Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi everyone,

I am looking for new projects to sub from english to german :slight_smile: please let me know


i can sub from eglish to french and creole…because i speak three language could you gave some project please.


hi i can translate from englisch to german :grinning: i will wait for a new project please :+1:


I would love to help with the subtitles!! English to Portuguese :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I really wanna make some people smile!


@martinamracsek_904 Konnte dein Profil nicht finden?? Bist du bei Viki Webseite (nicht in diesem Forum) angemeldet? Wenn nicht, dann kannst du auch nicht subben.


sorry dat ik niet antwoordde, mijn notificaties stonden uit.
Mijn gebruikersnaam op viki is sarah__jungkookv met 2 _
Sorry voor de verwarring.


Hello. I want to help with subtitles…I can sub from Chinese to English.


I want to help with subtitle from english to romanian:)


Oké, geeft niet. Ik wilde je profiel zien en nu ben je in ieder geval te vinden :slight_smile: Ik zag op je profiel dat je al wat ondertitels hebt dus dat is goed. Op dit moment heb ik niet echt mensen nodig (tenzij je interesse hebt in oude werken), maar misschien iemand anders wel.


Hi there. I can help with subtitle of English to Malay or vice versa. Also, Chinese to English but not so good the other way. Message me if you need help.


Hi everyone ! I’d like to help, I’m a huge fan. I can subtitle from english to french. Have a good day !


Hey, I can translate from english to spanish! Hope I can help somehow! <3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello, I can help subtitling from english to spanish!! :slight_smile: <3


Hello! I can help to subtitle from english to french.
Have a good day!


Hi everyone, I’m new here with the subtitles and I would like to help subtitling from english to portuguese or spanish!


Hi, I want to help with subtitling. I want to subtitle from English to Polish.


Hi guys and girls! :smiley:
I will have more time from this month to sub and seg. If you need help with a project, I would be glad to be a part of your team: English, Korean, Spanish and French speaker. I can understand some Chinese too.

Sub (mainly) => Ko-Eng Ko-Fr Eng-Fr and eventually Eng-Ko Fr-Eng Fr-Ko (It’s rare, but possible) or even Sp-Eng Sp-Fr Sp-Ko

Please tell me whenever you need help!

Have a nice day~! See you in our future common project! :slight_smile:


Hi! I would like to translate from english to spanish. Please.


salut !!!
je suis nouvelle dans la communauté viki. je suis a la recherche de projet.
je peux: sous titré de l’anglais en francais et aussi segmenter


Please pick me I can translate viki korean dramas to have English subtitles on them!