Want to subtitle? Let people know!

strong text HI EVERYONE :smile: ! I’m french, i’ve studied English Korean and Chinese for 3 years at university.
i’d be Happy to help subtitling From English to french. i’m opened to anything ( movies, dramas etc), surprised me :wink::relaxed: .

Hi! I’m Finnish university student and i’d be happy to help subtitling from English to Finnish. Please let me know if there’s any project going on where i’d be needed :slight_smile:

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I would like to translate korean dramas from english to hungarian. If you are looking for a hungarian member please contact me. :slight_smile: Magyarok írjatok, ha tudok valahova csatlakozni, köszi! :smiley:

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Merci beaucoup, j’ai contacté un modérateur sur la liste. C’est super gentil. :slight_smile:

Hello! I would like to subtitle a Japanese-English project! I can also help with Korean-English on an intermediate level.

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I’m looking for French subbers.


Hi! I’m fluent in Japanese, Korean, and English and am interested in subbing from Japanese or Korean to English! I can also sub a little bit from Mandarin to English at an intermediate level!


Hi! I have some time left on my hands and I would love to help with subbing from English to Portuguese.
If needed just send me a message me!

Olá! Estou com tempo livre agora nas férias, e adoraria ajudar com as legendas de inglês pra português.
Qualquer coisa é só me mandar uma mensagem! :blush:

Hii, I would like to help with subtitles from English to Portuguese! :wink:

Hi! I wish to help in subtitling from Korean to English. I am currently learning Korean and am close to intermediate level. I would like to improve my language skills by helping in subtitling.
Thank you.

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Hola a todos,

Recuerden se seguir la página que he creado :smiley:
Please remember to follow the page I have created :wink:

AHORA los invito a FORMAR PARTE conmigo en estos proyectos Japoneses.
¡Espero que los añaden a sus favoritos! Y si quieren entrar al equipo, favor de mandar un mensaje a @gabyvtv
(Si ya me han pedido estar en los equipos, ha de estar en el muro)

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Fugitive Boys

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Hello there,

I can sub English/Chinese, and would love to contribute, let me know if I can help to subtitle any videos. :))
Also I know basic Korean, if this tidbit of information catches your eye in anyway :wink:

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Hi there, i would love to translate subtitles into french. I can only sub when the subtitles are in english, so, if you need help on a project, you can always contact me:)
Thank you,

hi there, I want to translate :

  • very basic korean to english
  • english to french
  • english to turksih
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Hi guys ^^
I would love to help so if someone need a english in German translator feel free to answer me or contact me :slight_smile:

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Looking for help with subbing from english to spanish - english to portuguese. (Can be a mod for portuguese)

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Hello I can subtitle korean dramas from English to Polish

I’d like to help subtitle Japanese shows from Japanese to English.

Please send me a message if you are interested.

Looking forward to helping introduce more English speakers to Japanese shows!


Hi - unsure if anyone is looking, but i’m really keen to help subtitle Mandarin shows into English.

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@lorbatgou, I’m sure there is plenty of job for you, I’m sure, as many Chinese dramas sorely need subbers. Have a look at the ones which are unsubbed yet and contact the English Moderator.