Stop holding the moderator posts on team discussions

What on earth do you find fascinating about a note releasing an episode.

if I post to this new “contributing” thing does it disappear like release notes?

half kidding, half not.


? What are you talking about?


Are you talking about when Viki holds posts on the TD for “moderation”?


I can’t even be bothered talking anymore about the minefield of keywords one has to pass to get the comment in TD shown immediately. So sad… and dumb.


Team Discussions? Ah. The pertinent info was in the title, not in the text.

Yea, that censor-bot in Team Discussoins is a pain. The main culprits seem to be translation and subtitles so I’ve just learned to put spaces between the letters. Someone told me that it was because of viewers’ demands to know when the translations or subtitles would be ready. The same public Disquis is used in Team Discussions so the same banned words are in effect. So annoying.


I discovered a couple of days ago that “segments” is also a filtered word.


You can also avoid it by writing “subs,” “subbers,” “seggers,” etc. instead of the official word.


Wait, you mean that, in a space dedicated to certain activities, naming these activities is a cause for moderation? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::woman_facepalming:
I would laugh, but it is too absurd.


Yes, exactly.


And you wait for 24 hours while your CE is in the TD and you’re in the midst of a conversations about a term you need to translate right now.

Viki’s automatic system: Please wait for 24 hours and seethe quietly.

If honestly these comments need to be “moderated”, then there should be:

  1. Priority for comments in TD
  2. An on-call 24/7 person who approves them

I don’t think Disqus provides a way to differentiate the comments section from team discussions but Viki could use the trusted users list:


That’s why editors usually make a dedicated chat thread or Google sheet. Because the official tool for this job has been rendered useless.


The CE in this example was you :grin:


YES. They are “hold on…viki needs to approve this” on every release note. Notes between editors for crying out loud! on segments needed or other questions?

it’s asinine. it’s pathetic. it’s useless. (and 50 other good adjectives).

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@porkypine90_261, I do not mean to offend anyone who finds timed comments or demands regarding subs to be amusing, charming, and refreshingly spontaneous (cynical much?) . . . but these days, what is the point of timed comments and other opportunities for Viki viewers to sound as if they are poorly raised twelve-year olds?

When I first got a subscription to Viki, I was very distracted by timed comments when I was trying to watch different dramas. “Why is it taking them so f----ing long to kiss?” “That’s so rude!” “Who f----ing asked you, b----?” That kind of thing.

And if I wanted to make a comment, there was no way to squeeze anything I wanted to say into the timeline. I was very happy when I realized I could turn all that off.

And when it comes to viewers using discussions/reviews of dramas to complain about subtitles, why can’t someone with authority make it clear that such comments use up band width and are not appropriate and will be deleted?


last resort is the chatterbox next to the editor. I use it when I have a live conversation with a team member. But there is no date so if members from other teams chat in there one doesn’t know date frame or has to scroll all and then there is no direct feedback on a particular message, so again… it’s not easy… I cannot access disqus at all, there is a blue box to accept all cookies, no way I do… I can just read below the box old messages, but can’t post… it’s an utterly idiocy… lately even Viki after logout and login asks again for cookies… they have a feature to reject all, perhaps that’s the reason I can’t access disqus, but it was possible before…

Another possibility is to use google docs for those who use disqus, it can be easily accessed, amended and edited/commented, as someone already said, or Viki would use another commenting platform…

The ever changing digital fabric is restricting and more demanding by companies to track, putting ads and 3rd parties sharing… no wonder websites use so much digital data… to make money… and they spend money for these services as well…


You are someone who could at the very least advise the Help Desk . . . or the webmaster . . . or the programmers, and advise them well. And there are others with that technical flair. I think of myself as a super-user; I can tell someone that a feature or lack of a feature is user-friendly or unfriendly, but the details often escape me.

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The last resort is VikiMail or PMs here on Discussions. The last is way better than the first, but sadly, not everyone uses Discussions.
In fact, the only reason it’s hard to live without TD is that all the others are still using it and expect us to do the same. The feature itself doesn’t have anything that can’t be found elsewhere.


I just printed off a bunch of articles from the Viki Help Center about segging and subbing to get a more clear, precise understanding of how the subbing process in particular is supposed to be done and what the result should be.

Because those standards have gotten kind of wonky over the past three years and were wonky before lockdown started.

I had no idea that the individuals responsible for setting some standards and transmitting some standards from the top of the food chain are all volunteers.

This makes the lack of consistent quality in subs (at least English-language subs) more puzzling to me.

People who have devoted a lot of volunteer time and energy to segging and subbing have a great amount of responsibility and influence–and they don’t seem willing to use it.

Case in point is an article entitled (ha) “Do I get paid to subtitle on Viki?” It is full of what I call “weasel words” and is the least passionate, least convincing chunk of verbiage there could be about the excitement of being part of the volunteer community.

Below is the short article, and below that is my take on the kind of language I wish had been used but wasn’t.



Subtitlers on Viki are contributors from our contribution community. On Viki, people who are passionate about the content – whether they want to collaborate with others, learn a new language or practice their translation skills – join together to help translate shows into multiple languages.

Active contributors who reach a certain threshold will qualify for Qualified Contributor (QC) status, which will grant them access to special additional perks.

Learn how to get started in the Viki Community!



Subtitlers on Viki, like segmenters, are devoted members of the volunteer community and their segmenting and subtitling contributions are made and recognized in that devoted volunteer spirit.

Viki volunteers are passionate about Viki content and dedicated to sharing their love of Asian dramas. They freely give of their time in collaborating on projects with other volunteers, improving their knowledge of other languages, maturing their translation skills, and mentoring other Viki volunteers in learning how to segment dialog and write subtitles.

Active segmenting and subtitling contributors who reach a certain threshold will qualify for Qualified Contributor (QC) status. This gives them access to a variety of perks and prizes.

Share the passion! Learn how to get started in the Viki Community!


At this point, if anybody who wants to do segging and subtitling truly believes there is ever going to be cash money given in exchange for their services . . . they are living in La La Land (and I don’t mean Los Angeles). So actually saying (in pleasant yet accurate public relations words) that there is no money involved should not be a problem.

And though Viki will never compensate dedicated seggers and subbers in keeping with their actual education and experience, it should not be difficult to say (again in pleasant yet accurate public relations words), “Honey, you get recognition for being one of a few out of millions who support the best of the best in Asian drama. If that’s not enough, then you’re probably not a good fit for the work.”

The only real problem I see, that I have always seen, is that accountants are making decisions about what is meaningful recognition.

“We are going to have a lot of prizes for our volunteers with labels that say, ‘No baby seals were harmed and no money was spent in the showing of deep and meaningful appreciation.’ At the start of each new fiscal quarter, everyone in the Accounting Department will wake up at midnight, Tokyo time, get out of bed, and bow for ten appreciative seconds toward each quadrant of the compass.”

The recognition piece of Viki segging and subbing work still needs major rethinking . . .

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