[Viki Community] New Moderator Roles Requirements


You’re forgetting the other channel. We have 2 training channels but we are also mods of the NSSA channel. So it would be 3/5.


I think OL Mods should have a button to sign out of projects themselves. This would then notify the CM of Mods decision. It would also be great for the Mod to have the possibility to write a text with the reasons why they’re quitting the project. But once you click that button, you would immediately remove yourself from the team.

This would solve issues we face when being assigned to old projects where CMs are no longer active. Not to mention that it would greatly speed things up and save everybody lots of hassle.


I think kohakuchim is from Polish community and I deffinitelly agree, I think some people even forget about their projects? Like there is one episode translated or nothing at all, many projects are unedited or just messed up. That’s the only reason I think this change could be good. Maybe some projects would be finally finished? But I’m afraid they would be rushed with some google-translated versions of subtitles and the cycle would continue.
What I think would be good, if on the profile we could see all projects that a person currently moderates, probably a wall of shame for some people :smiley: Then the CM’s could check for themselves, if it’s from Ninja Academy or some unavailable project or a hoarded project
I think Irmar made some good suggestions about the time of the release also.
Right now the main problem is that if the CM wants to check the projects of a certain moderator, they have to go through a ton of things and that’s also not effective (if mod for example didn’t make a single subtitle on the certain project).

I think this change will affect people of the different communities in a different way and we will have to see.

(@kohakuchim I can’t vouch for you now, because we’ve never worked together, but we can talk to each other on the DMs, maybe work together and then we can apply to something as a mods together, it’s easier to get a project as 2 people, I have some numbers on my profile and some experience, so I think we would be able to get something. I’m not a hoarder, but I admit, that I have my moments of lagging behind, my fault, that’s mainly because I edit everything by myself)


God forbid that, there is nothing worse than watching a series that leaves you crying because the subtitles make no sense. I have dropped so many series on another platform because the English translations are trash and I would hate to see that happen here. The reason we dedicate time to this is to provide subs so that other people can also enjoy the sires in their native tongue.


As someone who is also somewhat new I agree with that. Some people are very nice when rejecting your application, but others are very rude. Time ≠ quality


What if they pulled out of the team without informing the CM beforehand? Or in the case that an arguement breaks out and mods remove themselves in protest? The CM would be stuck with no mods.


Why would you need to inform the CM beforehand? It’s the same as sending a message to the CM, except the CM doesn’t have to do anything. And they would know that the Mod pulled out of a project because they would get an automatic notice/message.

That I leave to the CMs who warrant such behaviour from their Mods. If the CM did something so bad that most Mods want to leave, they will leave no matter what, even in the current slow manual system we have. Quitting a project is the same as quitting a job. You shouldn’t be held hostage by a CM or, perhaps more importantly, a generally bad project.


Well, what if the CM is right and the mods are friends? Beig allowed to remove yourself from a project… idk if that’s a very good idea. You could even have mods dropping out because they’re bored of a drama. And then we’d have even more abandoned projects that take forever to complete. Especially if it’s an English team problem.


You already are allowed to remove yourself from the project under any (and none of the) circumstances. Yes, if you’re bored from the drama you translate so much that you want to quit, you should quit! Because it slows down your overall productivity on Viki (maybe you even want to quit Viki altogether). Because there might be another person who is interested in the same drama, but doesn’t know, want or doesn’t dare working with you. In my language if they see an empty spot in a project, newer volunteers are more likely to jump in and finish it.

One’s sense of responsibility is one’s own. And we do this job on the side, as volunteers. Each of us has a different opinion on what they’re willing to give to Viki, how far they are willing or able to go with volunteering. And that needs to be respected.

If you work with a person a few times, you learn how much you can rely on their work. And perhaps remember that this Mod/Subber has quitted two of your projects recently. So maybe they shouldn’t be assigned to this new project, after all.


Wait… :thinking: Have you never removed yourself from a project or seen anyone remove themselves from a project before?


Oops! I didn’t know you could do that! :sweat_smile: I apologize for my ignorance. I’ve only ever seen volunteers request to be removed.



No need to apologise. You just confused me for a second there :blush:

It just goes to show how strong your sense of commitment is to your projects :raised_hands:

Wait… at this moment to remove yourself from a project, you have to send an email (request) to your CM. Is that the request you were referring to?

P.S. We are editing our responses too quickly for this conversation. Which is why Discord is so much better to communicate.


Lol. So to keep things straight… the only way to remove tourself from a project rn is to contact the CM, right?


But I need to be able to add my newbies, I can’t do that as an editor. But I can’t keep bothering the CM about it either. This is only possible as an All Language Moderator.


If you have projects exclusively for NSSA, send a message to Viki Staff to whitelist them. I have such a project, and I did so.


That’s right! :grin:


You’re right, Alex. As an English Editor, I cannot add newbies, only as an English Moderator or All Languages Moderator. I can edit TN or open and close episodes. When I trained GEs, I was CE, or the CE added them for me to train. If you train several newbies, that is too bothersome to keep asking the Language Moderator to add them.

Training Channels under Segging or Subbing Academies must be exempt because they ensure quality work gets done!

I have never applied for CM because I’m busy enough with editing, but I have been CE for new CMs and had to guide them or ask my friend Mirjam to guide them. Many CMs don’t know how to add our English roles properly, and there where cases where we were all added as All Language Moderators or even just as subbers! For one drama, I had to ask the CM three times before she added our roles properly. So I can see there are/will be issues of policing Language Moderator roles due to lack of knowledge on the part of CMs.

The hoarding of moderator roles does need fixing.

The issue of quality subs in other languages does need consideration. I have a friend who worked as a professional translator over 30 years. She is often high on the leaderboard, takes on more than five projects, prefers to work alone because she is appalled at translations in her language done by others, and she volunteers daily. Viewers message her begging her to take on a project because they recognize her skill in translation and hard work. I think this new regulation would unfairly affect responsible, hardworking OL Mods like her. She won’t accept a project unless she knows she will complete it in a timely manner! She has a schedule where she dedicates time to each channel.

I think Viki needs to start at the top of the team and sort out all inactive CMs and CEs, then you can clean up the hoarding Language Moderators who start projects and never finish! A responsible CM would remove all Language Moderators who are inactive. Under “Activities” on each episode, I can see all people who were active and how long ago. I can see that a Ukrainian subber worked six minutes ago on an episode that our CE just released. All Language Moderators can see how many languages are at 95% at any given time.

  1. We need more responsibility on the part of our CMs.

  2. We need English Teams that do not hoard because they affect all language teams under them.

  3. Viki needs to look at the number and quality of shows they license. If volunteers are dropping the boring/bad channels, Viki doesn’t need to spend good money on such channels.


The Academy is currently not accepting new languages. We do it on dramas that have not found German moderators.


Now that we are at the topic of CMs… I want @vikicommunity to know that they are not following their own guidelines. I recently came across this article

Previous Channel Management and/or Moderation experience. If possible, experience on at least 2 shows and/or movies.

Viki has recently appointed several CMs who never worked as a Moderator, thus going against their own guidelines. :thinking:


They also go against their own review guidelines… they don’t even bother to remove the reviews of drama that didn’t air yet so cannot have reviews or other non review reviews such as sub whining.


I think 20.000 would be a good amount for becoming a language mod.