[Viki Community Team] April 2021 Updates


Site Updates


Hi everyone,

Thank you for your feedback about the changes to the Projects and Project Contributions on profile pages, which were applied at the end of last month.

After reading and discussing everything you’ve shared with us, we would like to let you know we’ll be bringing this back.

This change was part of the improvements to our contributions count and accuracy, which is currently being worked on; at the time, the thought was to remove it since we discovered the information displayed was inaccurate.

Understanding that many of you use these pages and the links as part of your workflow for accessing your projects, we will be bringing this back at a later date with the contribution improvements. We will keep you posted with further information on the estimated dates.


We are aware of the issue where projects are not showing up on the Project Contributions page for some of you, even if you are actively contributing. We’re sorry for the confusion! The team is currently investigating, and we thank you for your patience as they work on fixing this! You can follow this post for further updates.


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