Funny subbing mistakes


I recently watched “Love is Sweet” on another streaming service (so: pro translators, not volunteers, I assume!) and ran across these two:

Here the speaker is frustrated trying to get the attention of her crush when he doesn’t notice she’s into him and is focused on his work…because he’s a “hard-core straight man!” :rofl: I think they meant to say “hard-nosed” or something but it comes out the opposite.

And then this one is just a typo but it made me chuckle:



Normally I dislike laughing at the translations people make, because that might make them feel bad, but it is a google-translated sentence from a part which was fully gt, so I feel justified…

It’s a translation of “Learn, my arse” and it’s literall, which means… Yeah… :sob: Something like study my butt :sob:

I love google-translators…



A common misspelling or misuse of term? :wink:
Conscious vs Conscience. They do sound alike, though not exactly.


I should have screencap this but recently I TE’d a show that came with pre-subs and one funny one in particular was, “Aren’t you afraid, he’d know you’re a thot?” (something along these lines) But it was hilarious “thot” was used. :rofl::rofl::rofl: