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Opera Singer Jess Reacts to #Dimash’s Autumn Strong. :blush::blush::blush: You’ll smile along as she enjoys the uniqness of Dimash Qudaibergen, or Kudaibergen.
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pre.xsha They were dropping me off at “our” dream destination Miranda House College, Delhi University.It was my first day so we were just exploring the campus and suddenly i noticed tears rolling down my father’s eyes. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and was on another level of emotions. The fact that his jigar ka tukda will be living far away from him was a bitter truth too. But those tears told me that all the sacrifices i made, all the hard work i did, each and everything i did to achieve this dream was all worth it in the end. All i can say is i can do anything to see your smiley faces and sparkling eyes! Thankyou mumma papa!!:heart:
I love you.
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The end of an amazing series (worth a watch). Definitely a smile and small tear for me :grinning:

Korean Language Learners and Speakers :kr:

I enjoyed your shares of them on this thread, definitely makes one smile while watching.



OMG, this was so cute :smile:

I’ve seen a lot of Yeo Jingoo’s child roles (Kim Yoo Jung too), as well as some of the kid actors in this.


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Happiness lives inside the smallest moments. 🐶❤️👦🏼📺 #snoopyhugz

May be a cartoon of text