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I see two mistakes here [the the] (repeated twice and the comma missing by the R, like it should be) not like this P,Q, R
, S, T, U, …


very good!!


Shopping for tress :smile:


Her smile and skills :smiley:
(and the fact that someone took the time to transcribe the music notes :open_mouth:)










Where I live, urtica or nettle leaves are very popular during Springtime… Assuming you’re brave enough to harvest them. You see, the leaves themselves are covered in these needle-like hairs full of chemicals that cause stinging sensations and rashes. :anguished:

But boil them and they’re delicious. Actually, I’m not a big fan, but everyone else seems to like them. :herb:

Oh, what I do like about them is the infusion that’s used to cleanse one’s face. My skin appreciates it. :grin:


I always buy a bag of dried stinging nettle :blush:
Very useful :smiley:



These aren’t, what’s known as, poison ivy right? :worried:
I checked some more, I guesss this article explains it.


Linnaeus chose Urtica as the generic name for good reason: it derived from the Latin verb uro, burn. The tiny spines along the stems and on the underside of the leaves are hardly noticed. But when touched, they re-lease formic acid, the same chemical that lends authority to ant bites and bee stings. In a few seconds any skin that has touched the nettle begins to burn and sting. The stinging may last only a few minutes or as long as an hour. Though the skin may itch and welt (17), rarely is any real harm done (16). Though nettle is not as severe or contagious as poison ivy [Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Ktze.], it can be a nuisance to recreationists (15).Several species of nettle from the warmer countries cause intense pain if carelessly handled. Among them is U. urentissima from Java, which produces a painful inflammation that can last for several weeks (9). Fortunately the juice of nettle is also the antidote for its own sting, and when this is applied to the part affected it generally brings rapid relief (9). An application of dilute alcohol is another remedy for the burning and itching (6).


I’m not an expert or anything, but they’re definitely different. Urtica leaves are edible. Lots of people around here eat them, and they’re just fine. :sweat_smile:


Got it! :+1:t5:🪴 :wink:


Short Vids :blush:
Happy ending, you’ll smile while watching the first, and giggle watching the second. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


As someone who played the game - this was awesome :smile:


My big boy Orenji and I took a couple of selfies because every man ought to be a macho man, to live a life of freedom. Machos make a stand! :smile_cat: :bearded_person:


Nice @adrianmorales!!
Loving your A Day In The Life photo ops! Such a beautiful day too!! Love it all!! The sun being out is so good! :+1:t5::blush::sunflower:


Thank you so much. Yes, I can’t believe Spring has finally come. :cherry_blossom:
Have yourself a wonderful weekend. :grin: