Irrelevant Timed Comments

I have been noticing a lot of timed comments recently and what I noticed the biggest problem in them is they are totally irrelevant. Viki clearly says that timed comments should be about the video people are watching but the RELEVANT timed comments get buried beneath the IRRELEVANT ones.

I am not an anti-fan to any of the bands out there and neither I am a fan. I solely like K-Dramas, I am just not made for music, but still I want to say this is most of the timed comments are about bands and the biggest ones. According to Viki, one should not disrespect any other’s idol but then the Viki viewers have made it a battle ground for supporting their idols and being antis to people with different idols.

Isn’t it the responsibility of the Channel Manager to moderate the timed comments?

I have come across so many timed comments that are mostly about fan wars, disrespecting the actors in the video if they don’t like the way they look (which is one of the main reasons for suicides later) and, and those EMOJIS. Eomjis that convey a meaning and especially those ones that might not be suitable for some ages. I am not talking about those heart, laughing or individual emojis but the ones that when combined give a special meaning and can be vulgar.

Why aren’t Timed comments not moderated?
And it’s just my curiosity but I want to ask whether giving a warning or simply providing the help centre link on the drama’s or show’s community wall page that timed comments should be proper and can be removed if not followed the Viki rules. Is it a bad idea to do so?

I might be wrong on what I said and if I am please correct me so I don’t cause fights among commenters.


I believe there was another thread about this topic before but I am not sure which one it is.
Anyway, supposedly, timed comments are moderated by the language moderators of each show. However, given the huge number of comments per episode, and the fact that some shows have so many episodes, and most importantly, that timed comments can be added at any time, this mission is practically impossible to accomplish. Because each moderator (especially the English ones) have moderated hundreds and hundreds of dramas, each of which has viewers every day, and people leaving comments every other day. So practically, one can’t monitor that many comments specially that, if you see the page you moderate them in, they just appear in a very long list which, to monitor, you would have to read one by one.
I think most moderators will respond and remove the comments you are referring to if you send them a message telling them about it mentioning the episode number and the time at which the comment is. :slight_smile:


You may want to check these threads. Regardless of the first post and the title, there are valid contributions inside, by many Viki old-timers:

As for me, I am a die-hard fan of Timed Comments. But whenever I am a moderator I do a very thorough clean-up so that the irritating or offensive or repetitive ones can go, letting the interesting and funny ones shine.


Ohh this reminds me I need to get my broom again and sweep through the TC of some eps.


wow, moderators have such huge jobs!
I used to love timed comments until I couldn’t stand the unending fan wars that totally distract from the actual drama. and some of their comments can be soooo vulgar and inappropriate :confounded:
I hated to do it, but I finally switched TCs off :disappointed:

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Yes, that is why I don’t watch dramas with TC’s on, unless there is a very funny scene and I want to know what the others are saying. It’s too bad, some dramas have great comments and I’m missing out on those. But like irmar said, it is one of the tasks of the moderators to moderate the timed comments as well.

I occasionally do Dutch subbing and often finish at a later date than the original team, so I can go through the comments and delete those that were added after the popular language mods went through it :slight_smile:

Now I have a whole list of key words that I use to delete comments. Like people have said in those other discussions, it would be such a big help if Viki made it possible to delete multiple comments at a time based on certain keywords.


Did some sweeping today and deleted:

  • Fights between viewers.
  • Chit chat between viewers.
  • People who mentioned the date and location.
  • Insults like that actor/actress is so ugly.
  • People who spammed with the same messages over and over again.
  • Sub whiners.
  • People who complain about having to wait so long for the next ep.
  • People who had technical issues and asked others for help.
  • Lot of cursing.
  • People asking questions unrelated to the Kdrama which they can google themselves.

Might have forgotten a few.

And moderating TC is an endless job, one day you delete a lot of cursing and the next day it’s there again posted by an other viewer. Specially with really popular drama you cannot keep up.


At least the sub-whining doesn’t come again once the drama is 100% subbed. That’s a relief.


you guys are all amazing people! thanks for working so hard to give us better watch experiences! :two_hearts:


I really hate people who comment like this :person_facepalming::person_facepalming:
2 entire scrolls and the only comment was this.


I just realized that an easy way to get rid of irrelevant comments is to moderate them as soon as the subtitles are complete. This is easier because mostly the comments will be whinning and whinning, and since there are not much comments, it’s easier to FILTER them when the episode is just released.

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For me, I go and get rid of them just before I watch. So that I can have a pleasurable experience watching and reading the good comments.
Sometimes, in very popular dramas, even before that, and sometimes more than once, because I don’t want new viewers to be influenced by sub whiners and think that it’s okay to do this. Remove the bad example, so to speak. If they don’t find such comments by other people they are less likely to start doing it themselves. Same for offensive language and “I’m watching on this date from this country”.
In all cases, the last pass just after the episode is 100% subbed, because after that there will be no sub whining.

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If you post a comment and think better of it and want to get rid of your own comment, is that possible for newbies?

I never thought about it but I can’t see the option to delete your own comment.
If you want your comment to be deleted, you can contact the channel manager of the show with episode number and time stamp, that way your comment can be deleted.
But that can take hours or maybe days.


You can also go back and cover it up with something else. Just as people purposefully cover up spoilers written by others. But you have to be careful and it may take a few tries until you get it right.


I know that Viki timed comments feature on desktop can only show some timed comments in the same timestamp. I wonder how Viki choose the timed comments showing on the screen. Is a random selection?
Also, how long does one timed comment show on screen? 1 second or longer?

sometimes five seconds, sometimes when there are too many it keeps flipping with about half-second intervals… I think the ones at the top(latest) are displayed.

and everywhere BTS here BTS there… why? they are not even in the dramen.

i also love k pop, but not there ;_;


I deleted fanwars quite a few times. And comments like “He looks like insert BTS member” have been deleted too because I didn’t want others to get annoyed and start a fight and the actor was older then BTS members so…


Exactly. BTS, Arm, EXO etc are on my ‘delete comment’ list :upside_down_face:

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