hello everyone!
I’m Rosalba,I’m a new member of the viki community,.
I’d like to translate from English to Italian .
I’m starting to learn,what do you recommend for my first “jobs”?

Dear Rosalba,
first of all benvenuta a Viki!
You should write this also in the thread “You want to subtitle? Let people know”. Moderators usually look at it.

    Those are more in need for subtitlers. On-air shows are very popular and because the time-frame is very short, moderators usually take experienced subbers only. Not to mention the fact that they are usually non-accessible if you don’t have a viki pass or you are not a Qualified Contributor (you need to make 3000 subtitles for that)
    How to know if a series is not finished in Italian?
    On the main page of each drama, at the right, there are thumbnails of all the episodes. Click on “Show all” and you’ll get to a page of thumbnails. (Previously, if your Viki content was set to Italian, all the percentages were shown in Italian. Not anymore, unfortunately) Click on various episodes and then check which have been completed in Italian. Maybe it’s better to start from the end.
    When you look at the video window, on the right lower side of the screen, there is a little wheel. Click on this. The top of the menu is “Subtitles”. Click on it, and various languages appear, with their percentage. See whether there is Italian and how much is the percentage.
    If the series has only one or two untranslated episodes, it’s not worth contacting the moderator.
    If it’s halfway, then write to her.

    Korean shows, no matter how old or how crappy, have mostly been translated. Very few are left. Better to start with Chinese (not historical, they are difficult!) or Taiwanese shows. Very few people want Taiwanese shows, so you’ll have a good chance to get work there. When you become a QC and get to know moderators etc. then you will be able to choose the ones you like.

    On the drama’s main page, there is a loooooong vertical picture with all sort of information on it. There is also the team name. Look for the name of the Italian moderator. Sometimes it’s a link, you can click on it and be taken to her profile. Otherwise, just copy her username and her profile page will be [put her username instead of “name”]
    Once on her profile page, on the header, towards the left, under her name, you will see a little envelope. Click on it to write a personal message.
    In the message, don’t forget to say

  • That you are willing to translate that show or any other that she may have
  • That you are willing to do a test part before being accepted into the team.
    I urge you to visit my profile page and check out the Italian resources I’ve made, as well as the Korean reference sheet. They are all here:
    You have to scroll down a bit.

P.S. Don’t write to me about projects, I don’t have any Italian projects right now and I won’t until the end of the summer. But do write to me if you need any help or advice, I’ll be happy to do whatever is in my power.

In bocca al lupo!


PSS. I just saw someone was looking for English-Italian subbers. You’ve probably seen it as well.


thank you so much

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