Spam hunt! What to do with Viki Comment Policy's violator?

There is at least one posted comment a day advertising other streaming providers.
Since it is against Viki Comment Policy ( and is disrespectful to the amount of work volunteers offer at each channel.

I wondered if it is possible to get a bit faster in flagging those annoying comments faster and I thought about a post here. To get peoples attention.

Unfortunately there is only the option to mark the comments as spam, when it should be violation of policy. Spam seems so harmless in comparison, it’s only on the level of a “nasty fly”.

First there were the spammers, who put the name of the drama and a link with a private set disqus account only using the on air dramas. Now there are popular dramas affected of the past years and not every spammer sets the account to private. I will put the link here of spammers and channels I find and hope you will help out flagging them, so we can get rid of this eyesore.

I will point out some names here, who may be able to spread the word. Of course, I would be happier, if Viki and discuss would find a better solution, but until then … Hwighting! :wink:

@bozoli @irmar @cgwm808 @deadliftdiva_548 @kamkar1 @kakashiandme @ck1oz
@marykarmelina @sophie2you @dudie


Sounds good, but… do you think that posting here will elicit a quicker response than reporting them as we usually do?

Yesterday I found this spammer, who is “working” openly, here history is open, even writing two comments at I Am Not a Robot. So you can either use this to go to the channels and flag the comments, or use the links of the channels to do so

On the way there was another old spam poster:
at the channels

What [quote=“lutra, post:1, topic:22177”]
other streaming providers.
[/quote] ?! I would like to know too.

At least the comments will be locked earlier, if enough people flag them.

Know what?

Flag AND report from the user’s page.


@irmar LOL That is all the contribution I do in the past two weeks, I give this data to Viki. The comments are taking down in about 24-36 hrs, unless it is the weekend.

Well several span messages at I am not a robot were deleted so keep up the good work everyone!. I would like to delete all the complainers about subbing speed too.


Well, in a few of those channels the comments have been deleted, but, as I wrote in my report I just submitted, it’s no use doing only that, if the person then goes and writes fresh ones on other channels. He or she went and wrote a whole bunch of new comments yesterday. The only solution is banning this person from here.

i find if someone is selling something or advertising, If I send the link to the page where the comment is to, they usually remove the abuser’s membership fairly quick.

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Most spammers do not have a Viki ID, they have only a disqus account. So Viki can ban them from here, but can’t delete the disqus account.
If we, normal viki users, block the spammer, then only the comments of this certain spammer will be blocked for our eyes, everyone else still can see the comment.
I wished we could delete such a comment, or block it for moderation like it was in former years. Well the actions were more useful when the comment section wasn’t outsourced of Viki.
The problem is that Viki should ban the link address in the comment, but today they didn’t activate the link function, they only wrote the link as normal text. If it is a bot, I wonder how it works, or maybe it isn’t and tries to figure out, how we detect the comments. The secret is once again volunteer force.

I have contact with a staff member too and it works pretty smooth, just sometimes there is the time delay since I am in Europe, the weak time period is the weekend.


Rakuten is a huge company. The financial interest in preventing siphoning off of their viewers…I am sorry, but seriously…I cannot police all the cover pages on top of everything else I already do here for free. I’ve tried. I sometimes flag one. Some fans will too. But…the bottom line is this:

Prevention of erosion of their viewers…is…a Rakuten matter. Just as infringement on their license to broadcast certain dramas exclusively etc…by posting illicitly elsewhere? :slight_smile:

Our work gets all over the place, we work here for free, and it gets “liberated” widely throughout the world for profit in various place. We cannot stop them - and…well…we are doing this already for free?

My suggestion is that perhaps it is time the overlords hire on a few more hands - even intern hands if they must - to police the cover page spammers and take it off our plates. check the ratings for this too, that’s another hot spot. Slow down the spoilers on the cover page too, nicely perhaps? :slight_smile:

Because…it doesn’t take rocket science - it’s not a matter of translation usually…and…the bottom line is, it is indeed their bottom line…:slight_smile:


Yesterday I went on a flagging spree in the reviews for Touch Of Heart. Yes I know everyone can’t wait and loves to see Grimreaper and his Sunny paired up again but it’s not a review…

Will go through the comment sections of the Kdrama mentioned.

And disqus is 3rd party so Viki doesn’t have much control over it so the only thing Viki can do is asking Disqus to block those accounts or change it so only Viki users can post. But I have no idea if that’s even possible because when I had an issue both Disqus and Viki couldn’t help me. Viki pointed at Disqus with my problem and Disqus said no we cannot do that… so then the issue remains…


@dudie Thank you, dudie!
I know it’s hard to endure and I wished that it is possible to just in able comments that mention a certain word combination.
P.S. Late reply because “a certain someone” aka me has not hit the button …

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That’s a wonderful idea. I’m frustrated by them and I can only imagine how disheartening they are to volunteer staff.
Sometimes I use the down button on rude comments (not reviews). I wonder if anyone else utlizes that button.

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There are several of the same issues we are always discussing here. And they are driving this little community nuts. I will not be saying here anything new which we haven’t mentioned before. This is for organisation purposes only.

Bottom line, as volunteers our time is too precious to do something which a bot can easily do. So, I think we should consider suggesting to Viki to automate smarter checking of comments for the following:

1. General spam. Smart way to do this is to forbid any links in the comments. Yes we would have to upload the pictures rather than input a direct online link, but in my book it sure beats going manually through all the comments). Those comments would be instantaneously blocked with a explanation message saying links are not allowed.

2. Subtitle requests. (Whether in Discussion section or in the live comments.) Two-three keywords as filter would do. “Subtitles/subs”, [Language], “want” or “please”. Those a user could not post if first not re-directed to the form to ask for subs.

3. Review section used as comment field. (Probably the most irritating problem in my book.) The first sentence in the message with rules about reviewing should be: “Review section should not be used instead of the Discussion section. If you wish to comment on the show, please follow this link”. And only after that, there should be an explanation what a review actually is and so on.

Offenders of the 1st point should be banned until further notice. (Viki staff review, profile deletion etc.)

Repeated offenders of the 2nd and 3rd point (3 times) should be placed “on ice” for a week first. Next three offenses - for a month. And so on.


Unfortunately anyone can easily write the spam website without making it a link. Just insert a space, or don’t put www, or whatever.
And this idea, if implemented, will be a huge discomfort for us. No more posting of youtube OST videos, no more pictures with the link (as you say, we’ll have to upload everything, charging with a heavy load the viki site). We have only to lose for this, and all this, only to prevent viki from losing money, which does not concern us too much after all. Not worth it in my opinion

I agree on putting various roadblocks to reviews, and some filter words in comments. But not the word “please”, as it could be used innocently for a number of other things. As in “Please don’t spoil”, “Please remove your comment”. We do want to be polite :slight_smile:

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I’m personally okay without the pictures and videos in the comments, but I can see how that might be limiting to some of the users.

About the word filter on my second point, I meant in obligatory combination with other two words (boolean AND). I’m sure better key word suggestions and their combinations can be found than the one I suggested.

Hahaha! Yes we doooo ! :laughing:

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