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I had to look it up, too. It’s a website with free courses. :slight_smile:


This is a good place - Have you looked there!??


Not really, but I did come across that name today. Are you enrolled in something there?


I am not right now - I was for Photography - I didn’t utilize it like I should but I have heard good things!


I am going to do(not try) a Microsoft class with the other things that go with it, excel for one, want to use it for my genealogy
then go on to other ones, and I did forget, you get online and look up Alison, it has a bunch of different courses, for people to take, and can earn a certificate too. so in the next few weeks, I do plan to do something for self-improvement to stuff for a business!!


This is a break up song - but I also see it as a song about anything you might need to leave behind and "BREATH AGAIN"

Here is hoping that 2022 sees everyone meeting new people, putting yourself out there, learning new things, finding what you are searching for…

Happy New Year!




kdrama, photography!! thats one I have always wanted to do


Do It!


all righty now! and will do that thing this week, maybe try & put pictures on here??

I lov e that what you put on here Kdrama! Just do it!!!


Bonne Année ! Happy New Year ! Hope you’re well, take care and enjoy… Try new things, live, smile, laugh a lot… And… all you can think about x)

Je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde !


Photos Travel thread

Here are some of my travel photos - and others!!! I don’t like people in my photos I’m all about the architecture and landscape! LOL


Gods handiwork


It’s so odd that this year I wasn’t depressed as I ‘‘usually’’ get during christmas time. I think I realized that the more I complain, the more weird things start to happen.

I did put the Christmas’s decorations away since this is not the time to celebrate much. But I do feel very positive that things are going to change for the better this coming year, and I hope I’m right. It’s just a feeling, I didn’t had the past 2 years. Praying for the best to come.


I wasn’t as depressed either, decided not to let things get me down, got busy doing things, and yes things are going to be better this year!! p/s now start praising for those things!!


Yes, I am. So many countries were celebrating, and in NAZARETH they had fireworks all over, in every rooftop, not one house was without fireworks. It gives me such a glimmer of hope to see that the world is finally waking up to live, instead of just existing, like we were doing before.

Although we may walk in the valley of death, we shall not fear; for the LORD is with all of us. WE just need to learn to live with this virus like the Flu, AIDS and many other epidemics we had to face before. I remember I got the measles 3 times bc I wasn’t vaccinated, and once you get it Doctors won’t give you the vaccine (I was 14 years old). First time I get in my High School and after I get better my uncle got it comes to my house and I get it but worst than before. Then, my 12 yr. old brother gets it, and you guessed, I get it again, but milder than the first two times.

That is why I advocate for the vaccine bc they serve a purpose. Side effect or not, everything in life has its good side and its bad side. We just need to have faith it will work like the polio vaccine did, and the flu vaccine does, too. Btw, in Israel they are going on their mandated 4th booster, but I’m done with 2 vaccines and the booster. I have faith that’s good enough. During the full pandemic, I was in the Emergency Room twice for hours while they treated my son inside, and I’m still here so we are blessed the vaccine here for all of us who wants to get it. Imagine Bird Flu season when all they could do was gargle with salt water and hope they didn’t die. No vaccine was there for them to give them hope…how sad that must have been for them.


I hope we aren’t going to stop this, but if so thats ok, just want to let you know this was a life saver this past few months…


I just had to share this one!!