Want to subtitle? Let people know!

Please send pm to bluenoona81

Olá! Gostaria de legendar dramas do Espanhol
para o Português, ou também do Inglês ao português.
Obrigado por ler! :kissing_heart:

Hello! I would like to help with the translations from English to Spanish, don’t hesitate to reach me, I’m looking for a project to work on!

Olá a todos! Eu sou nova aqui, mas já fazia há um tempo legendas pra videos no youtube. Eu gostaria de legendar aqui no Viki. Inglês -> Português (BR); Espanhol -> Português (BR)

Hello Everyone! I’m new here but I’ve been doing subtitles for videos on youtube for a while.
I’d like to caption here at Viki. English -> Portuguese and Spanish -> Portuguese

Hi! I can subtitle from English to German. I’d be available for a second Project beside my current one, so feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Hi ! I am able to subtitle from:

  • Chinese to English
  • Korean to English

And I would really like to help out! Please feel free to contact me !!

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Hey! I would like to subtitle from English to Portuguese :slight_smile:

Hello there! I am Nolly nice to meet you. Feel free to let me know if there are any translations English to Italian that you need help with.

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I’ve just been back to Viki after so many many years.
I can always help subbing from English/French to Thai or vice versa. :slight_smile:

I can sub from Korean to English and vice versa! If you need me I’m here :kissing_smiling_eyes::v:t4:

Hello, I would like to help i can subtitle from english to română

Hello! I can help translating from English to Italian or from Korean to Italian!

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Hi :slight_smile:. I want to help with subtitles.
I can sub from english into french !
If someone need help, you can contact me ! :heart:
Thanks !

Disponibile per la lingua italiana semplicemente perchè sono ormai una drogata di Drama e, se possibile vorrei dare il mio contributo, però mi sto perdendo su tutte le procedure da fare. Dato che sono abbastanza veloce dalle traduzioni in inglese, eccomi a disposizione di qualche coordinatore italiano.

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You can send me a PM I tried to look you up in about user but perhaps your user name is not the same.

Hi everyone, I’d love to sub from Korean to English. If there are any new projects where I can take part, please let me know. Thank you!

It is very difficult to get started here in Vikiland. I would suggest what was suggested to me.
First I would Edit my about me page. Basically BRAGGING to the BEST of your ability about what you feel you would be comfortable doing for a show. You could also put in something like
*********************** EXAMPLE **************************
"I am generally online in viki from 3pm PST to 1am PST 4 days a week I am willing to offer my services 4 days a week for 4 hours faithfully)
1st language Korean 2nd Language English (10 yrs or whatever it is you have) ability
Translate Korean to English
Translate English to Korean
Basic Editing knowledge (highschool, college what have you) so I am confident I could offer my services as Translation Editor
General Editor
Web Page Design

after completing that find Channel Managers here below that need help send them a PM with https://www.viki.com/users/cherry_blossom3/about
So they can see what you have to offer, here is mine

Go to the project finder https://subber.viki.com/project_finder?render_new_template=1&submit_flag=1&type=subtitle&subtitler_from_language_code=en&subtitler_to_language_code=ko

here is a search result and start with messaging the Channel Manager. Explain that you are new but sincerely wish to become a productive member of our community and you are willing to be tested or whatever they require to give you a break. It would be very beneficial if you are able to do Translation Editing we never have enough of these and they are critical to the process. Also besides becoming a GE for me(I only know English) I signed up for NSSA Segmenting Academy. First comes the sandbox and it is a blast doesn’t take to long but you are able to start raising your contribution numbers and the more you are doing the more serious the Channel Managers will take you and want to help you get going.
Just my “2 cents” oops “50 cents worth” << Inflation


Purtroppo in questo momento non ho un progetto in corso, però ti posso dire due cose riguardo alle procedure. Anzi, ho preparato due documenti proprio per questi casi. Uno è una guida al nuovo subber, e parla appunto di procedure, e l’altro sono le linee guida che uso per i miei gruppi. Certo, altre moderatrici possono volere alcuni dettagli diversamente (come indicare le tabelle e scritte, se con parentesi quadre o tonde, se in corsivo oppure no, roba del genere), però la maggior parte sono cose comunemente accettate su Viki.
Dàcci un’occhiata, e poi vai a cercare un progetto non finito o non ancora cominciato, e scrivi alla moderatrice italiana. Mi raccomando, se vai da Project Finder, non considerare quelli finiti al 90%, perché di solito hanno il team al completo, e stanno per finire, non avrebbero motivo di prendere una persona nuova per completare mezzo episodio.

In bocca al lupo!

Hi tried to use your link https://www.viki.com/users/grigoras_andreea_lor_818/overview just gets a 404 puppy page how about you send me a PM


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Hi tammy.

I know you are new here, and need help with your project but seeing this ‘‘404 message’’ is a warning that some ‘‘prospected subbers’’ might not be available/reliable. Like I wrote to you in a PM before: going to their profile page gives you an idea on how good they are as subbers or how unreliable/inexperienced etc…they may be. A bit more work in doing researching but it can reassure you as a GE/Moderator/Segmenter/CM that you get the best quality subbers/ seggers etc…in your projects.

I just went to a page and all this person had was … and ♫ ♫ and yet they were counted as subtitle contributions. Wish you the best of luck!

PS. Pilar the Spanish moderator told me DOG STAR TV was not released to Other Language so I haven’t been able to start to sub in Spanish for the show. As soon as they are released she said she will contact me. looking forward to working in DSTV.