Funny subbing mistakes


Hi @vivi_1485. Thanks for inspiring this little thought of mine. I’ve added it to the thread because I’m guessing that some people might not know about it.

So for those who haven’t come across this before…

This use of “principal” is interesting. If the drama is about a law firm, “Principal” could be correct because it’s a legal term used to mean “Senior Partner/Lawyer in a Law Firm.” While it isn’t a synonym for CEO of a law firm, a law firm’s CEO would indeed be a senior partner of the firm and so “principal” could be used as one his or her titles.


this is from my girl friend is an alien drama, right?
when i watched it officially on that platform it was CEO only, at that time the platform is not banned for us. where are you watching now?
it is even dubbed in our languages


Ha! Ha! They probably should have at least googled that idom, it’s definitely googleable. :rofl::rofl:


This was obviously to make a point why the dog is called 900. Because one would loose the meaning if they wrote 9 million. But still, a very awkward sub.

Edit: Just read fully the long discussion about that :blush:


Nope its a fashion related company, i think… whatever they dabble in, its definitely not law :sweat_smile:

That’s good information, though… thanks for sharing!!


Love how they just go “some address in Jeju” instead of deciphering the address on screen


Notice anything amiss in this scene?
Yup. An inaccurate translation of a popular proverb. Just pointing it out here so no one will learn it wrongly and recall it erroneously later.


It should be: The sparrow near a school sings the primer.
It would be good to also include a brief on what it means.
It means: If you see and hear anything for a long time, you will know how to do it.


I guess s/he meant to say “The sparrow near a school sings the primer.”


Primer is something completely different in my world. I got so confused :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


There are multiple definitions.


a Viki machine sub :joy::joy:


Exactly. :grinning:
It’s a good example to show the importance of sentence structure, as well as the placement and function of nouns.

That’s understandable.

There are several definitions. The one that’s relevant here is the one shown above (by @choitrio) , or this (from Oxford Languages):
an elementary textbook that serves as an introduction to a subject of study or is used for teaching children to read.


Only a spelling error, but it changes so much of the meaning :joy:

One more: the chairman has to leave a meeting because of an unexpected emergency
This isn’t a subbing mistake, the production crew probably ran some Chinese through Google translate and made the actor say it :joy::joy:


i fell down after reading this, i must say that you have the art of conveying things in a very funny way!!!


In your second example, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with the sentences themselves, so maybe the context is what makes it questionable or funny, like who is saying it, or the use of the word ‘maybe’ when very clearly the meeting will be over since the chairman left. I’m trying to figure it out.


Yeah, it was the use of the word “maybe” :sweat_smile: The whole thing was set for him and the way he said it like that… idk it just cracked me up :joy:


A Lifetime Love, Episode 14
Use of the word effeminate :rofl::joy::rofl: Mo, or Amo is a female character! :joy::rofl:


I literally see Chinese running! :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


That is HILARIOUS :joy::joy:


The actress is talking on phone and says, “Who are you, 개새끼야?”

The camera suddenly focuses on this cute little dog’s squeak.

I would not call it a mistake but ‘lost in translation.’