Want to subtitle? Let people know!

I can help in subtitling to English to Portuguese.
I’m glad to help anyone here.

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Hi everyone! I’m new to the community but I love asian TV shows and I look forward to start working on some projects. I can translate from English to Italian, but I know a bit of Chinese too! I can’t wait to work with you all, please contact me if you need an Italian subtitler. :smiley:

This is the link to my profile: erisanosekai - Rakuten Viki


Hi all, I came back to Viki after a 5 year hiatus. I used to translate Chinese to English before, and I still want to do it. But now it seems that it’s not available at all in the project boards. Wonder if anyone is still looking for Chinese to English subbers – please contact me.


Hello, I’m new here. :relaxed: I’ve been watching Korean dramas since 2019. And I’ve recently started to watch Chinese dramas as well. Since Serbian is my native language I can help with ongoing projects for which translation is needed from English or with translations from English to Serbo-Croatian as I speak Eastern Herzegovinian dialect.
Looking forward to assist this amazing community and thank you all for your hard work.
Loreley :purple_heart:

Hi everyone! I’m trying to start as a translator from English to Portuguese (PT-BR). I started watching k-dramas in 2021 and it soon became my addiction.
I’m really good at reading English and I have an extensive knowledge of Portuguese.
I’ll be glad to help!

@erisanosekai, @loreley_90_srb_727, @nathportella, @jeffs

Welcome to Viki!
I suggest you read other posts in this thread, where veteran volunteers have given copious advice on what to do.
Whatever to do, don’t use the Project Finder, it’s totally useless. It marks as needing help every project (drama or film) that is not finished yet, but sometimes all that is missing is half an episode, and the translating team is already formed before the first episode is even uploaded.
It’s better to find moderators of your language and write to them, asking whether they need any help in any of their projects.
Be sure to include the information about whether you have Viki Pass or not, because unfortunately most projects on Viki are not accessible to those who don’t.

(Elisa, se qualcuno ti dice che serve fare un corso oppure ottenere un badge per tradurre su Viki, non è affatto vero).

Start by reading the articles on Help. They will reply to many of your questions, even questions you didn’t think of.


Useful threads to read here, that will make you grasp very quickly the situation:

  1. First Experience When Joining Viki Contributor. How Hard was it to get a Project When You First Apply? - #24 by jasgiul, 2) Good tips to subtitling? - #19 by irmar, 3) Colloquialisms and translations question - #111 by irmar, 4) K channels not requiring any pass to subtitle, 5) Beginners & project finder message system - #32 by sonmachinima, 6) Looking for a project to subtitle, 7) New on Viki, where can I start to contribute? - #5 by piranna

Grazie mille per i consigli, effettivamente all’inizio è difficile riuscire a capire bene il funzionamento! Mi sono iscritta alla NSSA Academy sperando che possa aiutarmi a essere accettata più velocemente dai vari moderatori. Grazie ancora! :heart:

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Bonjour. Disponible pour faire des trad anglais/français. Si vous avez besoin d’aide n’hésitez pas à demander. dispo quelques heures par jour. Belle journée à tous

I’m helping with French and am very fast ! :slight_smile:

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Voici la liste des modérateurs cherchant des sous-titreurs de l’anglais au français. Il me semble avoir vu qu’il était à jour.

Recrutement des équipes Francophones - Google Sheets

Hello. I want to help with subtitle. I can sub from english into spanish

I can subtitle english to Hindi. Any show or Drama if you need please DM me…boksu065_180 - Rakuten Viki
:face_with_monocle: :cowboy_hat_face:

You may want to post here as well:

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ok thanks. :innocent: :face_with_monocle:

Yes but it would be good to edit your post on that thread to include the languages you’re comfortable to translate into. So that people don’t have to go and check your profile.

Hello everyone,
I hope this message finds you in good health. I am interested in being a subtitler, and my availability is two hours per day. My mother tongue is English, so I am fluent in English. I have intermediate skills in French; therefore, I would like to volunteer on the English/French translation team. Thanks and take good care . :slight_smile:

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Good day to everyone reading this!

Available to translate/subb anything from English to Spanish (or vice versa, in case of needed).
Also do I have experience segging, so please contact me from anything you need!

Thanks in advance!

I can subtitle from English to Italian. I just want to help with whatever project I can. Although I prefer Korean dramas, I’m open to every suggestion or request.
I’m new as a contributor but I’m using Viki since 2020. I have a lot of experience in subbing and synching, as I was in another community of fan subbing. I was Master Subber, Master Syncher, tutor, and examiner for the trainees.
I’ve already sent my application for the Academy, but I’m comfortable starting right away.
So don’t hesitate to contact me.

My profile: base_b_149 - Rakuten Viki

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Cara Barbara, un consiglio sarebbe popolare un po’ la tua pagina di profilo con queste informazioni, in modo che la gente possa vederle.
Ci sono vari tipi di moderatrici italiane. Molte di quelle che fanno parte della NSSA Italian non prendono chi non ha fatto il percorso, nemmeno se è una traduttrice professionista!
Però non sono tutte così, quindi vale la pena provare. Vai alle pagine dei drama e film appena finiti e segnati i nomi delle moderatrici italiane, poi scrivi loro chiedendo se hanno bisogno di gente per i loro progetti. Vedo che hai Viki pass, quindi puoi accedere anche ai progetti on air senza problemi, il che è sicuramente una cosa positiva. Una volta fatti 3000 sottotitoli, la Viki pass sarà gratuita, e come QC (Qualified Contributor) potrai accedere a molto ancora, anche ad alcuni progetti che non hanno la licenza per l’Italia.
Però come inizio, puoi aspettarti di vederti proporre dei progetti di m***a, quelli che non vuole nessun altro. Così abbiamo fatto tutti. (Al ricordo dei primi progetti che ho dovuto tradurre rabbrividisco dalla noia). Poi piano piano, quando ti conosceranno e apprezzeranno il tuo lavoro, potrai comodamente scegliere di partecipare a quel che più ti piace.

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I´m new here and i would like to participate in translating from English to Spanish. I dominate both languages. I hope I can help. :grinning:

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