Want to subtitle? Let people know!


Hi there,

New to this and eager to translate from english to Dutch. Let me know if i can help.


I would like to translate Korean to Eng, English to Korean or do the Korean captions! Just message me and I will get back to you ASAP!


Please post your profile page link because I tried and I got an error message. You probably have a different username on Viki and here in Discussions?


You seem to be quite experienced and have done lots of projects (in one we were together). Why don’t you message some of the moderators-chief editors with whom you’ve worked before, asking whether they need help for any current projects? It would be the easiest.


Hey there! English-Portuguese subtitler with a lot of free time and looking for projects to work! :grin:


Hello, id like to help subtitle. Im fluent in both Arabic and English


My name is Miranda and I would like to help out with subtitles. I can translate from Spanish to English or English to Spanish. Right now I would like to translate for Korean dramas, but any drama on this website will work. Please let me know if there are any projects available. Thank you!


My name is leen I would
like to subtitle English to Arabic.
Please message me if you want!
Thank you.

To channel managers and moderators

I can subtitle from English to Spanish, also from French to Spanish. If someone needs my help, I can help them :sonriendo::sonriendo: :abrazos:


hello, I would like to subtitle. I can subtitle from English to Portuguese and from Spanish to Portuguese


Hello ! I will like to help, i can subtitle from English to Romanian. If you need help , please let me know :smile:. Thank you and have a nice day!:smile:


@alexandrazecheru_75 there is another tread already where people post that they want to write subtitles:


Thank you for letting me know:smile:


I would like to help translate from Chinese to English. Let me know if my help is needed!


I’d love to help sub from Korean to English or Chinese to English (better at Korean to English). If you would like help for any channel, please add me to the team and let me know!


I’d love to subtitle from English to French. Let me know if you need my help :slight_smile:


Hey, I would love to translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. If you need me, let me know.


Hello, I would like to translate from English and Italian to Albanian, let me know if my contribution is needed.


Hi, i would like to translate english subtitles for portuguese. If someone need a portuguese translator please let me know! i’ll be a glad teamworker.


Hi everyone,

I would love to help sub from English to Portuguese or vice versa. If you would like any help, please DM me at .