Nssa graduates abusers + subbers abusers

Be careful of abusers who take advantage of their nssa graduation/badge to butcher the segmentation previously correctly done by other segmenters:


The profile has nssa badge, 16K segments, 28K subs, Vikipass and gold QC.
(And is moderator and CM)

  1. Don’t Report to nssa staff if you see this. They might provide reasons to abusers while contacting them (problem of potential partiality)
  2. Report to CM and English moderators and Chief segmenter if there is one.
  3. Report to Viki.

If the nssa badge is kept on the abuser profile, it will suggest to other volunteers that it’s safe to recruit an abuser and could lead to this kind of segments on future channels, so the nssa badge on an abuser profile is misleading.
+Not only the team has to stay alert (old/new show), but nssa has to be aware that their new (or not so new) segmenters can also overlook what they’ve learnt.


Be also careful of abusers who ask to join a language but subtitle in another language (ex: a French subtitler putting English subtitles instead of French subtitles “From English to French”) and put periods:


The subber has 17k subtitles, Vikipass and QC:

  1. Report to CM and moderators (English and the other language he/she is tagged in)
  2. Report to Viki.

This happened on old show, so it’s an environment where abusers think they can do this without being spotted. Old shows are channels where we also have to stay alert because it’s already difficult to find contributors and it’s time-consuming for a few contributors to re-segment or fix. It’s demotivating the remaining contributors on old shows.

Before recruiting, seeing how it can turn (case #1 and #2), it’s best not to look only at badges or contributions or counters appearing on the profile page, but to go see directly their contributions on the videos.
And after recruiting, seeing how it can turn (case #2), it’s best to follow what the new subbers (new subbers in a channel regardless of their counter) do and warn them about the consequences.

Other suggestions are welcome!


The NSSA segmenter abuser should not only be stripped of her NSSA and QC badge, but also removed from all of her CM positions.

Absolutely incredible and horrifying what is going on at Viki lately!

All the abusers I came across were copying my subs from old, long finished dramas. I agree that old dramas are the most vulnerable projects with respect to abusers. I know have to regularly go into my old projects and check if something fishy is happening.


A CM or a moderator who is an abuser:
Who knows if the abuser who is a CM or moderator, once the show or drama has finished (waiting a few months), won’t come back on the channel he/she manages/moderates to:

  • add mini-segments like case #1 (the CM can lock/unlock segments)
  • modify English subs or the language the moderator is in, like adding periods/putting subs that are not the correct language like case #2 (the moderator or the CM can unlock subs)
  • add subtitles in a language the CM has no knowledge (the CM can add anyone and can subtitle in any language and who will check the CM of the channel’s activity?)

In short: how can you let an abuser keeping the same position/authorizations while knowing that she/he’s an abuser, has many authorizations in other languages and can change segments?

It’s really tricky, because on some channels, you can observe nothing or you’re not there or they know you don’t know the language so they take advantage of it;
but on some other channels (like this show or channels they manage/moderate) where it’s difficult to detect this mess or suspect them, you’ll see their true colors.
Shows like:

  • complete shows for some time
  • shows with many episodes
  • old shows
  • shows where they are CM/mods (because of their position or the number of dramas they have, who will suspect them and have the time to check their activity?)
  • shows with really a few contributors on (deserted channels).

They don't post in discussions, it's episodes that are normally already done/complete, so no one will come back checking normally... And they simply know this fact, that's why they've picked specific shows and specific episodes or some specific languages.

I think that seeing it concerns CM and moderators who know very well how the system works and the weaknesses of this system, only Viki can do something about it.
As volunteers, we can only report and wait and fix…

Clearly, the ones who will fix this mess are not the perpetrators.

Regardless of their position, if they use their badges, their counters, the nssa badge, their profile to gain trust from other volunteers and abuse of this trust to mess with other contributors’ labor, I think something should be done to stop these shady activities and prevent these people to do it again.

Other volunteers are not there to fix others’ mess over and over; we also need Viki preventing these cases before the mess is done and implement concrete preventive measures; but also other volunteers participation on reporting these cases, or else, they still maintain their QC status whereas their activity shouldn’t be rewarded, it will happen again and we will only have our eyes to weep with.


And what is their motive? I somehow don’t understand what they have from doing so?


It has been my experience when I have found similar space bar tapping segmenters that the viki staff promptly removed the person entirely from the viki site. Please do email QC@viki.com. As to the motivation – such people have sometimes, until discovery been #1, 2 or 3 on the awesome contributor ranks. Alas (for them) real volunteers see an unfamiliar name suddenly zoom up and check their profiles and subs and Bingo, viki staff DO remove them pretty fast!
It takes a long time to remove all those bad segments. If you are a CM, do periodically check your “older” channels and if the completion number for English has dropped a lot from 100%, that is a good sign of someone busily tap tap tapping. These abusers are very good at figuring out ways to invade old channels.
Another thing to watch out for is someone signing on as a subber in a less common language and then filling the sub editor with the same set of characters hundreds of times.


That’s pretty easy. They either want QC status fast (or maintain it) to get VikiPass. Or… there is a subatron and they want to win prizes so they cheat.
A week or 2 ago I reported a dot subber who was subbing in one of my older projects…


In media res.

I think you might have a more privileged position on Viki, because it seems your words hold heavier weight. Although I have not sent a direct email to Viki, I have sent a detailed screenshot-supported report via the official channel at support.viki.com, and that one has been standing there open for months now. My guess is it concerns a multiple-channel CM, so it’s a bigger grievance to assess. But still, months?


This is surely very bad, because it means those people are lazy and have forgotten the skills learned or not care to apply them. But what we’re talking about is on a whole different level, totally malicious, not even doing an effort to work, and ruining other people’s hard work.


That email address is no special adress but just the address we QC’s can use next to filing a request by form. Viki mailed us QC’s about that adres years ago. It has nothing to do with special treatment towards some people.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention, @Piranna! We take abuse of privilege seriously within Ninja Academy, so please feel free to send us a private message and report to Viki if you ever encounter a problem. We have high standards for our graduates and do our best to ensure they have the skills necessary to create quality work. We have looked into the instance highlighted in this thread. The user has been inactive on Viki for a long time and suspects that her account has been hacked. She is aware of the situation and will be filing to Viki to report the incident.


Hello Amy!

Thanks for your answer!

I hope Viki can detect whether an account has been hacked or no and will be careful on the activity of this account after the passwords have been changed, especially 6 months later to be sure there’s no hacking.

Seeing how the mini-segments were done at the place of extensions, it is uncharacteristic of typical abusers and the hacker way of segmenting surprises me, even that the hacker will segment surprise me.
I would have supposed that the hacker would have changed her password or the email to recover the password and just be interested in personal info like any hacker (and if I were a hacker, I would have picked an account where I don’t have to segment or contribute; and I wouldn’t even segment to show no trace of the hacking).
She must have been lucky to be able to change her password and give a prompt reply after a hacking 2 weeks ago.
But most importantly, I hope she has changed her personal data and the email to recover her password. It’s normally what we do after a hacking.

I will let Viki study the report and see.


I don’t know who you are talking about but when you are an editor not everything you do is counted as a contribution. Like you can change segments but they don’t count as your segments. If you change subs it does count. But having absolutely no contributions counted for a long period of time while they are CM/Mod/Editor/Segger is fishy.


If it’s about cybersecurity, Viki should pay attention to this case and see if this account has been yes or no hacked, because that means that her payment information could have been leaked, but also her address or her mail with her contacts, and everything going through this mail.
And what about our cybersecurity if there’s a breach on Viki website?

She should do a scan of her computer and change her credit card and tell her relatives and friends, because changing her password doesn’t change anything if her computer is infected and worst if her other accounts have been hacked.

1/ If there is a hacker, this one is particular.

I wonder why he segmented 15 days ago, but months before, too, on the same show.
Her profile shows +600 segments on the show and she’s not listed as a segger of this show.

And mystery is… I found trace of her username on this show only on 2 episodes, where 1 episode has all her segments deleted and 1 episode has 234 segments (see pick above), so where are the remaining 400 segments the hacker did?

My guess is:
This show got some changes because old episodes have been taken away from the website about 3 months ago and I had a conversation with Viki about this change on the show about the same time. But normally, contributors kept their contributions, I kept mine although these ep are not here anymore.

So the one using this account probably segmented on the show before these 3 months while not being listed as a segmenter of this show and… if there’s a hacker, she has been hacked at least a few months before.
And I wonder how come he wasn’t detected by her before for more than 3 months and he didn’t manage to hack properly during this time, but even so he just came back once in a while to segment on this show?
To see if he can decipher personal data better by segmenting?

2/ Among the millions of shows and the +20 shows she has a role on her profile,
how the hacker found this show and these episodes, whereas if the hacker has something against her, he would do something on her shows, not random shows she’s not in the team and once in a while?

3/ A hacker by definition is seeking money, so if under the past few months, she has used her credit card on Viki (and she has not a free Viki pass) and the hacker during more than 3 months has tried to decipher her payment code whereas it could be that she has not communicated it since she's QC? And while having access on her account, he couldn't see it? And if she has payment info on Viki, he tried during 3 months and bored, he segmented for free here and there? I mean what the heck is this hacker?

4/ Do you know a hacker who will hack and then segment or subtitle once in while on the same shows?
Contribute for free? Free?
Contribute for his victim? For what? To continue watching dramas with a free Viki pass?
Why doesn’t he create his own account while hacking her account? It would be more lucrative and less risky to be discovered, no? He would kill his chance to have her payment info or other data just like that?
And then by a mysterious hazard, the hacker (who normally doesn’t know how to segment) will add segments during extensions particularly, in such a way we wonder if it wasn’t done by a segmenter who knew how to segment.

5/ Imagine we all say we have been hacked? Everyone would have a free Viki pass, be QC and no need to pay anymore or contributing correctly all the time.
Just do good at the beginning and then it’s okay to do as we wished?


The solutions against hacking (suggestions):

It means that if I didn’t say anything, she wouldn’t be aware that she has been hacked for a few months (or maybe more?) and Viki wouldn’t have been aware of this hacking case.

6/ I think since she seems to know how to segment, she could come back on this show just to correct these episodes and re-do the segments (and I think it’s a small request to seg 2 episodes < 10 min)

7/ Since her account has been hacked and the hacker might still have the possibility to hack her account anytime to have access to it (her computer?), it's best to put the channels where she has important roles in quarantine, that is to say, giving the channel management or moderation to someone else temporary (Viki or another volunteer) while waiting for this matter to be solved and her account is really safe.

Will you let your channels again to a hacker when you know that you’ve been hacked once and that you could lose control of your account and channels again?
Will Viki let the channel to someone who has been hacked and whose machine could still be infected?
The hacker only has to push the button “delete” and everything’s done and when will we be able to discover it?
It’s irresponsible to let this like that knowing that there’s a potential hacker.

We didn’t discover the first time the hacker segmented on the show. Could be a few months or more.

8/ Also, I think when someone is reporting for abusive segmentation or subtitling + hacking:

-check if there are payment info linked to this account
-check the date of the renewal of Viki pass and the period of their activity
-check their activity to see the abnormality
-if there is a badge or a Viki pass that has been renewed thanks to a hacker activity / during the abusive contributions, then the counter should be deducted (the counter on this show is 693 segments), the badge should be taken down and the Viki pass renewal shouldn’t be gifted.

Because if we all are reporting for fake hacked accounts, then there could be a real case of hacked accounts, which is dangerous for Viki and everyone, but would be buried or treated later because someone is reporting for a false hacked account.

For cybersecurity matters, it’s better not to play with this or let this down because the hacker could have discovered a breach.

I never claimed that it had something to do with special treatment. I’ve known about the address ever since I became a QC.

I’m just saying that it could be that things are moving faster when contacting viki via that address than the Support pages, and it didn’t even cross my mind to use it for such purposes. I will try the next time and see what happens.

Obviously it was not a hacker, it was just an excuse she invented.
(OR it was one of her family members or roommate who wanted to have fun).

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If the hacker becomes a family member or a friend, isn’t it a bit more difficult to believe now?

We could all just lend our account to our friends and family without guidance and see the results of their contributions.
Obviously, people won’t do that, because we know the results and are enough responsible, right?
If not, managing or moderating is not compatible (we all know why…)

If it’s a family member or a friend:

1/ I don’t think it is done by someone without knowledge in segmentation.
How it is done, someone who knows where to segment these mini-segments and make them not visible from the first look of it.


Normal from 0:00 until 0:30 (as far as my screen can show. I have to move the blue bar or wait the blue bar goes on more).
If you only take a mere look from just this “first page,” you will see nothing is wrong and think that is okay and go to the next video.

But just after you go to the “second page,” you see the problem:

And it is only done where there is a break, that is to say on some particular spots.
It is the same pattern until the end of the video where the segmenter probably just thought it was okay to give his all:

Normally, abusers will use their mouse at some point, not the keyboard only because they don’t know enough how it works. Using the mouse, you create micro-gaps and they create a lot more normally. This one has 1 micro-gap.

Have you ever seen any abuser without knowledge in segmentation segment only after the “first page,” without micro-gaps (1 only from his first tries) and create only mini-segments at particular spots?

It is a first for me and we have seen a lot already.


2/ Normally, my session doesn’t last 3 months on Viki, I have to log in again.
We normally segment on computers.
The passwords are either not saved on the computer, either they are saved but it will be on a personal computer.
Who has access to this personal computer and to whom do you give access to this personal computer?

Family: okay, you trust them.
Does family go behind your back to segment on Viki because they find it fun without telling you?

Friends: okay, so you let your personal computer open to your friend, without being there and they could take a look in your mails, your files, your pictures and files, and who knows what you have saved as passwords (ex: bank).

Do friends that you trust enough to give access to your personal computer or Viki account will do something behind your back without telling you because they found it fun to do it on Viki?
Why don’t you tell them to create their own account?

Do you let your account open to them without telling them how it works or warning them?
I think if an account is opened to family and friends, it is to “watch.”
If it’s contributing, each one should be responsible for his own contributions and don’t lend the account or forbid the contributions part for the sake of others’ work or your team work. It is not a playground for them. So each one has 1 account to contribute.
Because it leads to 1 mistake and then many other catastrophes.

Do family and friends touch something they don’t know how it works without telling you whereas it is your account or something that belongs to you?

Do family and friends know how Viki works? That we can contribute? The difference between subbing and segging? How the segment timer works? How to enter? How to segment like that? The shortcuts and make only 1 micro-gap? When you enter Viki, you go to the segment timer, see that it’s fun from the first look (where?) and know the shortcuts, where to cut.
Normally the first thing you want to do is subbing. The video has been already segmented, so the subbing part was accessible.
Not subbing, but segging that way? Not a typical new abuser who doesn’t know Viki tools or the difference between segmenting and subbing.

Is Viki a playground?
Unless volunteers are irresponsible (as a moderator and a CM and a segmenter who graduated from nssa, who knows the nssa website with the channel roles guide since being a CM and a moderator), I doubt that volunteers don’t know what will happen if they let a free access to their account to someone they can’t trust. If not, someone irresponsible could be someone managing or moderating? Is it even compatible? Is it a joke?

Not only everything could be deleted or abuser could enter and work could need to be re-done:
As someone responsible, will you put the work of your team and other teams’s work in danger?


3/ If it’s once, negligence can happen.
But… twice, thrice… with some interval of time? Is it normal? Someone should look and check, no? But also do something.
Because of someone’s negligence, it is not something that Viki or your team or other teams can overlook, because let’s look what happened on this channel and who will fix?
If it happened on completed dramas with subs, who will weep?
If everything is deleted?

4/ If Viki knew that a manager would lend her account to someone behind who has no experience on Viki and would let him go on Viki and could delete all the work, would Viki has selected that manager? If CMs knew that the moderator was lending/will lend her account to someone behind who has no experience on Viki to let him do as he pleases, would the CMs pick the moderator?

Obviously, there are some criteria in selecting managers and moderators. I don’t think one criterion is creating abusive contributions or lending to someone who will create abusive contributions on the channel or on others’ channel, worst destroying someone else’s labor or let the hacked account being CM and moderator while it could still be hacked!
And if the hacker communicated with some other volunteers, exchanged emails or FB contact or other ways to communicate or just read her previous messages? It is all right?

I don’t know how, after a possible hack or after just these abusive contributions, this account (which is not proven to be safe for the moment) can still manage and moderate. A wonder!
At least, Viki should take these roles for the sake of these channels for some time until the situation is cleared. What will it cost, it will be even more safe since we don’t know if it’s a hacking (or could be irresponsible lending, we don’t know), but since it’s still unknown, let Viki take back these channels just for the investigation time + any CM or moderator would prefer that their channels are in safety without a hacker who could hack again. Imagine there will be abusive contributions again or there’s no hacking or no lending, in all cases, it is more safe to let Viki put these channels under their wings when the hacker is manager and moderator.


Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If you see such subtitle abuse, could you please report the user or submit a Help Center request. We take these reports seriously and this would be very helpful to the team to investigate further. Please also feel free to message me directly with your ticket number if you submit a request.

Thank you,
Viki Community Team


Exactly. My parents and some friends(outside Viki) know I volunteer at Viki and I tell them what I do in general but they don’t know how I do that exactly. My mom once looked when I was segging but that’s it.
Nobody knows my Viki password and nobody knows the password of my mac or ipad to get in.
When I was on holiday for a few weeks I asked Viki to appoint a co-CM for my channel so it was in good hands when I was away.



Thank you, Camille!
I did the report at the same time I discovered the abusive activity and added more details in another ticket and on this post as soon as I inspected the video myself more thoroughly and thought of other ways to discover if there is a hacking activity or no.
I was wondering if the report function on someone’s profile page was still working since I also have other reports pending for a few months. I don’t know which report is more important than another or if there is a chronological order since all reports are important and taken seriously.
Should I send you a message with the tickets number of my reports or is it easier to see directly with my account?

In case the user didn't have the time to report for a suspected hacking since she might be scanning her computer, I report it for her. From the answer I received from nssa, this user was a great contributor in the past but has been inactive for years (it is the exact words) and that she suspected a hacking activity on her account. It was what she said to Amypun the day after I discovered this case and contacted Nssa.

I hope that for the part who received damages, there will be more than just a warning, but some actions taken to repair these damages. It is the least that can be done.

My suggestions:
1/ The segments done on this show by this account should be deleted since they are abusive contributions and the counter should be deducted of these contributions that are abusive.

2/ Viki can message the account’s owner to tell her to enter in contact with the CMs and the segmenter who got her segments damaged by her account (after the most urgent things on her side will be done) and to see if she can segment these episodes again, since she seems to be a segmenter who followed nssa course and was a great contributor in the past. The 2 videos where damages were done are really short.

For the meantime, I want to make this request to Viki to take this user’s channels management and moderation under Viki’s protection since it is a case of suspicious activity involving hacking and a hacker shouldn’t be in command of these channels. Changing her password won’t change anything if the hacker has other ways to discover new passwords set on an infected machine.
Even if the investigation time might take months, it will be more safe that these channels don’t go into malicious hands for the audience and the team.

In case that no hacking or no suspicious activity has been discovered but the activity of this account or evidence indicate that the damages have been done by the owner of this account or by a family member or a friend because of the owner’s negligence at not 1 time but more than once, then I hope there will be some adequate actions taken, since the intent and the responsibility are different whether it’s:

  • a volunteer who is unaware of a hacker activity;
  • or an experienced QC gold nssa graduate volunteer who is neglectful of her own account while being manager and moderator and let free access to her account to family and friends without monitoring, without checking is a concrete sign of being irresponsible;
  • or a volunteer who has malicious intent and destroys the labor of another volunteer with purpose.

The 2 last cases should be treated seriously.
Destroying someone else’s labor and put the blame on a hacker or a family member or a friend to avoid or without being responsible for his own actions is not exemplary for the Viki community or nssa graduates or a manager or a moderator.
An abusive contributor can’t be manager and moderator on Viki, no one should pick an abuser as CM or moderator.
It is being irresponsible to let an abuser be in charge of these channels, it’s also a bad example to give to other volunteers and new volunteers to come. It promotes abusive activity is not sanctioned but rewarded with key positions, badges and Viki pass perks.
It’s degrading for the Viki volunteering community, it is disrespectful for the audience and some who pays for a Viki pass and it gives a bad image on Viki management to let abusers manage and moderate.

My suggestions for the last 2 cases, in addition to removing the abusive contributions and deducting these contributions of the counter (and maybe reput in question the renewal of Viki pass):

  • taking back these channels to put them under Viki management and moderation;
  • removing the nssa badge (for the last case with malicious intent since a nssa badge is misleading in thinking it’s not abuser).

Finally, we shouldn’t joke with cybersecurity and creating false alerts of a possible breach in Viki security to make Viki staff investigate for nothing (while we need them on other more serious matters) and make other volunteers begin to worry about their own security.


Okay… Assuming the account probably had QC access, why would they do that? What’s in it for them? This story is bullshit. Nobody needs thousands of segments in a short span of time. It doesn’t make any sense.

It just seems like we have another excuse for abusive behaviour - a hacker.