QC Gifts Winter 2017


Oh and here is a bunch of the “Justin Bieber” hoodies I saw at H&M (I hate Justin Bieber!)


The one thing I know is, that almost every year they give us the right to choose our gifts as a reward for spending our time doing subs etc.

But this year, it’s not enough they didn’t ask us, they send us a t-shirt which I don’t mind it. But they send to everyone a Men’s t-shirt and Large size!!!




Most likely it won’t match your room since the purpose is to plaster it in the wall. If you have a car, maybe find a spot in the car?


the last is so hilarious I almost p…d from laughing… this could be another flip like pants with a funny skirt… the red one, lmao!!


Are you wearing such a small size?
My T-shirt is just nice. It fitted me perfectly
Well I am rather oversized though. lol


Not all women are slim, you know… For some of us, even L may be small. Just sayin’…


I think the main point is (to sum up):

  • Not the correct size for some ppl.

  • expectation: compared to previous years, ppl expected something (to their size? Something they could pick?)

  • unwearable for some (ideas to modify it, to wear it as pyjamas)

Not a question about the weight of people nor ppl have something against men and their shirts, but if it’s wearable for some (like people who won’t wear mini skirts or a particular color, some won’t wear oversized for them)


Doesn’t matter really. :slight_smile: As long as you can pick the size you’d like to wear. For me is so big, that’s meddlesome even for a dress that I don’t even wear. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m 48 kilos, what you’d expect? :wink: It was really something I wanted to wear, even outside, that’s why I’m mad…


But if it was a size you’ve chosen, it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Just one click and they’d send it to us. It was really something I wanted to wear, even outside, that’s why I’m mad and sad… Why would I give it to my mom or dad, who they don’t even know the meaning behind it?


You can make it your size. See that previous post of mine with helpful ideas.
If you live in Athens, I can help you, I’ve got a sewing machine.


I have a sewing machine as well. But it’s hard work to reduce the size.
I am wearing extra small in USA. :frowning:
Luckily my big baby found the t-shirt awesome and he decided to wear it. :slight_smile:
Too bad I can’t wear it. I wanted to show off that I am the part of VIKI family.


Although this shirt is the most ill fitted Viki shirt I own, fabric wise it’s more thick so better quality. It’s funny though because all my Viki shirts have an other size or fit. I think it’s understandable that for the QC gift they decided to just go for one size that most people fit. For all other shirts I own they asked what size and or fit I wanted but that was a lesser quantity and really our NSSA shirt took forever and I think all the different sizes and fits was one of the issues why it took longer. (You could choose a size and a men or women fit)

Ohh and QC gift wise… so far it only happened twice Viki did send us a giftcard to pick our own QC gift, all other QC gifts so far have been Viki goodies you could not pick yourself.

1st QC gift: tshirt and headphones I believe (I didn’t claim because I couldn’t believe I would get it for free, was still new to Viki and the whole volunteer thing.)
2nd QC gift: Viki goodies like stickers, pen, I love Viki totebag, keychain
3rd QC gift: Giftcard for Viki’s QC gift shop where you could choose your own gift (didn’t use it myself due certain reasons)
4th QC gift: Viki totebag, stickers, notebook and I believe a sheetmask
5th QC gift: Yesstyle giftcard
6th QC gift: Tshirt and flag thingy


Too bad we live so far away, darling. I’d do it for you in a jiffy. And we could have had a nice chat too…


Over here you have little shops that can do alterations to clothing and repair clothing like a broken zipper and such. They sometimes come and go because many who can’t do it themselves throw away clothing it seems.
I think in other countries/cities they have those so maybe look for those if you find it to hard.

I’m still in debate wether I should use mine as a sleeping shirt, sports shirt (for sports I don’t mind if it’s a bit to large) or just an extra layer under my other clothing but then you don’t see the back print.


I’ve just received it and I love it! Some people might say it’s because it’s my first gift but I wasn’t really expecting anything for a volunteering job where giving is the main goal.
It’s big, that’s true, but I believe confort is more important than fashion.
I’m happy with my new t.shirt.

A caballo regalado no se le miran los dientes.
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.



I picked up mine today from the post office.
The T-shirt looks really nice and it’s quality is indeed very good. (At least compared to my H&M T-shirts.)
The pennant is cute too.

@irmar If I had to describe it, I would say it’s a Slim Fit Large. I wear Medium (Normal Fit) and this fits almost the same. Maybe even a tiny bit “tighter”. It’s definitely longer though and the sleeves… Oh, the sleeves… I can fit like 3 arms in each. Apparently Viki is really popular in bodybuilding gyms and other galaxies.


@camiille, @anon20195650, can you please check your email box, I sent you an email regarding the QC shipment, I’ll be moving soon, so I’m worried how much longer the shipment will take, I have NO tracking number, I filled google form on Nov 7th.
Really much appreciate your support. Simi


Same here. It’s really almost a dress ^^ Guess I’ll try wearing it in summer with some (probably barely visible) short trousers. Maybe it’s an idea for you too, if this is cultural acceptable for your country.


Sure is. It’s just embarrassing for me to wear it like that outside, doesn’t suit me. Especially in summer, there’s too much hot for so much extra fabric :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, thank you for the idea!


I live in Thessaloniki :slight_smile: Thank you for the offer really, and I consider the idea of changing the t-shirt or I’ll just give it to my parents. I don’t have many options anyway. Be well, I enjoy your translation work!