QC Gifts Winter 2017


HAHA I didn’t know XD
Since it’s a surprise gift, if you don’t have a T-drama signed good, you can ask the other 2 top contributors or ask Viki directly if a T-signed gift was given :slight_smile:


I also received the gifts and I don’t like them. I don’t know what to do with the pennant and the big shirt can only be used as pajamas.

Anyway, thank you Viki.


OK guys, let’s remember it’s a gift.
Yes, I vastly preferred last year’s: I never wear blue colour, I never wear T-shirts with things written on them (I have very long hair which conceals the main writing anyway) and yes, the pennants are completely useless.
Nevertheless, a gift is a gift. It’s a nice gesture of appreciation. They were not obliged to give us a gift at all. We didn’t sign up as volunteers in order to have gifts (being able to watch dramas restricted to my country was the main reason for me). So I feel it’s not nice to whine because they are not to our liking.


That’s a good point. I’d be happy receiving anything free :stuck_out_tongue:


My gift has left Frankfurt today… no idea why it was send to Germany from the US but ok… I expect it this week then.


TBH, they could give us the world and we would still be whinning. :sweat_smile:
I feel like whenever they announce something (be it a gift, an event or whatever), a thread pops up in the discussions about how “bad” or “wrong” it is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Anyone from the US got theirs, I sent my form on 11/7/17 and nothing yet, I mean no tracking number.


Someone an idea which person I can contact to get a tracking number?
I didn’t get one and no gift till today ;_;


The quality was good and thick, it seems durable. I also found that it wasn’t that large after all (or maybe I’m too fat). Comparing to my son’s L t-shirts. And it’s not very long either. Nikos, you’re a guy, do you confirm that it’s not really very large?
And I expect it will also shrink when washed, as they always do.


I didn’t have one too, but after seeing my message in this conversation talking about it, Camille from the staff contacted me to send me a link for the tracking informations. You can try contacting her.


Mine hasn’t arrived yet. I’ll get back to you when is does.


Mine arrived today. It did fit but doesn’t do my figure any justice and it’s so long it could almost be a dress :joy:
What did you all do with the flag thingy… I need inspiration as I have no clue what to do with that yet.

And I find it weird that some don’t seem to have a tracking number… did you all get a mail that it was send? Not the mail from Viki telling you it will be shipped but the actual shipping note? The trackingnumber is in there.

And maybe Viki does send it in multiple bulk orders as it seems to be send from a 3rd party.


I didn’t get any mail about it. It just was inside our building door one day.


@piranna so this is Koreas new fashion-trend to wear oversized clothing?

Well my homecountry Germany instead decidet to have new fashion-trends where you look like Hip-Hop but I somehow hate the most hoodie they sell at H&M cause they write names like “Justin Bieber” or “AC/DC” on them and I don’t know why some of the hoodies I saw in different stores are having a extremly long ribbon on the arms I mean they are longer than the sleve of your hoodie… ^^


ah _
thx i’ll try it


Idk I was looking at Viki blog and saw this recent article. I’m mostly joking xd I totally don’t know what the trend is nowadays :slight_smile:

My relative received it, is wearing it and likes it a lot, I think I won’t see a sleeve of this shirt seeing how she likes it xd She even sent me pics of her wearing it… Damn it, I have bad luck with Viki gifts, I’ll never see them at my door.

Next challenge: take a pic with Viki pennant (somewhere original, or fun poses or your cat being the mascot).
I’d put Viki pennant in top of the Eiffel Tower. (Who run the world? Viki! Just kidding, but saw Rakuten at Mcdonald’s*). Just yesterday, the scenery was covered in snow. It was really beautiful. I missed the opportunity!! Double damn.

*About Rakuten at Mcdonald’s : until April, they do like a series menu: buy this menu - get 1 season for free (download or streaming on Rakuten website).
If Viki Rakuten do a Mcdonald’s menu and download/streaming drama: I’m gone, I love potatoes.

  • promoting dramas!



@piranna in wich country is that? Here in Germany they don’t have such an offer on Mcdonalds.

BTW did you know: Many people in Germany call McDonalds “Mcess” or “McDoof”

“McDoof” means “Mc” from McDonalds and “Doof” means “dumb / Stupid” in English and McDoof is mostly used by people who don’t really like McDonalds




It’s in France :smiley: We’re neighbours

No, I didn’t know :slight_smile: We just call it McDo in short without meaning in France.

Been 6 months I ddin’t go to a clothes store XD I’ve never seen these hoodies!


@piranna I mean something like this (But I often see it where the ribbon is white with a red and a blue small stripe on it like: Big white stripe, than small red stripe, than big wite stripe, small blue stripe. Or the stripes are just looking like the french flagg^^)