago. If you think that the archive is the bottom of a stack of contributions with a maximum capacity of 1020, then the top 510 are the most recent contributions and the bottom 510 are the next 510 after the most recent contributions. Anyone who contributed more than 1020 lines after June 28 will not see any contributions prior to June 28 in the archived contribution section.


Seems true.


Does that mean when archived contributions will be deleted on Dec 28 once again, all the subs/segs we are making right will also be deleted?

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@shraddhasingh When they don’t show the archived contributions any more they will stop allowing you to see contributions not as recent as the 510 currently on display under contributions. If the most recent 510 for you include contributions before June 28, then I think the contributions which are visible will be 510 less the number of those 510 which were done before June 28. But if you contributed more than 510 after June 28, then all of your most recent contributions now showing should still be visible.


The contribution count isn’t updating on dramas from the past 3-4 days. I did our “favorite” steps… cleared cache and cookies, tried a different browser, even a different device, but this problem seems to be with Viki system (at least for me)

The contribution count on a user’s page is more than the respective drama’s page.
My contribution count on these two dramas:

On Let Me Be Your Knight, my name isn’t even in the tab:

On Melancholia, I am behind by 2K subtitles:

This is the same for other users as well.

These are the current subtitle count of the then top contributors of these two dramas.


Is this problem just with me?

However, total contribution count on my profile is still up to date. Only contribution count on dramas is lagging behind.