Expiring Licenses


i am an gold qc and restricted since a view days. i am from europe


It’s a shame we QC’s, who work hard on Viki, face more and more restrictions. I get it licenses are expensive and having a license is better then no license at all but I just don’t like it.


@lutra I can see the videos for the episodes displayed there “from the front page” of the channel but when you actually click on them for watching them, they’re restricted. My guess, they’ve lost its license :frowning::sob:


Hi whats happened to my family doesnt have license for latin América please ask for the license again.
Please please


@dannyelita32_368 Sent you a private message. :wink:


In case someone missed the post at the Help Center, it stated Hotel King for Apr 13th 2019, but for me it is still accessible, so I don’t know if there is a difference in region or QC status …

Twenty Again - Jun 14th, 2019
Bubblegum - Jun 14th, 2019


It’s been a long time since I checked Uncontrollably Fond and it is still working in my country.


I hate to see that. , loved the hotel King,


@frustratedwriter Really? I couldn’t make it past the first episodes, don’t ask me why, never went back to finish it.


I didn’t watch all of it either, it got so boring!! I think I went to #5. not sure on that


Apparently it’s still licensed only Europe & ME :frowning:


I noticed that Legend of Zu also lost its license ? I am currently in the USA and about 2 months ago it was working fine for me, now its restricted/unlicensed ?


Yi san lost this licence like two months ago without any warning. My team was still translating cause i took this drama back from a french abusers. We were at episode 72 i think on 76 episodes.

I almost send my computer out by the window.


@kylamia I completely understand you, I translated one drama and the English subtitles were re-edited, so a lot of songs were added. And I only had the 3 last episodes to proofread and the songs to add. “Poof” - one day restricted.

I now contact Viki about the license end before touching and “older” drama/channel to see if I can meet the deadline, or if it is mission impossible.


It would be great if they could really implement this feature soon:
I feel like after adressing it, they put it on the back seat again. Of couse, yet another front page design change is more relevant :wink:


@juliasreise Could you add that link here


Omg, unbelievable… :grimacing: :hot_face:


@kylemia They didn’t even bother to inform me or tess who are the channel managers for Yi San.
And I check my inbox almost daily


I learned of the ending of a few viki licenses this past month because the dramas appeared on a major US streaming site which has expanded internationally in the past few years.


Rebel : Thief Who Stole the People just lost its license in Europe… Yesterday I started watching the first episodes because I wanted to rewatch it. Today, no longer available. Tragedy! One of my favorite dramas… So, I’m forced to continue on N… That’s destiny, for sure. :disappointed:

Just want to share my sadness…