Ghost Doctor discussion


Who else is watching Ghost Doctor? I tentatively tried it, and am enjoying it. There’s a whole lot going on in the background that you don’t realise unless you consider it. It’d be fun to discuss what’s happening with other people watching.

If you haven’t watched it yet, and don’t want to know anything about it first, don’t read on!


One of the things that’s going on without being obvious, but is so good when you notice it, is Go Seung Tak. He seems to be a bit lazy/uncaring, laid back, and a bit dumb; but is actually very smart - which they point out at the beginning, but you keep forgetting, because of how he acts and the way others dismiss him. And then, suddenly, something happens where he reveals how smart and switched-on he is, and you realise he really does know what’s going on.

I just watched episode 4 (hiding the next bit, for those who haven’t watched that episode)


and that moment at the end, which they’ve been leading up to, where Go Seung Tak looks _right at Cha Young Min - ! Freakish, and so cool. Ya, he knew the whole time! They did that so well. Giving hints, and then - Bam!

He knows so much more than he lets on.


I think he’s also (among several things) trying to teach Young Min how to care about patients.



do you think ‘Tess’ is the one who first possessed Cha Young Min?


It’s a big meh for me, even though I totally adore UEE. I might give it a 2nd chance when all episodes have aired.


I am episode 2, wow what a change!! I do like this one, hope it gets better, I do love both actors!!

oh I forgot uuee was here, I can’t say much right now about her. but to be sure she has a fantastic part


I watched 3 episodes and I’m really enjoying a lot!


That was sooo goood! I just finished 4 th episode.

That could also be a possibility, anyway, I’m enjoying it a lot and eagerly awaiting for the new episodes


I didn’t think about that one!! what about that older guy, he isn’t “possessed” yet, so and that big meeting coming up can’t wait to see what happens. him & that old man wow, sparks ready to go off maybe?? yes lifeweaver, I also loved that part, like “thomas” in beyond, looks at the camera then goes out the door, Love that kind of stuff!! well so did Vincenti


episode 4, oh my goodness! I see what you mean! its really good!

silly me!! of course, two cops, and watched that a couple of times!!


We will Watch Party Ghost Doctor after we finish Red Sleeve!!! I’m looking forward to it!


Just want to say, I love the cleaning lady - as Tess :grin: So funny. The actress does it :ok_hand:


hillarious to me!!


Great show, I’m loving it. I like to alternate between a more gritty series, then go for something fun. This is keeping me suitably amused :slight_smile:

I can’t recall which episode now. But I loved one subtle bit where Go Seung Tak is walking out of a room after Cha Young Min has just thrown a wobbler (one of many) and at this point we don’t know Go Seung Tak can see him. But GST takes a sip of his drink and smirks, giving away the fact that he has heard him ranting and found it amusing. It’s quite subtle, but I think it is the first time they hint at him being able to actually see him.


How many eps did you watch?


I’m currently up to episode 10


its a great show!