Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hello! I am saranglove101 and I would love to contribute and translate viki Korean dramas to the language, English! Thank you!!!


I can translate form English to Spanish.



Estou recrutando para um filme chamado ‘‘Guerreiros Romñnticos’’, caso esteja interessada nesse projeto entre em contato comigo.

Meu nick:



English - PortuguĂȘs

Estou recrutando para um filme chamado ‘‘Guerreiros Romñnticos’’, caso esteja interessado(a) nesse projeto entre em contato comigo.

Meu nick:



EN>FR available here \o
Becoming a French CM would be a nice experience, too !
First viki translation project done.
Eight years experience : translation, quality check, edition

Looking for Jdramas (all types) and Kdramas (comedy, romantic comedy) to be part of.


Hi. I am a newbie in subbing and would like to help out with ENG>GER. I need some practise to gain more experience. PN and give this newbie a try :wink:


Hello~ I would like to join a team to translate from Korean to English! I can also do English to Korean for jdramas and cdramas. I have some experience subtitling, but I would still like to learn more and gain more experience.
I’m great fun and work hard!:blush::raising_hand_woman:t2:


Hi there!

I would like to join a team to translate from English to Spanish, im learning Korean but im still a newbie :smile: I want to meet people around the world and gain experience :smiley:

Looking for jdramas, kdramas or english titles.

Nice to meet u all!



Hola me gustaría ayudar a subtitular de Inglés a Español.


Hola me gustaría empezar a subtitular y segmentar aquí en Viki. Tengo experiencia subtitulando, traduciendo (inglés - español y de español - inglés), segmentando y en corrección de textos.

Ademås, tengo conocimiento intermedio en el idioma japonés, francés e italiano.

Espero me puedan dar la oportunidad de apoyar en un proyecto. :3


Hi. My name is Jaehyun and I do Korean to English and English to Korean translation. I would be happy to help with subtitling on any project.


Welcome to Viki!
Korean to English subbers are always in demand here, you shouldn’t have trouble finding something. Go to the Coming Soon or even the On-air dramas and, on the so-called cover page (the long vertical image with all the team details) look for the name of the Chief Editor, and write to her. If there isn’t any, you can write to the Channel Manager.
The only possible drawback is if the drama is behind vikipass and you don’t have any. In that case, you’ll have to work on older unfinished dramas until you complete 3000 subtitles - in which case Viki grants you a free vikipass.


Hey guys! I would like to collaborate in projects sub from English to Portuguese.
I’ am available!

OlĂĄ pessoal, estou disponĂ­vel para colaborar legendando do InglĂȘs para o PortuguĂȘs!



I can subtitle from english to portuguese. It®s my first time and i’m very excited about it.


Hi guys! I am able to help out with any projects that involve Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations. Let me know of any upcoming projects! :slight_smile: I’ll be glad to help


Hi! I’m a professional translator from English into French, and a fan of Korean and Chinese dramas (especially fantasy - My absolute favourite “The Untamed”). I am used to the kind of translating tool you mention in your video about subtitling. Should you need a team member with my skills (translation and/or review), I’ll be delighted to help!
Francine aka Taijitu



Bienvenue !

Il y a quelques pistes ici :slight_smile:

Liste de personnes voulant traduire et editer des dramas

Une liste de dramas ayant besoin de personnes ici :slight_smile: Bonne chance !


Hi! If there is any available project I would love to translate from English to Serbian, Croatian or Serbo-Croatian. Let me know if anyone need translate to this languages.


Do you have a vikipass? There are a number of on-air dramas that would need help.
I’ll Go To You When the Weather is Fine, for instance. The Serbian is behind the other languages. You could write a message to the moderator - although she hasn’t replied to mine.
Look at the main page of dramas, you will see the team name, if you click on it, it will take you to a page with the names of moderators of various languages, and you can send messages to those.


Hi, I can sub from english to spanish:)