Galician subber waiting for an opportunity😄👋

Hey guys!

My name is Magali, nice to meet y’all.
So here’s the thing. I’ve been watching dramas on Viki for a while now, and I haven’t seen many Galician subtitles on all these dramas.
Just to let everyone knows, Galician is one of my mother tongues; I speak Portuguese and Galician. I lived in Galicia when I was a child and now, grown up, I live in Brazil; and of course, I learned English.
I don’t know if it’s due to region restrictions, but I also did a search at the platform and
I haven’t found any active subbers; so I’ve been wondering lately if I can help subtitle here on VIKI.

I’ve read all the rules and I think I’m up to, so I just have to wait for an opportunity. But it’s also difficult because a lot of the volunteers turn down beginners, so I’m kind of at a dead-lock lol. I decided to leave my message here on discussion then some of you can give me an opportunity and contact me if you think my help in the many dramas is cool.

Thanks for the attention guys!


Contact the staff about the show/film you want to subtitle. No one can add you as a subber, unless they have a moderator in the respective language. It’s a catch 22 if your language community isn’t established or is very sparse. Teach us some basic Galacian phrases if you have the time.


Hi if you want you could try like Galician mod in one of my dramas…

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Oh thanks for the information, it’s very useful. I’ll definitely do it. And of course! I will teach you guys some very popular phrases :smile:

Of course, may I contact you? Let me know❤️

Here are a list of K dramas which do not require a pass to access – write to a channel manager and offer to subtitle

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Yes by private message on Viki

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Thank you!! I’ll take a look🤍

Is this free to watch only for contributors? I’ve been wanting to see this show for ages, but it says :roll_eyes: “Not available in your region.” Oh! Yes, I’ve been requesting it, using the request a show form.

@leerla73 – I sometimes encounter older dramas which I worked on when they were being broadcast which are no longer available to watch – sometimes I am even the channel manager and can add team members but I can’t watch any episodes. Glorious Day was a warm and fuzzy story. I think that was the first time I became acquainted with the song What’s Age Got to Do with Love? I think it’s still available in the Americas.

It says it isn’t available in my region, I’m on the east coast. Take a look at what I see when I pull it up on Viki.

If that’s the case, Viki is still a hope, if the request a show form keeps getting submitted.