[Solved] Known issue: Error 400 or 404 on inbox

I too now have access to my inbox, and to the community discussions. It took two to three days.
Thankfully while locked out, I could read new posts.
I now think, a large part of the issues that developed, after the June 8th update, are related to what was asked here:

However, I never really took notice, until I read this post. A reply post.

I adjusted my cookie settings for the browser I use, and everything is now accessable.
Thanks so much!


I just “played” a little, and I would expect for such a form to run with functional cookies and not with targeting cookies.
So I can access the form but only if I accept targeting cookies while it’s visible, the request for subtitle form doesn’t require any cookies to the ones that are always in use. Weird, is it?


Cookies are tricky things
Can’t live with, or without 'em
:woman_shrugging:t5: what can I tell ya :roll_eyes:

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I like other :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: more !


Yup! Me too :slight_smile:

I think everyone likes those more :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi all, as we’ve updated in the original post, this issue has been resolved. You should now be able to access your inbox successfully. If you are still unable to, please clear your browser cache and cookies, then re-log in.

Thanks for being patient with us!