Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hi !

Guys I can translate from english to spanish~!

PM me (:

Hi there!
I am German and want to help with German subtitles (from English subs).
Some experience as a subber on my previous account blind__guardian.
(Entertainer, Far Away Love, Nirvana In Fire)

Light-hearted, family friendly, non violent K-dramas and Chinese TV-series preferred.

Hope to hear from You soon :wink:

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Hello there,
I was away for a while, but I’m back now and I really want to sub.
I can help with English to Spanish subtitles.
If interested you can send me a message right here: https://www.viki.com/users/jaxymabel/overview

Hello there,
I am a Kdrama lover and really want to subtitle from English to German. I never subtitled before, but i hope this not a reason to reply me.

I really hope to hear from you soon:)

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Hello, i like this website and i would like to join in a team to subtitle from English to Spanish.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I am available for subtitle from English to Portuguese.


Olá, valeriaapereira_816!

Estou sempre procurando voluntários, se não for incomodar estarei enviando um pm pra você.
Dessa forma vou dizer o drama que sou moderadora, se estiver interessada basta retornar a mensagem.


Nina :star:

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Hi !
I can subtitle from english to french.
I am available now.

Bonjour ! Tu trouveras peut-être ton bonheur ici ^.^ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_j0dyJDbQ7_JVIJX_IZmf6sXiCUH21suhA7ru4fgqY4/edit#gid=03 Bonne chance ! :slight_smile:

Merci beaucoup !
Je ne devrais pas avoir de problèmes pour trouver ce qu’il me faut :grin:

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It happened to me (and my team) too. We had a hard time editing it. Might as well faster if we could ctrl+A Del and re-sub it. I bet they did not read any information nor watch the video regarding subtitling procedures before they start.
The thing is, according to Viki’s policy, we can not reject any volunteer who wants to contribute. Is there any chance to settle this matter? Maybe we should apply the same rules as the segmenting team, one has to graduate from an academy before taking any project.

Sorry but I do reject people if I see their recent contributions suck. And if the contributions seem decent but for some reason it turns out they are not good, or they become lazy, or don’t follow rules, I make sure to tell them about it. If they are willing to learn, I try my best to help them improve. If they are arrogant and insist they know better when they don’t, then I kick them out. It’s not pleasant, but can’t be helped.


Hi there!

I would like to help! I can sub from english to spanish (I do this almost daily in my work, so I have some experience). I always try to give meaning and coherence to each phrase. Just let me know if you have a project. :slight_smile:

Hi guys ! I can translate from english to french !
I just finished the last episode of SWAN and I feel so bored please contact me :wink:


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Awwwn c’est génial ! .
Mercii beaucoup :wink:

@lya_schrievle You can help out with Wizard of Nowhere! It’s a Korean variety show about traveling. Please contact the Spanish moderator, if you’re interested.

Oi Nina fique a vontade, pode mandar sempre. Obrigada.

I want to help. I can translate subtitles in english to portuguese

I want to help subbing from english to portuguese. Please let me know if i can help with any project. Thanks.