Want to subtitle? Let people know!


I can translate from Korean to Norwegian and english to norwegian.
Does anyone know about a norwegian modertor thats active?


For example, I just recently heard of this one. Completely randomly mentioned in one of the other Discussion threads.

Du kan se på hennes profil at hun var sist aktiv 2 timer siden. Så hun er faktisk aktiv. Lykke til!


if you look for a transalator who can translate in both english and spanish, I´m the correct person.


Thank you for your help i just pm her.


Hello! I’d be able to help out with English <->French translations and English <-> Chinese translations. Let me know :}


Hi! I can translate from Korean to English! Looking for projects! New to volunteering for Viki!


Hello! I’m brand new here and am excited to start helping :slight_smile:
I can translate English to Korean or Korean to English!


Hi everyone! I am looking for some drama to help with subtitling and segmenting. I can translate from Chinese to English, Bahasa Melayu to English and English to Bahasa Melayu. I can also help with segmenting drama too.


Hi there^^
I am new to subtitling dramas here and I am available to help into segmenting and subtitling from English to French.



#3270 à lire des projets qui cherchent des frenchies


Bonjour, nous recherchons des traducteurs anglais-français pour le Grand maître du taoïsme. Si ça t’intéresse, envoie-moi un message à taijitu_09. Bonne journée !


Hi, I would like to subtitle Korean dramas to English. I have some experience on subtitling previously on Viki.
Please let me know if you (channel managers) are looking for volunteers.
Thank you!


Ciao a tutti!
Mi piacerebbe tradurre i sottotitoli dei Drama Cinesi all’italiano. Sono madrelingua Cinese e Italiana. Se state cercando dei volontari , non esitate a scrivermi. Sto cercando un opportunità per poter dare il mio contributo.
Grazie a tutti.


I would like to subtitle from English to Russian and Swedish (native to both). I’m new to viki and subtitling but have done some hobby translation before. Please don’t hesitate to contact me!


Hello! I can’t sub but am looking for anyone/anybody that can subtitle from Korean to English some V live interviews. I can post the links to the 2 videos. Sorry to post here but I’m new so I can only respond instead of posting my own topic.

If anyone is interested or knows a person I can reach out and ask, please let me know :slight_smile:



I WANT TO HELP I’m learning Japanese,korean(selfstudy) spanish,Russian(school but english is like my second language) so text me.


Hello everyone! I hope you’re super well!

I need to collaborate in any show subtitling from English to Spanish.

I only have ten days to keep my QC status :sweat: because I’ve sent lots of requests op join team but they haven’ responded.

I can help on any type of content: unpopular shows, old shows, boring shows hehe, it doesn’t really matter.

Thanks and I’m waiting for your responses :relaxed:


Hello, i looking to start with subtitles from english to spanish again. Let me know if i can help.