Rosy Lovers, do you love it? (Discussion Board with possible spoilers)

Rosy Lovers starring Lee Jang Woo, recently got licensed for America. I have really liked the first two episodes so far and I think it promises to be a really cute Rom-com. Have you watched it yet? What did you think?

The main characters are both familiar from other dramas. It’s funny that Han Sunhwa, from Marriage Not Dating, pl (Kang Se Ah) played the nemesis to Jang Mi and now in Rosy Lovers, she plays a sweet character named Jang Mi. We also have the grandma from MND back. Only this time, this grandma is kind of a judgemental meanie.

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Rosy Lovers has just been released (episodes 1-6) for all other languages!

Rosy Lovers

Episodes 7 and 8 are now available.

This drama has now got more that 10,000 favorites. Hurray!

I’m really surprised with this drama. I didn’t like the first two mainly because the girl is two faced and her family is very annoying but I’ve stuck with it so far and hope it won’t let us down.

i really enjoyed watching rosy lovers. Jang Mi family’s annoy me so much especially her dad and grandmother they give me headache. I love chan Dol he is handsome …

Her dad is a piece of work, don’t you think? He’s the worst kind of dinosaur, male chauvinist, jerk and he’s such a mama’s boy!

I have high hopes for this weekend too. I think that since it is a 50 episode drama, it may be one of those instances where it won’t move as quickly as we are used to on our 16 episode dramas.

Little Cho Rong is so cute, I can hardly stand it. I want to keep her.

This series is so different! I totally love it and the characters are so well played by the actors involved! The ones you hate, you hate with a passion. Those that you love, you cheer them on! I am on the side of the father and daughter. I do not like the mother, who I loved in the beginning. I cannot wait to see the grandparents on the mother’s side get what is coming to them! It is only fair if they can suffer as much as they have made this young man suffer! Also, I cannot wait until his deceitful sister is found out, too! She is going to be the reason that he has to fight to keep his daughter again, too. I just feel that coming!

He is too much and his mother, too!! This is the first time I have seen the actress portraying the mother in a role where I just do not like her at all. Before this drama, I always thought she was such a cutie pie older woman, but here? Not so much!

The father is an immature jerk! Selfish, senseless, and ugly! But a really fine actor that I have watched in other dramas and loved his acting abiity!

He plays an excellent jerk!

Yes, he’s a jerk in ‘Tomorrows Cantabile’ too. Being type cast I think. I wonder if he will be able to go outside in public while ‘Rosy Lovers’ is airing…

He might get egged!

Big delay this week with the two episodes still no sign of Saturday and Sunday’s. Really surprised as I had thought it was quite popular.
Previous weeks episodes were available on Monday but can’t find any site with them subbed. Really curious. where do you watch it?

I’m actually an editor on it. It’s one of my many, many projects. I think everyone was at the Black Friday sales all weekend, but we’re working on it. I also had several projects this weekend that obtained licenses and loaded several episodes at once and we’re playing catch up. I can post here when the two most recent are edited and complete.

Ah you are a pet. Thank you so for the reasonable explanation. Hope you didn’t spend all your money at the sales. I stayed well away no bargain can compensate the crowds and manic buying.
Thank you for your hard work on our behalf. I don’t usually mind waiting for episodes to be ready just this week was unusual.
What else are you working on? any recommendations as you would be first to see new shows?

I am working on Modern Farmer (my favorite for a good, hard, laugh), Rosy Lovers, Hero2, Love Frequency 37.2, Radio Star (coming), Real Men (coming), Shine or Go Crazy (coming in Jan), Punch (starts Dec. 15), Love & Secrets (coming), Angels ‘n’ Devils, A Song For You 3, Dr. Frost, and just finished Liar Game.

I love the first 3. Love Frequency just got licensed on Friday and we have not caught up yet, but episode 1 is ready and 2 and 3 are close behind. 4 comes out tomorrow.

Rosy Lovers is going to be 50 episodes so we’ll just have to watch and see where it all goes.

Gee wiz but you are busy. So much to take on I admire you.
I wasn’t going to bother with ‘Rosy Lovers’ at all as I avoid 50 episode dramas. It’s my experience that they use too many weeks adding in story lines only to leave some unfinished and rushed at the end.
As this will extend over the Christmas and New Year period it will probably loose viewers and end up being cut short of the 50.
The writer has been cleaver so far but as you say, ‘see where it all goes’
I’m amused at some of the comments and how people who all watch the same drama see it so differently.
Good luck with that work load of yours.

You are so right! I am willing to bet that he is the exact opposite in real life though. Isn’t that always the way?