Segmenter's Project Board (Updated 10 Feb)

Please check the channel’s community wall for more info!!

Ugly Duckling - Contact ngone8 (PM)

Dance Academy - Contact shae_shae (PM)

Bodyguard - Contact Lazarini (PM)
Clothing the World - Contact Shoaquin (PM)
The Patriot Yue Fei - Contact rosemarynthyme (PM)

Extended list of C-dramas HERE

Big Boss (S7) - Contact MusicROSE (PM)

Mera Naseeb - Contact Haiqa (PM)

Stolen Moments - Contact daiixx (PM)

A Good Wife - Contact jwindsong (PM)
Boys Can Fly - Contact scircus (PM)
Falling - Contact scircus (PM)
The Patisserie With No Name - Contact scircus (PM)

Ill Fated Lovers - Contact shae_shae (PM)
Koom Nang Kruan - Contact shae_shae (PM)
Tard Rak (Slave of Love) - Contact Tou66 (PM)
The Tuberose Mask - Contact shae_shae (PM)
Wiang Roy Dao - Contact Tou66 (PM)

Infiltrated - Contact Natalaian (PM)
Pablo Escobar - Contact supernenita3d (PM)
The White Line - Contact timoteaflo (PM)

Last updated: 10 Feb 2014
Please leave a comment if you see a completed show and/or would like something added!

Viki’s ‘Volunteer Finder’ has officially launched; I only hope they add a similar feature that includes segmenting.


Good idea scircus

I really miss the project board as well. GOOD idea!

Hye I also miss that project board…so we need segmenters for Pakistani drama: (almost ending…4 episodes to go)
plz contact me if ur interested.

Thanks Scircus :slight_smile:

Thanx Scircus :slight_smile:

Thanks for starting this Scircus. It’ll be very useful.

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Upcoming dramas you just might be interested in volunteering for …

Future choice ~ contact: bkiss (

Give Love away~contact: Lazarini (

Three days~contact Serenasf95( or Lazarini (

Innocent Lilies~contact~ miliefleurie(
***** ( no need for seggers and Japanese subbers). Looking for other language moderators and other language subbers only.


Empress Ki~contact~ Evannatha (

The woman who married 3 times~contact~babyinspiritestar1 (

Man from the stars~contact~ ck10z (

xxxxxNOTE:Please refer to each dramas community wall to see available/open positions.xxxxx


OH i see how this works. We state the upcoming dramas on the comment section and you update the list…thanks for adding my list by the way. I would post more later :slight_smile:

Here is a big list of Chinese dramas which need help.

I can’t renew table, because viki deleted tables from design. So there is a little mess now. I can’t add new channels in the list, untill will find any decission.

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scircus, maybe you can link the different countries to an external document like for example google doc? Then you can link all the individual dramas on that document? Just for when the list gets long. And good job for starting this topic :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m thinking about it now.
Maybe post some (like most recent) on here with an extended list somewhere, when it gets longer.

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What a good idea

I can help on segmenting Ugly Duckling

I’ve left contact info for each drama. Please contact ngone8 - thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks, I left a PM :slight_smile:

~sigh~…I’m willing to segment yours if you help segment mine…LOL
Pm me or comment on first page Dance Academy - Contact shae_shae (PM)
Thanks guys

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Huh? Did someone delete the segments then? If I remember correctly I saw MGIAG on Viki when it aired and it was fully subbed?!
Maybe it’s an idea for Viki to lock segments when a series is completely done so things like these won’t happen. I noticed it before that segs where gone (or messed up) of an older series which was fully segged before but I can’t remember which.

Was is ever a fan channel? I feel like, in the transition from fan to official, stuff just gets messed up…