[Solved] Simple question about subs

Edit: Question fully resolved! Delete if you like.

Usually the language moderator that accepted you as a team member adds you as a subber. A CM can do this too, but will likely get the okay from the language moderator. Maybe one or both of them are not available at the moment, so it can take a few hours … Sometimes …
While waiting for an answer you can try to access the sub editor, but as I said it might take a bit.
Viki system lately is a bit buggy too, so I hope it is not the latter. Anyway, welcome aboard and be ready to exercise patience, apart from that have fun. It’s possible that your ID will only show at the team list, when you actually made subtitles. (I don’t remember that point clearly.)

Thank you so much for getting back to me!

I originally asked the CM if I could join, that’s why I messaged her again about this. If she already gave me the okay, doesn’t she already have the language moderator’s? And wouldn’t she add me immediately?
But it’s good to know I can’t do anything but wait atm :slight_smile: so thank you!

No worries! You will get to learn more and more at Viki.
For example, you can not delete posts in here. Once they are out, you can’t take them back. So we usually will leave it like it is and just write “[solved/answered]” in front of the heading.
Good luck!

Awe, thank you, you’re really helping a newbie out here! <3

You can also tag viki staff with @ before their username and ask them to delete it for you.
OR, if you think the question and the answers might be useful to some other user, don’t delete it but give a more descriptive name.

I am new and can’t work out how to add a new topic… but is there anyway the message can be conveyed to the lovely subbers that ‘washing up’ and ‘wash up’ is something you do in the kitchen to kitchen utensils and not to your body. The correct thing to say is ‘I’ll go and take a shower’ or ‘I’ll have a bath’ or ‘I’m going to get washed.’

Please pass this on.

If you want to give feedback, you should contact the language moderator of the drama/episode that needs this info, since we here in the forum don’t know where you read that ^^

Hi there!
New topic is not available to newbies at discussions right away, since it’s a “third party” offering this service here is the link with the things you need to do in order to post topics here.
I don’t know about “washing up” but got told that “to wash up”, means to wash oneself in American English. The subtitles use American English instead of British English. For mistakes/typos you notice, you can always contact language moderator in charge.

I’ve definitely heard people say “I’ll go wash up” for “I’ll take a shower/clean whatever body part.”

Generally though, contact the English language moderator for this. Click on the series, scroll down to the subtitling team, click on its name (or the circle with the +[number] in it), then look for the English mod. You can click their pic, then send them a message via the envelope symbol.

Look at the links below. You are right with your definition of washing up in English. It is for dishes or for whales who have been washed up ashore. But it adds that in American, wash up is also used for one’s body. (Unfortunately the American language is the norm here at Viki, because most of the volunteers are from there).


Thank you - I had forgotten about whales washing up on shore!

It is very helpful to know that this is an American useage rather than a mistranslation about which I felt honour bound to comment.

Great community here - I wish I had time to be more involved.

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Lutra - I emailed back - you probably didn’t get it.

This was really helpful to discover. I will also know now to be in touch with the language moderator.

Again - thank you honeybuns - I responded via email and realise now I need to come to the site.

A revelation that this is the way the term is used in the States!

Emailed me??? I didn’t get a mail I think, when?

The messages on this site arrived in my email inbox - so I replied to the emails initially without coming to this site - if that makes sense.

I think they were ‘no reply’ emails.

Ah, the email notifications about new answers etc. Yes, you’re supposed to click the link in order to come here and reply.

Oh, I think I got it now - the redirection function. Okay, question solved.
Good day everyone!

Hey ! I’m french and I’m actually watching “Gardian” ! I’m fond of this drama but need french subtitles to understand everything :s I know it’s long to subtitle (and people makes it very good - REALLY thanks ^^) but can someone tell me how long I have to wait (there’s 40 ep and i’m waiting for the 21 with french subtitles after seeing it ever switching with the 60% of french and the rest of English subtitles) ^^
Thanks for an answer !
sorry :smiley: