Known issue: Projects not showing up on Project Contributions page


Hi everyone,

We are aware that some of you are observing that your Project Contributions page is missing projects that you are currently participating in and/or have contributions towards.

We’re sorry for the confusion. The team is looking into it at the moment; please stay tuned for updates. Your patience is appreciated!

NOTE: To keep discussions here organized, we recommend browsing the forum for existing relevant threads if you are discussing issues that are not around this topic.

[Viki Community Team] April 2021 Updates

Thanks for the info.

Projects contribution page is not picking up fresh information on a regular basis since the moment it was launched. Perhaps this is the continuation of the same problem.


Five 5 days already, and the issue still there. PLEASE, update why this continues unresolved. Thank You.


Exactly. This issue has been going on for YEARS.


It’s already been a week (maybe even more?) since the new bug, please fix this.

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