Funny subbing mistakes


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We are starting one at the end of March well April 1st.

Prosecutor Doberman


we are doing 9 pm Eastern


Oh great, I have watched 6 episodes but its fine its better watching with friends.


This is hilariously funny :rofl: dwl Cupid’s Kitchen.
Episode 9 at about the 8:20 to 8:23 mark. It’s the middle of the night, she hears sounds, that woke her up, concerned she goes to check on her teacher. btw both are beginning to fall for each other, hence the title above, but I hate the 10 year age gap. I hate it especially when the younger of the two, is so obviously wet behind the ears. . .Anyway, back to the fsm. She knocks on the door, calls his name he answered with beat it! :joy::sob::rofl: What is this??:joy::joy::sob::rofl::rofl: A Michael Jackson song?!! :woman_shrugging:t5: He clearly said Go Away! In Mandarin, Chinese.

March 23, 2022 :rofl:another, see below :joy:


Another case of a subber using an idiom not everyone understands :joy::sweat_smile:


This isn’t from Viki, but its one of THE most iconic subbing mistakes in kpop history :joy:

Pentagon’s Shine is one of their most popular songs, released 3 years ago, currently has 237M views, and any proper kpop fan has definitely heard it at least once.
The lyrics go
“내가 너를 좋아해도, Nobody knows
다른 여잘 봐도, nobody’s like you”

While the sub goes

and they do it TWICE

Its already funny because it’s the exact opposite of what they’re saying, but the fact that they’re saying it in ENGLISH and it still got messed up is hilarious


Lol yes many entertainment companies mess up with subbing. Similar happened with SM, YG too…


It’s not an idiom. It’s raining cats, and dogs is an idiom. It’s really the wrong translation altogether, the funny part comes in because they are just starting to like each other, so why would he talk to her like that, the other side to the scenerio is, he’s the older of the two, with an health issue threatening his talent, and his carefree life. He does not want her to see him in that light. :wink: Annnd! This is likely where she proves to be The One!


“Beat it” is an idiom phrase that means “Go away” or “Leave me alone”, so if he was telling her to go away, it’s technically the right meaning… but we still wouldn’t use it in this case so yeah, it is funny


That my dear girl is plain English, not an idiom.
You may have meant it is a A Slang phrase, it is definitely not an idiom.

@porkypine90_261, @ninjas_with_onions, @manganese, @misswillowinlove, @kdrama2020ali @anyoneelse, would you care to chime in here? :wink:


I apologize, I googled it and it’s classified as slang :sweat_smile:



When I looked up the below URL it says that “beat it” is a slang expression based on the idiom “beat a retreat.”

As I’m sitting here thinking about it, “beat a retreat” must be a metaphor that has it’s origins in the days of the military when a drummer would beat the drums for marching.

I’ve never thought about this before, but I suspect some idioms have their origins in reality and with time, the origins become lost and what remains is a metaphor, or some other kind of figurative language, where the meaning no longer relates to the words used. For example, in Australia, we have the saying, “Your blood is worth bottling.” This is a compliment and it means that you are a very worthy or important person for some special reason.

To non-Australians, this might sound like slang. To me, though, it sounds like an idiom and as with idioms, the meaning of the phrase is not literally explained by the words. When one appreciates that bottling (link) was an old technique used to preserve fruits and vegetables through the winter months, though, the idiom makes a little more sense. It’s literally saying, that you (the person) are worth preserving and keeping around as long as possible.

Thinking like this then led me to wonder if slang sayings can ever become idioms. I think that slang is often localized language and specific to a particular region or area. Idioms, on the other hand, are more general. Slang often dates and fades away, too, whereas idioms keep on keeping on!

Here in Australia, we say that something is the “ant’s pants.” This means that it’s fantastic/terrific. This is equivalent to the US’s “bee’s knees.” Meriam-Webster lists “bee’s knees” as a noun. This suggests it’s an idiom.


On the other hand, Google tells me that “ant’s pants,” though, is informal Australian. This suggests it’s slang.

So maybe if slang hangs around long enough, it might become an idiom.

Anyway, since this is way off topic, I’ll leave this post up for a day in case anyone wants to read it. I’ll then delete it to keep the thread on topic and about funny subbing mistakes :grin:



Make a new topic thread and add it there; it’s very useful information for you to delete.

Maybe the title can be; Let us know idioms from your country? I don’t know something like that. I find the topic of idioms from different countries so interesting.

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I agree, and for the US🇺🇸 and especially since Viki is catering to US🇺🇸 English, here it is a Slang :wink:

Please leave it up, and do not delete :blush: it’s a continuation of a funny subbing mistake’s clarification Thanks! See post below.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::laughing::joy::rofl: chicken! duck! duck! chicken! :laughing: It’s definitely a duck! :rofl::rofl:

Same episode
不要我给你钱我求求你了!! < — I got this from scanning my screenshot of her :selfie: mobile. Weird right? She received a photo that’s used as a threat to expose her, while demanding money. The above was her reply, vs. translation. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Episode 29 :crazy_face::laughing::joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: now the chef/ teacher’s age is 30! In previous episodes, he’s 40! :rofl::rofl::crazy_face::laughing::joy::rofl::rofl: Now, I question the original script too!


He is single, and that lady is his real “wife-to-be” (though she was his fake contractual wife in a few earlier episodes lol) :rofl: I’d like to think it was a mere typo but then again, “l” and “w” on the keyboard are far apart. :thinking::roll_eyes:

PS: Just having fun… :joy:


Oh my goodness that is one crazy slip-up :joy::joy::joy:


lol that was really funny!!