Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Hey! I’d like to help subbing english to french. I’m mainly interested for korean (or maybe chinese) dramas, please contact me if you need help, thanks! :innocent:


J’espère que ça t’aidera ^-^

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SAME I would love to sub from ENGLISH to ARABIC OR URDU


Yesterday I noticed the German subtitling for one of my favorite dramas „Midas“ hasn’t been completed yet.

Since I’m fluent in English and German, I’d be willing to help in order to complete the task.

schreib die dazugehörige mod an und wenn die nicht reagiert die cm dann

The German mod is https://www.viki.com/users/marycat/overview doesn’t seem very active,
but she might reply. If not then as Netty said ask the CM.

Hey !
I was looking for something to sub, i can do english to portuguese only.
Thanks !

Hey everyone~
I’d love to be of help for German (and eventually Spanish) subtitles.
If there are any K-dramas in need for subs, just hit me up!
I can translate them from English to the languages I mentioned above – and also vice versa.


Hi, I’d love to help! I can translate English to German and could help sub from Chinese although I’m not fluent yet in that. Feel free to contact me with any project (:

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Two weeks ago I’ve send a message to the channel manager and one week ago another one to the mod of the language I thought of helping with, but there’s still no reply from either. No clue what to do now to be honest.

Versuch es nochmal und warte ein paar Tage ab. Wenn sich beide nicht melden, solltest du Viki anschreiben. Den Link zum Help Center findest du ganz unten auf der Viki-Seite. Viel Erfolg!

Hello! I speak English and Spanish. I can understand Korean, however, I do not know how to speak it. I’d love to help subbing. School’s ending soon, so I should have plenty of time.

¡Hola! Hablo inglés y español. Puedo entender el coreano, sin embargo, no puedo hablarlo. ¡Me encantaría ayudar!

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I want to sub English --> German
Some Experience - QC Trainee 2000+ subs
South Korean Chinese TV-series/dramas preferred.
I can also sub Wuxia/Fantasy/Historical series (Majestic Plural)

Hope to hear from You soon :relaxed:


I can translate from English to Polish. If you need subtitler let me know

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@teufelchen_netty_266 and @azrael_tm86v check her out for UL :+1:
@good_spirit Tabea, it seems we have worked before in NIF1 :blush: please let me know if you’ll be
interested in https://www.viki.com/tv/35599c-untouchable-lovers?q=un that will be starting
later in June as soon a team is set, say yes :heart_eyes:

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Je suis disponible et motivée pour traduire de l’anglais au français j’ai un niveau C1/C2. Je suis plutôt intéressée par les dramas coréens, j’ai vécu en Corée et ait validé un niveau 2 de quoi comprendre un peu mieux les contextes mais je suis ouverte à toute proposition :smile:

À bientôt


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Hi. I want to volunteer to do subtitling. I can do subtitles for English to Korean or English to Japanese and if needed possible even English to Arabic and English to Chinese. Please let me help :slight_smile:


Hi. I want to subtitle English to Turkish for Kdrama. Please let me help :smile:

Looking for an english to english (audio or hard sub) subtitling project to work on in my free time. Anyone need any help?