[Viki Community Team] Seg-Subtember 2023 Updates & Guidelines!

Hi everyone,

We made some significant changes to the Seg-Subtember 2023 after reading your helpful feedback.

Here’s what we did:

  • We eliminated streaks in favor of days per week of your choosing — these no longer have to be consecutive days
  • We shortened the number of days needed to earn a badge
  • We removed contribution minimum
  • We replaced the daily post requirement with a weekly one
  • For the first time, you will be able to earn multiple contribution badges during an event! Prizes will be given away too!

We hope these updates will help alleviate some of your segmenting and time constraint concerns while still giving you a chance to join your fellow Contributors in something new!

Full details are below.

Here’s how to participate:

  • Contribute anywhere from 2 to 5 days every week throughout the month of September for a chance to earn a new gemstone badge every week! Badges will be awarded at the end of the event depending on how many days each week you contribute: 2 days, 3 days, 4 days, or 5 days.
  • Share the gemstone you’re pursuing each week in a dedicated Discussions thread and encourage 2 others by liking their post!

General guidelines:

  • Seg-Subtember runs from September 1st, 2023 00:00 UTC – September 28th, 2023 23:59 UTC. Convert your local time zone to UTC here.
  • Week 1 of Seg-Subtember begins on September 1st, and each subsequent week will be every 7 days (in UTC time) from then.
    • Week 1: September 1 – 7
    • Week 2: September 8 – 14
    • Week 3: September 15 – 21
    • Week 4: September 22 – 28
  • Contribute 2 or more days a week to earn a badge! Contributions can be segments, subtitles, or both.

  • At the end of the event, the Top 25 contributors of each “badge bucket” will earn a special badge in addition to their weekly badge(s) at the end of Seg-Subtember!
  • The Top 3 Contributors of each bucket will also get to pick an exclusive gift from our Viki gift vault!
  • Badges will be awarded 7 – 10 days after the event ends on September 28th, 2023.
  • See our Seg-Subtember help article for suggested shows if you’re looking for something new!

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Okay, so if a user is among Top 25 each week, then will they get 4 Top 25 badges?


So now we have to write in a thread again and mark (like) others! Should not this be omitted?

There should be no interaction between volunteers. No matter what I do, it can be perceived positively and negatively by the person. Why does this have to be done? Why am I forced to go into Viki Discussions.


Does the streak reset every week? Ex) is it possible to say, do week one, skip week two, and then do week three and still get badges for week three?

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The rules are confusing…A LOT!


Do we make a post the day after the week ends? And what exactly should be in the post? The days we contributed? How much we contributed?


Hi @shraddhasingh - A total of 100 Top 25 badges will be given out.
We’ll be looking at the Top 25 for each bucket at the end of Seg-Subtember:
The Top 25 of those who have earned 2 day badges
The Top 25 of those who have earned 3 day badges, and so on. Thanks!


To 25 based on:

  1. the number of contributions or
  2. the number of days contributing?

I assume this is the top 3 contributors with the highest number of contributions that week within 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-day bucket?


Hi @gennaowen_497 - Yes! You can do any week you want and skip the ones you don’t. You’ll still earn a badge for # of days in the week you elect to do.
Just remember that these are the weeks (UTC time):

  • Week 1: September 1 – 7
  • Week 2: September 8 – 14
  • Week 3: September 15 – 21
  • Week 4: September 22 – 28

Hi @damiechan - We’ll put the post up right before the week starts. Feel free to post anytime during the week. Just share what gemstone you’re going for, that’s it!


If I do 2 days each week, will I have 4 2 days badge? Will there be visual distinction between them to separate badges of week 1, 2, 3,4?


Hi @bozoli - Thanks for asking. Just like with Subathons both the Top 25 and the Top 3 will be based on the number of contributions. It’ll be the total number of contributions for each bucket at the end of Seg-Subtember and not weekly.


Hi @shraddhasingh - Thanks for your followup questions
Yes - if you do two days each week by the end of Seg-Subtember you’ll have earned four (4) two day badges.
Yes again - we’ve created the badges so there’s a visual distinction between weeks. Thanks!


I’m extremely confused… I understood how can I get the top25 badge, but if I want the other 4 badges? How should I proceed? Should I go like:

  • first week: i want the 2days badge
  • second week: i want the 3days badge
  • third week: i want the 4days badge
  • fourth week: i want the 5days badge

Like this? The thing is that I’ll contribute more than that in a week, as I’m daily active…


Hi @dimghro - That’s correct. If you’d like to earn each of the gemstone badges one way to approach it is like you’ve outlined above - pursuing a different # each week. Keep in mind you don’t need to earn them in consecutive order like your example.
p.s. That’s amazing that you’re active daily. Each week will also have a different background color so if you’d like to go for the 5 day badge 4 weeks in a row, you’ll be able to tell those 5 day badges apart. Hope that helps!


Can I request all 4 badges each week?:joy:


Haha. That was a good try. :wink:


Can we know, what the backgrounds will be in what order?

Hi @zyxw - Yes! If you’ll look at the badge images in this post, you’ll see each one displays the different background color for each week - in the order you see now. :blush: Thanks!


We should try, and request a 7 days badge :rofl: