How to deal with mod removal requests in the future?


Ok, so now with the new language mod guidelines I think some CM’s might be getting quite some mod removal requests. That had me thinking, how to deal with those requests in the future? Of course you can not force anyone to stay or anything but I already see it happening that some people apply for a mod position and as soon as it’s finished airing they want to be removed so they can hop to the next project without having too many uncompleted projects. To prevent this from happening should there be a minimum period for someone to be a moderator at a project and how long should that be? 6 months? A year? Or?

Because if people want to remove themselves so fast it doesn’t really solve the issue why Viki came up with this new rules right?

Maybe I have bad faith in people but I saw many crazy things happening on Viki over the years.

Extra note: I mean mods who want to leave as soon as the drama finished airing, leaving the subs in their language incomplete.


I believe we’ll have to check why they are asking for removal, if they already have subs done to the project etc. This will be a case by case thing. Having a mod that will not work on the project or remove and add one that will? Or just keep the mod on against their will because this keeps them from getting more unfinished projects?


I do not have to be removed as a moderator when the drama/movie is completely finished. If the individual episodes/movie have 95 and more percent, the drama/movie will not be counted.
That’s the plan, anyway. At the moment, of course, it doesn’t work because now all the sources of error are showing up that Viki didn’t think of.

I have some dramas that are on my list that are not supposed to be finished yet. Those dramas have been finished for a long time. I went into the episodes that have under 95% and they were mostly blank segments OST or signs or just blank segments. After I filled the segments, the drama didn’t show up in the unfinished list afterwards.

It will take a lot of time to rework all the dramas. I don’t think Viki will solve all these problems in a hurry. They would have to take that feature back and test that first until it is mature and doesn’t cause more problems than we already have.

If the drama is not finished yet and a team of 1-2 moderators has signed up to be a moderator for a language, I would add all but one moderator as the Editor of the language (if the team wants it that way).
If a moderator wants to leave the team completely, I would handle it as usual, whoever doesn’t want to be part of the team anymore is removed so other people have the opportunity to take over.

I can only repeat myself, there were so many good suggestions and Viki gave us THAT!!!


If it wasn’t clear in the opening post I’m talking about mods who want to be removed from the project as soon as the drama finished airing while they didn’t complete the subs for their language yet. If they are completed they will not show up in that list which tells you if you reached your max or not yet right?


I think there needs to be a valid reason to allow the removal - and we should evaluate case by case.

Projects with no progress from the English team for months or channels that are subjected to regional restriction are an example - if you, as a Mod, cannot work on your channel due to external forces, and that causes you to have spots taken from the 5-moderations-limit, then it is quite problematic.

They could ask to switch role, from Mod to Editor for their Language. It could work in case of “frozen” projects, I guess - you empty one spot but you are still responsible for that project and can follow the slow updates. Or you could look for another potential Moderator to introduce to the CM (one that has few to no projects), thus showing that you are not irresponsible and that you care about the fate of a project you cannot take care of anymore.

But that would require people to be responsible about this, to still mind the number of projects they switch to Editor role. Problem is, many will find a way to work around this anyway, asking to be added as Editors from the beginning of the project and in on air channels at that, which is unfair, so I’m a bit hesitant to support this solution.


I would never add a editor for a language when there is a mod for that language. Appointing an editor is a moderator’s job for the other languages and when there is no mod there kind of is no need for an editor yet, as in getting that special position, because subbers can edit too when needed. As a CM I only add a chief editor for the English team and they will recruit their own editing team.


Okay, I misunderstood that.
I would then remove the moderator at his request and give someone else the chance. I wouldn’t reassign him as editor (unless it’s a team of several, then only one needs to be moderator).
However, I would apply to the CM now so that it is immediately obvious that only one of the team is added as a moderator and the rest as an editor.


That’s not what I meant. I mean, if a Mod wants to switch to the Editor role, thus working on it as an Editor. The person working on the project would be the same, just in a different role. But as I said, I am hesitant to support this :frowning:


If a moderator wishes to withdraw from a project that is not completed, then there must be a limit to the number of withdrawals. For example, 3 withdrawals from unfinished projects, 6 months penalty, i.e. you can no longer be a moderator. Sounds harsh, but it’s fair. Otherwise, there will be people who will withdraw from unfinished projects, just for the sake of getting new ones.

Surely in this period, a lot of projects taken a long time ago and not finished by their moderators will be abandoned. Why? Because some of these moderators will want to apply for new projects. Why translate to something old, when Viki loads new content. A total lack of responsibility on their part. Yes, you can withdraw, but leave someone in your place to complete.

Attention: don’t confuse this with the situation where there are two moderators. As long as one of the two moderators will be left to complete the project without any problems, I see nothing wrong with one of them withdrawing. Before there were other conditions, now there are others and we have to find the right solutions that do not affect the pace of completion of projects already taken.

Regarding other options to appoint moderators (as subbers, editors, etc.) I say we should stay calm. Otherwise, we will end up having limitations on all roles on Viki.


I disagree with sanctioning Mods who withdraw from multiple projects.

There are many real-life occurrences where you might be forced to do so, and from many projects all at once.

However, if you see a pattern that one user does that a lot, naturally you as a CM will not give him that position anymore. That would be the proper punishment.

Rather than punishing/sanctioning/limiting all the time, we should think of rewarding the good behaviour. Create privileges for projects which were completed by a user.

For example, Viki can create Moderator badges indicating 5, 10, 20, 50 and so on (MOD5, MOD10, MOD20, MOD50) finished projects. This would be particularly helpful for CMs when hiring.

  1. It would identify really fast which users quit their projects midway - those with many, many projects in Project Contributions list and a badge indicating just 5 finished projects.
  2. The CMs will know that applicants with higher Mod badge number are on average (but not always) more likely finish the project.
  3. It will give a subconscious incentive to the Moderators to finish their projects the same way as a subtitling badge does.

These badges may also carry more practical privileges, such as having a higher number of allowed projects once you reach 20 finished projects.

[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements

Won’t removal of Mod position cancel out projects one worked on… or perhaps even subtitles in your profile?


Agreed for co-mods. As for switching roles, I was thinking about the Editor thing because if they get removed as Mods, won’t it appear as if they are abusers? I am not entirely sure if it works like this or not, so please correct me if I’m wrong. They could be added as subbers, but it’d be unfair for the job they did until then, so Editor could be a good compromise - but I agree that we should first see how things progress.


The projects stay under you Projects Contributions with the total number of subtitles you contributed to it. The only thing that’s missing is the label for the role (Moderator, Editor or Subtitler).


Shockingly, most of the mod removals I’m experiencing, are asking to be replaced by another person… so that has been safe for me so far.

I just experienced a mod removal with an add-on, but the add-on couldn’t be done and the person I removed can’t be added back either, so now I don’t have a Polish moderator. LOL!

So, yeah, just learned not to remove the first mod until you know the second mod is able to be added.

Going to be fun times… (dripping in sarcasm)


its bigger issue Sweetie, i cant even add the moderator who have 0 other moderation. It’s insane.
It’s as if they block the whole community with adding. And yeah here comes the weekend.
Happy us ( sarcasm)


What about Page Designers that were only added to help with the cover pages and now we are involved negatively in the incomplete projects? :tired_face:

I have 2 projects that I am only a Page Designer and now they appear as incomplete in my roles. And what’s is worse… The managers are no longer active. So the last source of help was to open a ticket :disappointed:


I think you should open a ticket to remove yourself from the two projects, because you risk waiting too long for Viki to come up with a systematic solution to this problem.


I’d go another way because the fear of too many OL mod removals is based on slow releases for the OL teams and then getting their mod slots blocked.

So instead of asking for OL mod removals I’d change the release time frame for OL teams in the way that if the English main team finished all English subtitles but did not release the episodes for the OL teams within an appropriate time frame, I’d say the OL teams are free to start subtitling.

That might cause lower quality in some cases but less frustration for the OL teams that are sometimes stuck for months.

The mod slot block feature is unbalanced until the release time frame for OL teams is considered as well.

PS: This is not meant as offense for the English main team.


WOW this really good idea. And be honest as badges show on your page all. Make easier for CM as well, and yeah nice new badges :smiley: so this really good idea.


Exactly. Thus you seem an abuser.

I am very contrary to the removal of moderators who have done a part of the job. If they have real-life problems that prevent them from continuing, a co-mod can be appointed. Τhere’s no harm in their name staying there. That’s what happened when I got sick and I took a long hiatus from Viki. On “Melancholia”, I was English co-Chief Editor, meaning that there was already a more than capable person to take over the work. But as Italian moderator, I appointed one of my best subbers as co-mod (I was CM too there). If you see the Italian cover page, there are two names, mine and the name of the person who replaced me for the last episodes. No need to erase me from the face of the earth just because I didn’t get to the end.
If you want to be more precise, on the cover page, you could state
Afar Moderators: X (ep.1-10) and Y (ep.11-16).

But I am contrary to removing them for no valid reason. Why give them the chance to hoard many projects? If they have time to work on Viki, let them finish the ones they started. That’s the whole point of the new rule.

Removal in my opinion is for

  • those who were “honorary” moderators, such as page designers. When the design is finished, remove the moderation. Simple. Or sometimes chief segmenters will ask to become All Language moderators. You can remove that role at the end of the project.
  • Another instance of “honorary moderator” is when I was appointed moderator of Timed Comments for a drama. When the drama was finished, I had to write several times to the CMs until I was finally removed, because I didn’t want a project with zero subs appearing on my contributions page.
  • those who applied, were given the position, only to discover that the drama is not available in their country and they couldn’t work on it (it happened to me with “Doctor Prisoner”).
  • I would also include in this list the poor OL moderators of films, who sometimes have to wait for many months until the English edition is released. Since they haven’t yet done a single subtitle, if they find a project they like better, they have the right to ask to be removed from the dragging one.
  • What could be a problem are the stagnant epic-length Chinese dramas where OL have started, but the English team releases a new episode every blue moon. Here too, if someone of the OL mods wants to opt out, they should be able to, because it’s like holding them hostage, them and their teams.