Want to subtitle? Let people know!


@tskhobi @nicol_espinoza_silva @paulinasaldana_186 Please, send me a PM because I need help with English/Spanish sutitles in one project.


Hi @lillibye, there are some channels looking for subbers and segmenters. You can contact the English Moderator or the Channel Manager of those channels.


The Brightest Star in the Sky

All I Want for Love is You


Hello, I’m new here but I can subtitle from English to German or French :slight_smile:


Hi, I’d like to start subtitling from english to swedish. Let me know if could help in any projekt!


eu gostaria de legendaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr.


Hola, me ofresco para subtitular en Español


Hello all! I am new and want to start subtitling from Korean to English or Spanish! Please give me work! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’ve been around viki for about two years now but I never had the opportunity nor time to subtitle, so I’ve been doing it just for fun during my leisure time.
Now I’m back here but I can’t find any projects, and a lots of channels I used to subtitle for are now restricted to my area so I can’t access to them T-T
If anyone needs help I can subtitle form English --> Italian and I can caption English-Language shows.

If you’re interested dm me please ^^


Olá, gostaria de ajudar com legendas em algum projeto, traduzindo do inglês para o português.


eu quero legendar por favor, português

I want to help i subtitle, inglês

Quiero ayudar a subtitular, espanhol


I want to help subtitle


Oi @lllnana e @dudadorameira_123,

Sugiro começam pelos dramas chineses, são mais fáceis de se entrar nas equipes.

Procurem os dramas que estão como “em breve” ou entraram recentemente como “no ar” e manda mensagem para as moderadoras cujos dramas estão recrutando. Fica de olho nos dramas que ainda não possuem gerente de canal ou moderadora, assim que forem designadas, mandem mensagem para fazer parte da equipe.

Funcionou comigo.


Hi! I can subtitle from english to portuguese! Please, let me know if there is any project that need help! Thanks


obrigado :wink:



Hi, do you by any chance need a English GE? Or someone to subtitle English to English.

I am currently QC with 3000 + contributions.

I am looking for constructive ways to spend my 18 hours a day I spend on Viki.

I am currently a graduate of the NSSA Sandbox and currently in NSSA Segmenting Academy Level 2 of 5.

I am looking for English Classics or something to subtitle into English I only know one language so I am not of much use but I see a lot of the old classics do not have English subtitles for them I could use such projects to keep myself entertained while waiting for my Sensei to get back to me with my next assignment.

If you have anything I could work on please let me know I am currently General Editor on 2 shows I am currently English General Editor for "If Paris Downcasts" and "The Brightest Star in the Sky"Dog Star TV and I am subtitling English classics for NSSA . I also worked on the last episode of "Mr. Swimmer" I an learning about new (to me) wonderful world of Viki and I have a lot of down time waiting for subtitles to be posted for me to edit. I just really want to be productive.

Best Regards,



Hi everyone :sunny:

I would love to translate from English to Dutch if possible! Let me know if anyone needs help :hugs:


hi i am brazilian i want to translate subtitles from korean to portuguese or from chinese to portuguese please i need
of this load;

oi eu sou brasileiro eu quero traduzir legendas do coreano para o português ou do chinês para o português por favor eu preciso
desta carga


Hello everyone! I am new to subtitling/segmenting but I would like to give it a go in my free time!

I can do Japanese to English as well as English proofreading.


I am looking to help with my first project in subbing I can help translate korean or chinese to english and spanish. :slight_smile:


Sorry duplicate post.