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Morning Hug today!!!


good morning, and a hug to you


I thought this song was very appropriate for some who feel weary!!! :wink:

I guess this is today’s hug


I listened, awesome words & music, thank you!!:




um, including those traditions discussed earlier??


Hug for the Day!


I am having a movie night tonight starting with a Christmas one then the rest, maybe each evening do a couple till after Christmas.

and a hug back to you. yes those 15 things I am going to try & do


going to do a lot of baking! got a bunch of “surprises lurking!!!” hehehehe

here y’all go, and what an uplift!!




Gather… HUG.
Thank you, everyone.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Funny thing that people say they get depressed during holidays and i wonder why bc those are the days we take the time to be surrounded by our love ones. It makes no sense to be surrounded by family and say we ‘‘are sad’’

My mother tends to cry on holidays a lot, and I tell her she ruins the mood for others to try to hold her emotions and cry in the privacy of her home; bc is not fair to make people that a minute ago was laughing to feel sad and start crying too. After she does that everyone starts getting their coats and head back home. She does that for Christmas and New Year’s Eve, too!

No matter what, we need to enjoy those we have around us, even if it’s just a Pet. One day, we’ll leave this earth too, and our presence will be there in their memories; so make sure that your presence is remembered for the memories of laughter and happiness, hugs, kisses you left behind. Don’t leave memories of misery and tears and ruining the happiness of those that a moment ago where so happy and enjoying their life. I mean if you want to cry, knock yourself out, but I hope is from your heart, and not to make others feel sorry for you, and join your misery just bc ‘‘misery loves company.’’

I NEVER CRY on New Year’s Eve bc you will end up crying all year long (that’s my belief), and I may not be laughing my heart out but I make sure I receive the New Year with HOPE, SMILES and looking forward to a better BLESSED, and happier year.


I have always heard whatever you do on New years day, thats what you will all that year

so angelight, I agree with that, and like what someone said earlier, families move away, you don;'t hear from them, that’s what makes it sad, but this time thanks to all of you I am doing something different, instead of thinking about family, I will switch to other things, and stop over thinking!!

so y’all have a great day!!

The low point of your day

What about those of us who don’t have anyone around us?

What if we don’t have any loved ones?

I don’t know your mother and I don’t know the situation, but wouldn’t it be an idea to ask her what she is sad about, make her feel heard, comfort her and then move on to happy time? Faking happiness does no one any good. Just deal with the negative feelings to make room again for the positive ones.




What about those of us who don’t have anyone around us?

I find it very hard to believe you have no one around you; unless you live in a cave or a deserted Island. You have people around you, but if you choose to be alone, those that want to be around you can’t bc you, yourself, must be keeping them away.

mirjam_465 What if we don’t have any loved ones?

I know you might not have your mother, father, or even relatives around you for whatever circumstances, but love ones, are not only people with our same blood in their veins. Love ones; can be that loyal friend that listen to you in your time of sorrows, and in your times of happiness. I feel that you care and love @frustratedwriter and you seemed very happy as you play along here with her. Yes, she might not be in your same country, but she is here around you whenever you need her.

mirjam_465I don’t know your mother and I don’t know the situation, but wouldn’t it be an idea to ask her what she is sad about, make her feel heard, comfort her and then move on to happy time? Faking happiness does no one any good. Just deal with the negative feelings to make room again for the positive ones.

FYI I put that information there as an example how people can ruin the happiness of others by their own selfish actions. MY mother is 80 years old: and you really think I haven’t asked her year after year, after YEARS: why she keeps doing that? FAKING UNHAPPINESS is more damaging than holding to Happiness bc you CAN’T fake HAPPINESS bc when people laugh and everyone laugh with them, everyone is really HAPPY.
YOU CAN’T FAKE A JOYOUS LAUGHTER/THERE IS NO FAKING HAPPINESS (unless they have mental issues like the ‘‘joker’’ which I’m NOT discussing here). I do know very well how people can fake sadness that they really don’t feel bc they only do it to make others feel sorry for them just to get attention, and in the process of that they rain in other people’s parade.

I think everyone is entitled to write their thoughts/feelings without being debated or becoming an issue to anyone. I am sorry you don’t have your parents around, and I’m more sorry that you feel that others can not fill your life with laughter just bc you are not opening that door and giving them that chance. I am One thousand times more sorry that you feel that HAPPINESS can be faked bc only a person that don’t know what real happiness is, can’t tell the difference between both…


And what do YOU think you know about ME?


hey girls, take it easy!! you both have good intentions, I didn’t put this here for “ruffled feathers” ok? so settle down, yes it hurts when family is gone, yes, do something different, theres many nursing homes that need visitors, what about those people in the hospital over the holidays, what about that person down the street from you that is really alone?

I mean we can go on aand on, this was for me too, so heres something for all of us, traditions, like I said earlier, the family just isnt there now, my family is in different states, so why not change traditions???

yes I even said no one is around, but thats not right, there are people around me, and many are lonely, sick, and so on, just someone to care. Do you want love? Share yours, you lonely, find someone that is and help them, Bake a cake or cookies and give it to your neighbor, just anything to give, um isnt that the key> GIVE!!! oh shucks I hope you can get it. I did laugh, us grinches

with this what I have put on here has really lifted my spirits, yes I have decided to do something different this year. get out of myself and visit that homeless, the bedridden and yes a phone call does wonders. and get to baking that cake or cookies!! now got to go get the ingredients!!

so y’all be safe, I am getting out of my depression for doing something for others, even if its just a phone call!! make something, I am, find this on Pinterest, its called “chill pills” cute little thing, empty pill bottles, and got “special directions” for those people that get anxious over everything (me included) I admit its a gag, but cute too, I want to make that “chill pillow” for my sis in law, a neck pillow with the words CHILLPILL on it.
we good??? love you guys, and just be cool about all this, hey I am the worlds worse, and I am changing me for the better, If I can you can too




don’t know about you but I need this one