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Hmmm. . . It’s so weird, but in a closer related global :earth_americas::earth_asia::earth_africa: world it’s understandable. Okay, I just heard this in my hallway too, hearing one nationality speaking in their native language, then changing to speak English in a, let’s say German accent. :smile: I think this happens a lot in dramas, and on YT too, where the native language is spoken whether in Korean, Japanese, Thai, or Chinese, but they’ll speak English in a French, or British accent.


Interestingly and coincidentally, since I just mentioned Monsta X, one of their members, I.M., spent a few years of his childhood in the United States, but when he speaks English now, it is often with a bit of a British or even Australian accent. He has said it is because the English language shows that he watches most often are British shows.


I wasn’t going to put any more cakes on here, we can get just mtooooo much of a good thing, but thought this was a good one

Ludwig van Beethoven

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Piano Dessert.

Today is World Piano Day. 🎹🎶❤

and then I find two more! nope enough is enough for awhile. I thought the piano and typewriter was good enough. hope y’all did enjoy them



Oh, but I LOVE the cakes you bring to us! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Maybe you could do a ‘cake of the day’.


ok here ya go!! for a baby shower,


Just Wow.
Cake after cake that you share with us just blows me away.


how about this one??

I did this on purpose, crocheted!!!


So adorable!

I think it would be really amazing if someone decorated a cake to make it look like it was made of crocheted things. I bet you could find something like that somewhere online, Ms. Cake Queen of Viki Discussions (your new alias according to me :grin: ).


hehehehehe, thank you!

hmmm sounds good, Ms cake queen of Viki discussions

Paw Patrol cake! by Cake Garden

#pawpatrol #pawpatrolskye #pawpatrolchase #cake #cakedecorating #cakeart #cakedecor #cakesdecor



from; Ms cake queen of Viki discussions

what I am putting on next is pricy, but you asked for it so here goes.


2 I love this one!!

3 oh my goodness! luncheon is served!

4 all of these in a nutshell

I won’t put all 70 on here, but if you want to see these check etsy. and like I said patterns pricy but enjoy!!


Congratulations to Hyun Bin and Son Ye jin on their Wedding Day!
Official Wedding Photos-Gorgeous Bride & Groom!:

This is from the Wedding Photo Shoot. I hope they will release some photos from the actual wedding ceremony later.

I Give Them this Cupcake Bouquet. [Sill trying to figure out how the baker assembled the cupcakes to stay together like that]


Thanks for the duel supply of treats, eats and so much more! :heart:
The cafe does need these from time to time! :smile:
When you said “I won’t put all 70 on here” :rofl: Going forward though, these would keep me in endless supply in the thread you created, :wink: better posted there for our enjoyment. :wink: :handshake: :blush: :heart:


Thanks for the link @table122000! :sun_with_face:!

He has such finesse opposite her look, hmmm. . .
Yikes! Why did I have this thought after seeing the photo, yikes! :grimacing:
The typical tropes of dramas comes to mind too! :grimacing: Already, I’ve got plots unfolding in my mind :rofl: just looking at their photos! :joy: They ooze stuffs of dramas!


Those are cupcakes? Amazing.


probably put on those sticks and placed on a “frog” y’know like you put flowers on, anyway thats my guess. anyway they are beautiful


more cake

Dramas with those Darn Umbrellas!

this is for the ones that just got married the other day


mans briefcase Briefcase 💼 cake 🎂 by Rositsa Aleksieva

#cakes #man #briefcase #cakeformen #cake #cakedecorating #cakeart #cakedecor #cakesdecor


Hyun Bin & Son Ye Jin Wedding Ceremony Photos Article:

Beautiful flowers. Difficult to clearly see SYJ actual wedding dress worn on the actual day, unfortunately. Photos also include what looks like a Wedding Ceremony Program? Everything is written in Korean so I can’t confirm. Anyone here in the forum read Korean? Hopefully they will release more info and pictures later.