[K-DRAMA] Translation Editors needed for "The Man Who Can't Get Married"

The Korean drama ‘The man who can’t get married’ needs editing.

Right now, I’m subbing the show in Dutch together with another person but it is hard to complete the subs if the English subs are not done well. So I asked the CM’s about it and they said I can post a topic here to ask for editors.

Problems among others are missing words, (example: 'Let’s go to----") unnecessary segments, unnecessary subs like ‘sigh’, ‘gasp’, etc.

I know this is an old drama, but if you have knowledge of Korean language and if you can edit, please consider helping out. The CM’s are @kamkar1 and @tkah

Thank you for reading.

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I don’t know Korean so I wouldn’t be any help, but many times I wish I could click “edit” and fix little errors as I’m watching. :grinning:

I’m so impressed by everybody here that knows multiple languages!


I can understand a bit korean and fluent in English. Dont know if I can help?

I have no time to help out but is it this drama? (I was curious what drama it was)

I think that it is segged from before we all started to require training at segging or something went wrong with resync when the video was replaced as the segments are really out of sync too from what I saw… all in all a lot of work to edit. Not only the English but also the segments.

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I can give a hand on fixing segments
(and at the same time, making the English subs become a full sentence such like 2 subs = Hello how
are you?
to 1 sub = Hello, how are you?

And correct basic English mistakes in grammar, punctuation…).

[quote="oriya, post:1, topic:20947"] I know this is an old drama, but if you have knowledge of Korean language and if you can edit, please consider helping out. The CM's are @kamkar1 and @tkah [/quote]
  • But for the meaning, I can’t edit the meaning or fill missing subs since I don’t know Korean.
    I won’t complain at all if there’s another editor after me (it’s even better!), but not sure you’ll find someone.

  • I took a quick look and from which episode do you need segment fixing or is it becoming hard for you to subtitle? It’s best to begin from the ep you’re blocked in subtitling so you guys can continue?

Experience in fixing segments thanks to nssa, then went on fixing Kdrama, Cdrama and “created” content.
Availability: mostly weekends, Idk how many episodes you need to be fixed in segmentation or how long it will take but I’ll try to do what is said above before/during November if it’s okay with the team :slight_smile:

I’m also sending a PM to both CM!


Thank you everyone for your reactions and interest :smiley:

If you’re willing to try and have time, please contact one of the CM’s. You can ask/discuss with them if your help can be used for this drama :slight_smile:

@dudie Yes, it is that one. And it indeed does need quite some work :frowning:

Thank you for (considering) helping out! Some episodes have parts at the end of the video that don’t have anything to do with the story and are unnecessarily segged/subbed.
Another problem is with punctuation, many names of characters are spelled differently many times. I won’t say it will be entirely impossible to finish subbing without having the English subs improved, but it will be definietely more complicated if not.

As far as I can tell now, the problem is in every episode.


Cc: @kamkar1 @tkah

Idk the answer yet, but I prefer to inform beforehand that to erase the unneeded segs/subs: the CM will probably need to intervene to delete them. I’ve tried to delete filled segments on channels I was English or All mod in the process of fixing segments and it was not always working, saying that only the CM could delete them.

What is possible to do:

  • sending a list of segments that need to be deleted to CM so they will delete them (we’ve done that on the kdrama Beethoven Virus, the created content Margarita Mondays…)

  • if the CM are not available, we can ask Viki to put the segmenter in charge of fixing as the temporary CM, just for fixing and after it’s fixed, ask Viki to put back the original CM, it’s just to be able to delete segments that we need that (that’s what we did for the kdrama Truth and other created contents).

For names & punctuation: it’s a matter of taste since for the same Korean name, there can be many ways to write it. I think it’s the same routine for every drama and every editor in all languages for this. When subbing or editing, I prefer to keep the same name and the same punctuation rules everywhere because I like to watch or read that way (again, it’s just preferences/team preferences).
If you find a TE, that’d be more easier, if not, there are articles about this drama and how it is possible to spell it or there are alphabet hangul tables on the internet. I think it can be solved quickly.

Yup, the most problematic thing is the holes in the subbing and how much it’s accurate so need a TE or Korean subbers. I don’t know if the translation is accurate since I don’t know Korean.
(Or ask Viki if they have script)

I won’t be available at the end of November since a drama might begin at this time and my priority will pass to this on air drama that a friend and I manage… that’s why I can only work on your drama before November ends (aaah :musical_note:before September eeends​:musical_note:)

Thanks for your quick feedback!


Actually there are rules for the names. The so-called “Revised Romanization” (RR), which was established in Korea in 2000.
In Viki we have been following that, except for u which English people still write as oo (although the RR says otherwise), and in some words, such as hyung and Unni, they put u instead of the proper eo (hyeong and eonni would be the proper way to write them).
I don’t agree with that and I never do it whenever I’m chief editor or CM. It’s confusing to follow some rules and not some others. And a slap on the face of everyone who is not English.

The only exception we all make, all over the world, is for a few very common, well-known surnames:

  • Lee (normally it would be I or Yi)
  • Kim (it should be written Gim)
  • Kang (in RR written as Gang) and
  • Park (normally it should be Bak).

See here
Now of course, you have to find the names in Korean in order to romanize them. For this, there is nothing better than going to Han Cinema, where they have the names of the cast and character in Korean script. The romanization is not correct, but based on the Hangul it can be adapted.
I’ve done this for you or whoever is going to work on this series.


Ji Jin Hui (지진희) as Jo Jae Hui, 40 year old bachelor (마흔의 까칠 노총각, 조재희)
Yang Jung Ah (양정아) as Yun Gi Ran, Jae Hui’s partner (재희 동업자, 윤기란)
Yoo Ah In (유아인) as Park Hyeon Gyu (박현규)
Uhm Jeong Hwa (엄정화) as Jang Mun Jeong, physician (내과의, 장문정)
Kim So Eun (김소은) as Jeong Yu Jin, Jae Hui’s neighbour (재희의 이웃, 정유진)
Kim Byeong Gi (김병기) as Jang Bong Su, Mun Jeong’s father/dentist (문정 부/치과의, 장봉수)
Jeon Yang Ja (전양자) as Kang Hye Ja, Jae Hui’s mother (재희 모, 강혜자)
Im Ho (임호) as Park Gwang Nam (박광남)
Bae Min Hui (배민희) as Jo Yun Hui (조윤희)
Yu Tae Wung (유태웅) as Mun Seok Hwan, architect (건축사, 문석환)
Choi Yun Yeong(최윤영) as Su Yeong, Yu Jin’s friend (유진의 친구, 수영)
Dan Ji (단지) as Mun Jeong’s nurse (문정네 간호사)
Kim Mi Jun (김미준)
Heo Hye Jeong (허혜정)
Kim Hye Mi (김혜미)
Ha Hyo Rim (하효림)
Baek Yeong Hwa (백영화)
Seong Eun Chae (성은채) as Convenience store female employee (편의점 여직원)
Kim Yu Bin (김유빈)
Jang Jeong Hui (장정희)
Jang Mun Seok (장문석)
Ha Eun Seol (하은설)
Jeong Seok Gyu (정석규) as Emergency personnel (응급요원)
Gwon Sun Dong (권순동)
Lee Dal Hyeong (이달형) as Operations supervisor (작업반장)
Choi Myeong Jin (최명진)
Kim Tae Yeong (김태영)
Lee Jin Hwa (이진화)
Won Tae (원태)
Kim Sang Rok (김상록)
Seo Jun Yeong (서준영) as Kim Tae Yeol (김태열)
Hwang Eun Su (황은수)
Jeong Ji Yun (정지윤)
Choi Cheong Ja (최청자)
Bae Yeong Gak (배영각)
Jeong Jong Yeol (정종열) as -ryeon (11회 관련 건축사)
Kim Geon Mo (김건모) as Blind date man (맞선남) - Cameo
Wink (윙크) as Celebration perform group (축하공연 가수) - Cameo
Kang Seung Hui (강승희) as Celebration perform singer (축하공연 가수) - Cameo
Kang Ju Hui (강주희) as Celebration perform singer (축하공연 가수) - Cameo
Lee Jeong Seob (이정섭) as Matthew Jeong, Fashion designer (패션 디자이너 매튜정) - Cameo
Kwak Hyeon Hwa (곽현화) as Matthew Jeong’s lover (매튜 정의 애인) - Cameo
Jeon Hye Bin (전혜빈) as Karaoke pub manager (단란주점 마담) - Special appearance
Hwang Eun Su (황은수) as Party woman (파티장 여자)
Lee Jang Kyeong (이장경) as Still cut (스틸컷)
Son Seong Jun (손성준)
Choi Seung Kyeong(최승경) as Kang Seok Gyun (강석균)

P.S. On some sites, the drama’s title is He Who Can’t Marry
Additional info about the characters on Wikipedia.
And here is a review.


You are not interested in editing it by any chance?

Thank you so much for translating names and putting your explanation :smile:
I’m going to take a look at Wikipedia later this week (I think a previous editor sent it to me like 2 years or 1 year ago to explain me that there were 2 systems!)

Wow, you put a lot of effort in providing us with all this information. Thank you :slight_smile:

Before I started to translate this drama (again, I had started before but not continued), I had watched some K-dramas on Netflix and because of that I wanted to translate one drama in Western style for a change. So the Dutch subs now read names as ‘Jo Jae-hee’ & ‘Jang Moon-jung’ for example. And instead of ‘ajusshi’ I’d write ‘mr. Jo’.
I don’t think it’s a problem if names are spelled differently in other languages, as long as they have the same spelling within one language.

As for revised romanization, I agree on one hand that it would be convenient if all the rules were followed, but on the other hand I’m very used to see ‘oo’ instead of ‘u’ and ‘hee’ instead of ‘hui’. My native language probably influences me, but if I saw a RR word spelled as ‘mun’ , I tend to think about it as 믄, instead of 문. Also for ‘hui’.instead of ‘hee’ I would never guess it would be pronounced as ‘희’. Because in Dutch the ‘u+i’ combination doesn’t sound like that at all. I cannot explain the pronunciation, but if you google translate ‘huis, tuin, ui’, you’ll understand what I mean.

It is true that no romanization can make everyone equally happy. (But U and I are closer to the international phonetics system, that’s probably why they were chosen).
Anyway, Other Language moderators are all free to choose what is more suitable to their public :slight_smile:

Frankly I’m quite overwhelmed right now with many projects lagging behind, some on-air shows which I had asked for before knowing of the pressing real-life commitments that were awaiting for me. And it will be like that for the best part of the winter.
Good luck to you if you do take it!

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So did you find an editor, and is the drama edited now? I’m asking because there’s a number of English editors looking for projects right now, who would be happy to help.
I’ve looked at the drama and it seems to be translated in many other languages as well, so I assume it has been edited and completed.
If you don’t need any editors because everything is done, it may be helpful to edit your title adding “Solved” or “Closed” or something like that, to save the extra work and yourself from having to reply to messages.

Well, we Dutch subbers (only 2 of us) managed to work through the drama around all the obstacles, but the drama still needs editing. I don’t know however if anyone would still be interested in fixing such an old drama.

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There are some new prospective English editors looking for a project right now. One of them is a professional proofreader.

I am ready to edit but I’ll be slow since I have a three other projects too and how do I contact the CM because I see that they are inactive from three years.
I’m an experienced TE in Viki so no worries.

Hi, thank you for wanting to help out :slight_smile: I had sent a message about the need for editing to the CM’s and one of them give a response. I don’t remember who it was, though, but still one of them (at least) is on Viki. You can try contacting both of them and see if you get a reaction.

Okay, I’ll try.

i want to help

Kamkar1 – one of the original CM’s is still VERY active at viki. She doesn’t sub or segment any more but she does comment and reply on the comments on many channels and serves as cheerleader for various current and upcoming dramas in Chinese and Korean so I do hope those of you who are on the channel have been contacting her about various positions. I notice that the series is so old that none of the original segmenters graduated from Seg 101. And for an idea about “age” I think I went through training with some of the original Seg 101 mentors in late 2009 or early 2010. So I see that a lot of the segments didn’t follow Seg 101 guidelines.

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