Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I’d love to help viki community. :blush: I can translate from English to Finnish. let me know if I can be useful with this little bonus sub. :smile:


Hey! Je peux traduire du chinois au français, ainsi que de l’anglais au français. Laissez moi savoir si vous avez besoin de moi!


Dear @lovelivenico4u1_541 @clefeifei @vixkitty @sillypiggy @triviaaiu @chumbaka @squishlies @clockwork_april @thegirlinthestars @peachyfluffball katdia first of all welcome to our community
Secondly, in order for you not having to go through all the drama series to find ones that need help why not sending messages to these managers and or moderators for Chinese series in case they need subbers
there are more of course but those the ones I remember at the moment
happy volunteering


I can sub from english to portuguese.


Hello. I would like to find new projects. I can subtitle from English to Polish. I hope I can help in something c:


Mahoula has to be one of the more helpful people around here!



That was very thoughtful of you doing all that work. But…how many times we mention here that they should contact the moderators of their respective language in the dramas they want to work in?

How many times different ppl (myself included) wrote here to also include their link of their profile. Do they really want to participate as a volunteer or is just a show? Some of them get on my nerve because they write and don’t even try to make sense as they write about their skills in different language.

They should also write the same message in the different language they allegedly know (Chinese, French. Arabic, Finish, etc…).


@angelight313_168 I totally agree with you but I just did that because there are shows that really need help so just in case they will message the respective people and start volunteering my time won’t be wasted.


@mahoula what you did was a beautiful thing and is not wasted.

But even then, very few here get added in the teams, although they have the skills to give great subtitles/translations in dramas and viewers can have subs in a decent amount of time.

I know the ‘‘controlling teams’’ we have here will never contact them so they can keep their
same ‘‘buddies’’ of people in their team. Some are afraid the competition might end up being better than they are, and they will be pushed to the side.

We have to be waiting for subtitles in the drama ''bc the volunteers are busy, have personal problems etc… ‘’ But they never try to give others a chance either. We have plenty here that they can be added in their teams (if they don’t give anyone a chance, we’ll never have enough volunteers in the dramas of course).

Lately, waiting for the subtitles here is ridiculous. I won’t even bother until they are all done with the drama. If you check the team is always the same people. I look into the teams and when I see who’s in it I know if subs will be extremely delay or not.

There’s one CM here that whenever they make the mistake of giving her a project, you have to wait more than a week for two episode to be finished, and god forbid you complain about it. This has been going on for years and years this is not new, and nothing changes for the better. We have here a few on air dramas at a snail pace right now. What’s really going on here lately? It’s a real shame…


Hi! My name is Giovanna. I have over a year of experience here on Viki, but haven’t contributed in a while. I can translate from English to Portuguese, so if you could help me get a project, that’d be perfect. Thank you in advance!


Hello everyone !
I would love to help the Viki community!
Do not hesitate to contact me.
I can subtitle from English to Spanish


Procurando por um projeto!


Hey guys!

I’m new here but I’d like to help the community. I can translate from English to Hungarian.


hi, I can subtitle from english to polish :slight_smile:



If anyone needs someone to translate from English to French (for the most part. I’m only intermediate) or a liiiiiittle bit of Korean to English, hit me up. Also, I’m really keen on editing English subs, so if you need an editor, please contact me!


I’m new here and would like to start translate from English to German. Are there any projects where I can help?
I would love to start subbing.


I’m looking for projects to translate from English to Portuguese. Please, let me know if you need someone in your team!


I can help subtitle from Korean to English! If need more members please contact me as I dont know how to join a group for subtitling yet. Please and thank you


I would like volunteer.
I can subtitle from English to Dutch.


Hello! I can help subtitle from Chinese to English/Spanish. I’m also studying Japanese and Korean so I can help out with those as well :slight_smile: